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Just Another Reason I Could Never Forget You


Holly has been gone for two years.
She's settled, she's happy, she has new friends.
What happens when she's thrown back into her old life? How will she explain the last two years of silence to her friends?



It's so easy to get carried away with a story, whether it be plot-wise or character-wise.


I just get a character/scene/sentence stuck in my head and then next thing I know I have 50,000 words and no idea how I'm ending it.
I do have endings in mind for both stories though, so my main battle has been won! I just need to stop the characters from getting away from me so much.

settle for me. settle for me.

I usually base my stories on the way I want them to end! I feel you. I recently wrote an ending for a story as well despite still needing another 20 chapters before that xD

Everything is relatively calm. Stop judging me!

ugh. Yes. Im awful. I'm never stupidly ahead (except I've written the ending of this sooooo) so it's not really crazy spoilery, just annoying. :')

settle for me. settle for me.

Still, though.

And same. I sometimes write ahead, and I almost always spoil something in the comments when somebody predicts something (I never remember where I am)