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The Experts Say I'm Delirious


Jack Barakat never thought that playing a small show in a mental hospital would mean anything. He thought that afterword he would still be the same as he left. One show couldn't change someone's life. That's what he thought.

That was before he saw the teenage girl crying in the corner after the show.

That girl was Alesia Young. She was one of the mental patients and also deaf. Her mind held secrets that she dared not tell anyone. Memories haunted her, but luckily she had that voice to help her out. No matter how childish she got, that voice would be there to tell her to calm down. Alesia Young was in there for a reason. There was no way she could take care of herself in the real world. She needed someone to watch her at all times...just like a child.

Alesia had watched Jack the entire show. She couldn't hear it, so she was only able to find amusement in watching the guitarist jump around crazy on stage. At that moment, she knew that she didn't want him to leave.

There she was in the courner, crying. She didn't want the plushie looking man to leave. She wanted him to stay with her. She wanted to at least go with him.

Jack decided to give her what she wanted. He decides to take her home with him. Taking care of her wouldn't be that bad, would it? She was an adult after all.

Little did he know that there is a lot more to her then meets the eye.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own All Time Low. Alesia and this story line is mine though.



A Tongue Like a Nightmare That Cut Like a Blade

A Tongue Like a Nightmare That Cut Like a Blade

NC-17 Romance

Alex Gaskarth/OC, mute, tour, Sequel


Completed ✓
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@Billie Joe Gaskarth
Yep. I made the fist chapter 12 pages because I'm adding a bunch of stuff. The second is 10, but it's not the second chapter of this story. It's actually her just getting her stuff and having the guy character (his name is Elijah) driving her to his place. I did the same with another one that I started writing, but I haven't finished the finally copy yet. The rough draft has been done, but I only have four and a half chapters done because I'm adding more stuff.
The main difference would be that they do call her Aly in the begining because I found a way to work with it and the chapter where Alesia reveals herself, she has nightmares, and Elijah has a backstory that is also going to be a book. That, and I don't know what to call it yet because it will have a different name.
I'm happy you like this though! :) :) :)
And that's cool about your friend!
QueenDes QueenDes
@QueenDes that's awesome! One of my friends wrote a book based in her favourite characters and people and we ended up publishing it for her birthday. And if it's a book, it means lots of chapters ;)
@Billie Joe Gaskarth
Thanks. I forgot to mention when I updated the sequel, but I'm actually turning this into a book that's not a fanfiction (obviously). You're the first to know on here. :)
But thank you. This is my favorite of all of my stories, and it makes me feel awesome when I get comments on it. :) :) :)
QueenDes QueenDes
Love it, only 1/2 way though at the moment but steaming through it.
Thanks! I might start writing the first chapter tonight. I just realized that I have two stories that are late, so I might write it tomorrow.
QueenDes QueenDes