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A Tongue Like a Nightmare That Cut Like a Blade


The entire time that Alesia and Jack had there story, there was a girl in the background. She was there when the good times happened and when the bad times happened. This girl was there and watched, but no words left her mouth.

She is the mute girl known as Aurora Stone.

Now that her cousin's story has been told, it is time for Aurora's story to be told, and just like Alesia's, her story is not a walk in the park. She has felt pain that will never go away as well as a promise.

Promises are meant to be broken though.

Perhaps Alex Gaskarth can heal her and make her whole again.

Disclaimer: I do not own All Time Low. I only own the story, Aurora, Alesia, Jasmine, and their family.



The Experts Say I'm Delirious

The Experts Say I'm Delirious

NC-17 Romance

Jack Barakat/OC. Mental Disorder, Deaf


Completed ✓
10.0 21 Votes


When I first put my stories up, there was an option when creating a story. I've been asked this before, but when I looked to find it, it wasn't there anymore. As far as I know, they don't have the option anymore. It would be nice if it was there again since this story and another of mine need it, but sadly, it's not there.
QueenDes QueenDes
how do you put the prequel/ sequel thing there?
Rae.Barakitten Rae.Barakitten
@Billie Joe Gaskarth
Thanks! That's one of the best comments that I've ever gotten. As I say in real life because I'm a Japan loving anime freak. Arigatou gozaimasu!
QueenDes QueenDes
This is so heartbreakingly perfect
I'm happy you found it cute. I didn't know if it was going to be too cheesy because I'm a hopeless romantic that loves that stuff, and sometimes I think of really cheesy stuff.
QueenDes QueenDes