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The Experts Say I'm Delirious

“Sketching is my life.”

“Look, Plushie! Look!” Alesia exclaimed as she ran over to Jack with a lion plushie hat on. “I’m a lion. Roar!” Jack started laughing at the sight. “You aren’t supposed to laugh. You’re supposed to be terrified! Roar!”
“I can’t,” Jack explained. “You’re too cute.” She took the hat off and handed it to him along with a receipt. “I want you to have it.”
“You bought it?” She nodded. “Where did you get the money?”
“I’ve had it. It was the last of my birthday money. I wanted to use it to buy something special for myself, but I think you deserve it more.”
Jack didn’t know what to say, so he signed, “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. I have enough clothes now, so can we go to the art supply store?”
“Of course. Alex, we’re going to the art store!”
Jack took the girl’s small hand, and they started off. This small act of kindness made her heart beat fast and her cheeks become warm. His hands were much larger than hers. She liked how gently he held hers, how warm they were, and how the tips were calloused from years of playing guitar.
When they entered, Alesia’s hand left his before running over to the wall of sketchbooks. Jack didn’t like the loss of contact, but there was nothing he could do about it. He sprinted over to her. He looked at her and felt better. The look on her face was so adorable. Her smile was so big that it looked painful, and her eyes had glad, excitement, and love written all over them. He hoped that one day she would look at him like that. He mentally slapped himself. He really needed to stop thinking things like that.
“Sketching is my life.” She ran her hand across the blank books. “I filled up my last one, so now I can’t draw.” The look in her eyes was so gloomy. He could see that not sketching was making her miserable. Jack picked up the one that she was staring at. It had a sky blue hard cover and flipped up like how a steno note flips. “What are you doing?”
“I’m getting this for you. Do you need any pencils?”
“You don’t have to do that.”
“Yes, I do.”
“No, you don’t.”
“You used the last of your money to buy me a hat. I want to buy you something too.”
“You bought me clothes.”
“I bought those because you needed them. Besides, I don’t like seeing you sad.”
“Ok, you can buy it for me. Thank you, Plushie.”
“You’re welcome. Now, go and get some drawing pencils.”
“Ok!” She swiftly ran over to them before coming back with a pack. “These ones are still good even though they are cheaper. Let’s go check out now!” Alesia grabbed Jack’s wrist and pulled him over to the line.
“I’ll get them both if you do one thing for me.”
“Draw me.”
“Oh, ok.” Jack noticed how nervous she sounded.
“You don’t have to if you really don’t want to. I’ll still get them.”
“I’ll sketch you. It’s just that I haven’t sketched anyone in so long. I’ll do it when we get home.”
“Are you guys done yet?” Rian asked as the group of three strolled up to them.
“We’re checking out,” Jack replied. He was now handing the cashier the money.
“You’re buying her a sketchbook?” Alex’s thick eyebrow rose.
“She bought me a hat.” Alex wasn’t buying it. It may have been true, but it felt like Jack was hiding something.
“Well, anyway, we decided where we’re going tomorrow. You’re going to go now. Later Jack-o.”
“Bye Lex.”
Jack and Alesia left soon after. When they got home, Alesia quickly went over to the couch and padded the seat next to her. He made his way over and sat down so there was still some distance between them.
“You’ll have to be still for a while. You ok with that?” He nodded. “Ok, then let’s start!”
Alesia’s hand instantly started working. Every move made her feel calmer. Whenever the nurses didn’t want her hyper, they would tell her to draw. With every stroke, she noticed something new about his face. She finally realized that not only was his eyes big, his nose and eyebrows were too. In fact, it looked like someone stretched his whole body out. When she was finally done, she smiled.
You finally drew something else, and it’s a hot guy. Good job.
“He’s not ‘hot’. He’s cute like a plushie.” Jack’s eyebrow rose. “I’m sorry. Echo started to talk to me. Anyway, I’m done.”
She handed him the book. Jack could not believe his eyes. It was like he was looking into a black and white mirror. He didn’t even think she would be this good.
“Do you like it?” Jack shook his head. “You don’t?”
She was so heart broken, but was joyous again when he signed, “Love.”
“Good because I’m hungry.”
“What do you want?”
“Do you have mac and cheese?” He nodded. “Yay! I want mac and cheese!”
Jack got up and started making it. He constantly glanced at Alesia, who was sketching again. She looked different. Her normally bright eyes looked calmer, and there wasn’t a smile on her face. There were no emotions, but it did look like sadness was seeping through the cracks. What could she be sketching?
He handed her a bowl of mac and cheese after it was done, and she set her book on the carpeted floor. He put his bowl in his right hand and carefully picked up the sketchbook in the other. Alesia had been drawing the ocean. It was calm just like before a storm or on one of those days when the wind barely blows. The image was absolutely stunning.
“Sketching is my life, so I sketch my life.” She put a spoonful in her mouth. Her face was the calmest he had ever seen. “I know you’re staring at me.” He instantly looked away. “Don’t worry. I understand. Sketching always makes Alesia calm.”
His head snapped back to her. That voice wasn’t like Alesia’s. A devilish grin sat on her face. “Echo?”
“Bingo.” She put her bowl on the ground, took Jack’s out of his hand, and also set it down. “Wanna have some fun?” She straddled his waist and put her hands in his hair. Echo’s lips found his, but he didn’t reply. “Come on. This is fun.”
She placed her mouth back on his. Jack hesitated but finally started kissing back. How could he not? Her lips were soft and knew just how to move with his. Echo’s teeth nibbled on his lip before sliding her tongue across. He didn’t open his mouth. He wanted to, but he didn’t want Alesia to be upset with him. Jack’s refusal annoyed her. Her teeth bit his lip. Hard. He opened his mouth slightly from the pain only to have Echo’s tongue slither it’s way in. Echo definitely the dominant type she tasted every inch of his mouth. The roof, the sides, his back teeth. He had no say in any of it. Besides, if Alesia came back, she’d probably be wondering why his tongue was down her throat.
“I told you this was fun.” Her mouth started to kiss behind his ear, ad her hand palmed him. He couldn’t help but let a moan slip and buck his hips up to get more.
What are you doing, Echo. Let me come back.
“Shut up, Alesia.”
Let me come back. It’s my body.
Echo gave Jack one last kiss. “Alesia wants control. We can finish this later.” She got up and started walking to the hallway. “I’ll be in my room.”
There Jack was sitting on the couch, horny. He had never thought how hot and sexy Echo could be. He could only imagine what would happen next time. Jack got up and started off to the bathroom to shower and get off. She just had to be a fucking tease.


A Tongue Like a Nightmare That Cut Like a Blade

A Tongue Like a Nightmare That Cut Like a Blade

NC-17 Romance

Alex Gaskarth/OC, mute, tour, Sequel


Completed ✓
10.0 24 Votes


@Billie Joe Gaskarth
Yep. I made the fist chapter 12 pages because I'm adding a bunch of stuff. The second is 10, but it's not the second chapter of this story. It's actually her just getting her stuff and having the guy character (his name is Elijah) driving her to his place. I did the same with another one that I started writing, but I haven't finished the finally copy yet. The rough draft has been done, but I only have four and a half chapters done because I'm adding more stuff.
The main difference would be that they do call her Aly in the begining because I found a way to work with it and the chapter where Alesia reveals herself, she has nightmares, and Elijah has a backstory that is also going to be a book. That, and I don't know what to call it yet because it will have a different name.
I'm happy you like this though! :) :) :)
And that's cool about your friend!
QueenDes QueenDes
@QueenDes that's awesome! One of my friends wrote a book based in her favourite characters and people and we ended up publishing it for her birthday. And if it's a book, it means lots of chapters ;)
@Billie Joe Gaskarth
Thanks. I forgot to mention when I updated the sequel, but I'm actually turning this into a book that's not a fanfiction (obviously). You're the first to know on here. :)
But thank you. This is my favorite of all of my stories, and it makes me feel awesome when I get comments on it. :) :) :)
QueenDes QueenDes
Love it, only 1/2 way though at the moment but steaming through it.
Thanks! I might start writing the first chapter tonight. I just realized that I have two stories that are late, so I might write it tomorrow.
QueenDes QueenDes