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The Experts Say I'm Delirious


Jack woke up the next morning to someone knocking on the door. Who could it be? The guys all had a copy of his key, and no one informed him that they were coming over. Who could this person be?
He got out of bed and started to walk out the door but stopped. He looked over at how peaceful the girl in his bed looked with the Yorkshire Terrier puppy curled up to her side. You wouldn’t even think that anything was wrong with her. She looked like any other girl her age. He noticed the smile that was on her face. Maybe she was dreaming about him. He liked that thought. He liked the fact that he could call her his and she could call him hers. It felt right.
He opened the door and closed it once he was out. His legs led him over to the door which he then opened. He didn’t even care that whoever it was was going to see him in just a T-shirt and boxers. At least the person would know that they woke him up from a very comfortable sleep.
Standing in front of him was an older lady with gray hair and glasses. She looked like she was in her late 60s. She was wearing a knee-length floral dress with panty hoes, and she was also wearing white Mary Janes. She was on the short side, standing at 5’0”.
“Can I help you?” Jack questioned the stranger.
“Is Alesia Young here?” the older woman asked.
“Yeah... How did you know?”
“The hospital told me. I’m Lillie Young, Alesia’s grandmother.”
“Oh, ok. Please come in.” He allowed the older woman inside and led her over to the couch. “Do you want me to wake her up?”
“I wanted to talk to you first.”
“Ok. What do you want to talk to me about?”
“I wanted to know a little about you and how you treat Alesia. You are aware of her condition?”
“Yeah. It’s not a problem though. I’m learning sign language too, so she doesn’t have to read my lips all the time.”
“That’s very sweet of you. The hospital didn’t tell me much about you. They just said your name, how old you are, and that you’re in a band.”
“Yeah, I play guitar in a band called All Time Low.”
“I wasn’t sure if a rock star would be good for her.”
“Don’t judge me just because I’m in a band. Yeah, I’ve always been the most immature and perverted one, but I’ve changed. I’ve grown up some for her.”
“That’s good. You don’t seem like a bad man anyway. I wanted to have a birthday party for her today if that was alright with her. Everyone already said that they would come if she would.”
“I bet that she will love to go. I just threw a party for her last night. She had a great time.”
“That was nice.”
“There you are,” Aly said as she walked into the room, holding her puppy. “I was wondering where you went. She looked over at the woman sitting on the couch and exploded with joy. “Grandma!” She let the terrier down, ran over to her, and gave her a big hug. “What are you doing here?”
Her Grandma signed, “I wanted to throw a party for you today with your relatives if that was alright with you.”
“I would love to go! Can we go Jack?”
Jack smiled. She stilled asked him for his permission even though that it was her choice. She wasn’t a kid. She was twenty years old. “Of course. You don’t have to ask me.”
“Yay! I’m going to go get dressed!” She ran as fast as she could to her room.
“Do you mind if Bassam comes?” Jack asked Lillie. “I think Aly will want him with her.”
“Aly? She told you that she wasn’t her real personality? She’s only ever told me.”
“Yeah, Alesia told me everything.”
“Alesia? You talked to Alesia?”
“Yeah, I did. It turns out that I was the boy that found her.”
Lillie’s eyes widened. “You’re the same Jack?”
“Yeah. It’s funny how fate brought us back together. Oh, about Bassam...”
“He can come. Did you get him for her?”
He nodded. “It was her birthday present from me. She actually named him after me. Bassam is my middle name.”
“She must like you if she named him after you. She doesn’t trust people easily. The nurse said that she called you a ‘plushie’?”
“She thinks I look like a plushie. Aly likes to call me that too. That’s probably why she trusted me so much when we met.”
“She may judge people by what they look like, but she does a good job at it.”
“She was right about me. I would never hurt her. I care too much about her.”
“You care about her?”
“Yeah. Actually we...”
“I’m ready!” the youngest announced as she entered the room fully dressed. “Plushie, do I look good enough for a party?”
“Of course. It doesn’t matter what you wear. You’re always beautiful.”
She giggled. “Well, you’re cute.” She looked over at Bassam. “Is he coming?” Jack nodded. “Yay!” She started jumping up and down repeatedly. “Can I take him down to the car? I can wait there. I’ll be good.”
“Of course,” Lillie smiled. She handed her the keys. “We’ll be right down.”
Aly smiled, grabbed Bassam, and ran out the door. As soon as she reached her grandmother’s car, she put the key in the door and turned it. She put her puppy in first before following him into the backseat. She buckled the seatbelt and waited patiently for the others to come.
Jack locked the door behind him and started walking to the car, but Lillie was not following. He stopped and turned around to face her. Confusion was written all over her face.
“She likes you... a lot... I don’t understand.”
“I like her a lot too.”
“As in...?”
“Yeah, as in ‘like’ like her.”
“Does she know?”
“Yeah, I told her the other day. We’re... um... we’re dating.”
He nodded and rubbed his neck. “I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said yes. I know that it will be hard, but I want to be with her. She means a lot to me, and she doesn’t know it yet, but I... love her. I’ve never met her girl like her. She’s beautiful and talented and kind. She’s amazing in every single way. I know I sound really cheesy right now, but that’s just the way that I feel. I will be with her whether you want me to or not, but I want you to accept us. I know that not everyone will. I didn’t think that it was right in the beginning because Aly is like a child, but I act like a kid most of the time anyway. I promise that I will never hurt her. I hate seeing her upset. I want to make sure that she never gets sad ever again. I’ll protect her. I promise that I will. So... do you accept?”
“Of course.”


A Tongue Like a Nightmare That Cut Like a Blade

A Tongue Like a Nightmare That Cut Like a Blade

NC-17 Romance

Alex Gaskarth/OC, mute, tour, Sequel


Completed ✓
10.0 24 Votes


@Billie Joe Gaskarth
Yep. I made the fist chapter 12 pages because I'm adding a bunch of stuff. The second is 10, but it's not the second chapter of this story. It's actually her just getting her stuff and having the guy character (his name is Elijah) driving her to his place. I did the same with another one that I started writing, but I haven't finished the finally copy yet. The rough draft has been done, but I only have four and a half chapters done because I'm adding more stuff.
The main difference would be that they do call her Aly in the begining because I found a way to work with it and the chapter where Alesia reveals herself, she has nightmares, and Elijah has a backstory that is also going to be a book. That, and I don't know what to call it yet because it will have a different name.
I'm happy you like this though! :) :) :)
And that's cool about your friend!
QueenDes QueenDes
@QueenDes that's awesome! One of my friends wrote a book based in her favourite characters and people and we ended up publishing it for her birthday. And if it's a book, it means lots of chapters ;)
@Billie Joe Gaskarth
Thanks. I forgot to mention when I updated the sequel, but I'm actually turning this into a book that's not a fanfiction (obviously). You're the first to know on here. :)
But thank you. This is my favorite of all of my stories, and it makes me feel awesome when I get comments on it. :) :) :)
QueenDes QueenDes
Love it, only 1/2 way though at the moment but steaming through it.
Thanks! I might start writing the first chapter tonight. I just realized that I have two stories that are late, so I might write it tomorrow.
QueenDes QueenDes