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A Story to Tell Your Friends


Clara had just moved to a new city, her best friend at her side.
Who knew a boy with a cheesy grin could change everything?



I totally get it! I’m glad you figured it out though! Wow.. this chapter.. well I can def relate bc I also have a brother named Mark who could also be super overprotective and asshole like to guys I dated. Sometimes for good reason but a lot of times not lol. I hope that by the time they return to the house he has calmed down, and can apologize for being a douche.

hopeless1313 hopeless1313

I keep confusing this story with another (I don't remember which) and I keep getting so confused when I read a new chapter, but after awhile I get back into it. So, I'm happy you posted again :D
As for her brother, I totally get it. If my friends dated somebody like that I would probably be a little uncomfortable and cold as well. I can only imagine a brother trying to protect his little sister.

I'm still here, still writing, I just have no laptop and my tablet is refusing to paste from word to the formatting box on here!
Trying to figure it out as we speak, I promise!

Kurrsteee; Kurrsteee;

Come back soon <3

hopeless1313 hopeless1313

Aw, thank you! I'm a bit MIA right now (currently without a laptop) but the next chapter is coming, I promise!

Kurrsteee; Kurrsteee;