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Memories That Fade Like Photographs


Kaylie Armstrong // Alex Gaskarth
Being the new girl sucked, but at least he, along with the other guys and Kara, made it better for me. There’s something about Alex, but I just don’t know what it exactly is; all I know is I’m falling for him, hard.

Kaylie just moved away from Manhattan and is now living in Lutherville, Maryland with her siblings and parents. Her parents are rarely around, so she’s learnt at a young age how to live on her own. Shortly after her move, she met Jack Barakat, and he introduced her to his best friends, one of which she instantly develops feelings for.

Disclaimer: I do not own All Time Low or any recognizable people, bands, or brands. I do however own the plot, Kaylie, and the other fictional characters.
Warning: There is a lot of cussing in this, but its All Time Low, so what do you expect? Don't read if you don't like a lot of cussing!



Idk why this hasn't received any comments! I love this story please update!!
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