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Memories That Fade Like Photographs.


Hey you! If you comment and rate, I'll return the favor ;)

Alex Gaskarth and August James have been best friends and next-door-neighbors since either of them can remember. But their senior year of high school changes everything between them.

Disclaimer, I do not own All Time Low, or even know them, as much as I'd like the latter. I do however, own August, and several other original characters that you'll see, but I can't tell you about or else I'd give things away, so you'll just have to wait and meet them yourself ;)

Interesting fact about this thing: back in seventh grade (four years ago) when I didn't want to write fanfiction, I made up a rip-off band with different names for each band member that was exactly like All Time Low, only under a different name.

This story was written with those characters and August was named Maria, but I changed her name to August to avoid the association with Dear Maria, Count Me In and the title.

This story was originally on Quizilla and Mibba (the main site) but I won't tell you the original title because you'll go and read that and not this version, which is the true version, the version I should've just written in the first place.

So I'm basically copying everything from Mibba, editing it on Google Docs, and pasting it here, so don't kill me if I make mistakes.

The actual story is complete and the editing is basically "find and replace", so I should be updating speedily, that is, if y'all cooperate.

Anyway, enjoy!

PS - I don't know how ratings work, so I've rated it NC-17 to be safe.



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dont be sorry, im sorry, heat of the moment and aw good
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um??? i'm sorry??? love you too boo.
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This is so good! Write more please!!!
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