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Touch of winter


It's like it consumed me.
The want,
The need,
The desire,
It was unavoidable.
Or maybe it wasn't.
If I asked for help.

Death wasn't supposed to look this pretty on me, but god damn I craved more.



Oooh, okay, thanks for clarifying!
Great job with this new update! Very intense, though, with the nightmare. :O I wonder how much this will affect her and her way of thinking... it's hard to say.
But that's sweet how he knew he needed to be there for her. :) <3
And interested in seeing what you mean when you say the stuff coming up will be angsty. Hmm... Feel like that story has already had that kind of mood going, along with a bit dreary.
Excited to see more! :)
Oh, and random question, when you said "no hydro"... did that mean "no power"? I've just never heard the term hydro before so I wanted to clarify. Maybe it's a regional thing. XD

Nanook Nanook

I was just about to start the chapter i just updated and somehow posted just the first part of it so had to delete it right quick, because all it said was "First person POV Olivia" and thats not much of a story lol, its fully updated now though love XX

Hmm... so, for some reason, I got an update notification for this a few days ago. Maybe because you went back and edited? I'm having a hard time remembering it before the update notification. lol.
But I reread everything again and I do remember it's pretty much the same stuff I read before, so... again, maybe you were editing something and so it sent me one, lol.
I know you were working on your other one, but if you do continue this one, I'll be here to read as well.

Nanook Nanook