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A Daydream Away


Chapter 5

Why was he being like this. He never yelled or was never angry, well at least towards me anyways. I always got the sweet, caring, funny side of him. Well at least i did until tonight. I tried to think of anything i had done wrong or doen to upset him but i came up blank. The only thing i could think of was the kiss. Was i really that awful to kiss that it made him mad he was the one that kissed me?

I wiped my tears that had finally stopped flowing and decided from that moment on there was no use in waiting around for Alex to love me the way i loved him. Yes i would always love the boy. Yes if he had to tell me he loved me back i would probably drop everything to be with him but i needed a distraction from him right now. So i put my ipod in so even if he had to talk to me i would be able to pretend i couldnt hear him and as quietly as i could i went back in the bus. I took out my phone to text garrett:

Hey Geraldine, Is it ok if i stay on your bus, theres drama over here and i dont fancy staying here tonight? x

Hey Liam, sure thing! what's happened? x

I'll tell you later, not in the mood now. x

Ok well i'll see yah soon.x

I smiled knowing i would always have someone to go to whenever shit hit the fan on tour. Now all i had to do was get an overnight bag. Luckily he had moved from the front lounge to the back one so i could hopefully get clothes without having to face him. I grabbed a pair of pj shorts and a vest top, and my black skinnies, a white vest and my favourite blue hoodie.Got my toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, make-up and my amazing pink stripey fluffy socks.

I found a piece of paper and a pen lying and wrote Rian so he wouldn't get worried like he usually did;

Hey Ri,
Just a wee note to say i'm on The Maine's bus tonight.
Hope you had a nice dinner thanks for waiting on me loser!
Anyways hope you have a good sleep bro,
LOVE Lacey xxxx

I heard a noise from the back lounge and jumped, I had to go now before he moved from the back.

When i reached the other bus i instantly laughed at the sight of John and Garrett singing "My Heart Will Go On" and pretending to be Jack and Rose from Titanic. Their bromance was so cute. A night over here with friends is just what the doctor ordered.

They noticed me at the door and acted all macho as if nothing happened which made me laugh more. John smiled before leaving as he knew i would want to talk to Garrett. I explained everything since the kiss to the arguement. This all sounds stupid to be this upset over a petty argument but oh well i guess i am sort of like a child in a way. Both blow things out of proportion.

We watched movies such as she’s the man and a Cinderella story because Garrett knew i loved them, well i thought the guys in them were hot. I decided watching movies about how no matter what they went through they always got their guy in the end were not the best thing to watch right now so i changed it to Saw II. As well as the movies we ate ice cream (cookie dough my favourite) and consumed a major amount of alcohol, mainly tequila and vodka. Man Garrett knew how to make me forget about who was called by Garret as “him who shall not be named” on the other bus. I guess that's what i loved about him.

“Thanks for tonight Geraldine” I said with a slurred voice and ruffled his hair

“No Bother Liam. It was fun just hanging out like old times” He replied just as drunk as i was.

“It was fun, and i didn’t even think about Alex once!” Garrett Slapped my arm playfully making me pretend to be hurt. “Ouch. That hurt.” I pouted.

“You mentioned he who shall not be named so you were hit. The rules were simple and you broke it. “ He said sounding like a child but it only made him cuter. “ well. I’m going to bed” He got up and kissed my head.

“Stay with me? I don’t want to be alone.” I pulled his arm a little too hard making him fall on the sofa and pulling me with him. I had never noticed how nice his eyes were, and his smile.

Before i knew what i was doing i kissed him and he kissed back. He was a better kisser than his last girlfriend gave him credit for. His hands moved to the bottom of my shorts and not long after we reached his bunk and my pj's were on the floor. I'm guessing you can all join the dots as to what happened.

I fell asleep in his arms. I was happy. Just then i heard the the buzzing sound of my phone, with 5 missed calls and 1 text showing the sender........ Yup that's right Alex:

Hey Lace, I just wanted to say sorry for earlier and i really need to talk to you. I understand if you dont because i was really harsh to you. Anyways give me a call when you can.
:) xx

Now i had went from really happy to wanting to cry.


I'm in love with this!! update soon <3
this is sooo amazing :) can't wait for more