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Chasing The Missing Paths


Sometimes we cross paths with somebody and take it for granted, only to regret not finding a method to stay in contact to keep paths aligned. It could be that cute guy you sat down next to the bus or that charming girl who helped you pick up your books after you tripped in college. We’ve all had those mini crushes that we kept secret, only to forget. And so, you never see them again. You’ll remember them for a few days and then forget they ever existed, or they swarm your mind forever, making the agony worse.

But what about the people that we bump into more than once at the most random of moments? They first seem like the stranger we’ll never talk to before, but then we see them again and again. Of course, eventually there will be communication along the lines of ‘hey, I saw you that one time and that one thing’ or maybe the flirty ‘are you stalking me?’, but what if the circumstances aren’t right? What if there’s always something holding one person back?

This is a series of those events.


Alex Gaskarth

Alex Gaskarth

The boy with unfortunate circumstances

Emma Frey

Emma Frey

The girl with unfortunate circumstances



It all has to come full circle, I like it when authors do that.
And this was the first time Emma had a proper plan involving Alex! It shows that just chance encounters won't cause them to get together.

Aw! A happy ending!
i love the way you were able to incorporate bits and pieces from their last encounters. And good on Emma for having her own plan and sticking to it!

Newyork_xo Newyork_xo

Glad you think so. I was so unsure how I had to end it.

I thought that was the perfect way to end it!