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Failure’s not flattering


Alex’s POV

“So your very strict parents are letting someone like Jack into your house.” Asher said and I looked at him as we walked into history.
“Jack isn’t even that bad, anyway my dads have a soft spot for his sister and I have a soft spot for Jack so it’s a win win here.” I said and Asher looked at me.
“You planning to get into Jack’s pants?” Asher asked.
“Might take me a while to get into Jack’s pants Ash.” I said and Asher frowned.
“You don’t want to know.” I said and sat down with Asher next to me.
“What’s the point of being your best friend if you don’t tell me all the juicy gossip about the broken boy.” Asher said and I looked at him.
“Never call Jack the broken boy again, he actually has to put up with a lot and he has been through an awful lot. If anything he is a hell of a lot stronger than you.” I said and Asher rolled his eyes.
The teacher walked in and we all went quiet and the teacher started to talk about medication through time which I found interesting but Asher didn’t since he kept on annoying me.

“So you have a crush on Jack.” Asher said and I looked at him as we sat outside to have our lunch and a cigarette.
“I might have a crush on Jack.” I said and Asher smiled at me.
“Might or have.” Asher said and looked at me.
“I have a crush on him, yeah when he was at school he was quiet and shy and kept himself to himself but he isn’t that bad.” I said and I heard my phone go off and I looked and saw it was Jack phone me.
“It’s Jack. He said he wouldn’t call unless something was happening.” I said and I answered the phone.
“Hey Jack.” I said and Asher patted my back as he got up and walked off giving me some space which I was thankful for.
“Hey Alex.” Jack sniffed down the phone.
“What’s going on?” I asked since Jack would normally phoned and gave me an update on what was going on with the final days of his mum as he didn’t want to be on his own during this time which I could understand.
“They said mum is in her final hours.” Jack sniffed.
“Jack I’m so sorry.” I said as I know how Jack felt.
“Would you like me to come round after school?” I asked and I could hear that small sad smile Jack would normally smile.
“If it isn’t too much trouble.” Jack sniffed.
“Okay, I’ll come round after school and if you would like me to stay the night then I will.” I said and Jack sniffed.
“Thanks Alex.” Jack said quietly.
“It’s okay, just hang in there and I’ll even bring food round for you.” I said.
“Thank you Alex.” Jack said quietly and I hung up and went back to lessons.


I just walked in the door as Jack house has pretty much become my second home the last couple of days which I was happy about because it meant I could keep an eye on Jack.
“Honey I’m home.” I said and Hallie came running over.
“Hey Hallie, how are you?” I asked as Hallie hugged my leg.
“I Okay, Jacky is with mum.” Hallie said and pointed to the door which was open so Hallie was free to do what she wanted.
“Okay sweetie. Have you got any homework to do?” I asked and Hallie nodded and she went into Jack’s mum room and she sat herself down on the floor and started to do her homework.
I walked into the room and Jack looked and smiled when he saw it was me.
I walked over to Jack and kissed the top of his head which made Jack sniff and I moved back and Jack smiled sadly at me.
“I’m here now okay. You’re not alone in this.” I said and Jack nodded as he looked at his mum.
I sat in the other chair and looked at Hallie who was happy doing her home and I looked at Jack who had hold of his mums hand.
“Does little one know what’s going on?” I asked and Jack looked at me and he nodded as he looked at Hallie.
“I sat down with her the other night and told her what was happening with mum.” Jack said quietly.
“Go and have a break and I’ll stay with your mum and Hallie.” I said and Jack shook his head.
“I want to stay here.” Jack said stubbornly.
“Okay, I’m not going to force you to leave.” I said softly.

I left Hallie and Jack alone with their mum and Hallie was reading to their mum so I went outside and had a cigarette.
I was lost inside my mind when a girl showed.
“Is my mum okay?” She asked and looked behind me, it was then I worked out it was Jack’s sister Ella.
“Ella, you shouldn’t be here.” I said and Ella looked at me.
“She’s my mother! I have more right to be here than you!” Ella said loudly.
“And I’m not the one who brought their alcoholic asses back to a home which clearly wasn’t coping in the first place! You put so much more worry onto Jack, he even fucking quit school so he could look after you all. He worried about you all the fucking time and you didn’t even brother to help him when he needed the help instead you turned to the fucking bottle.” I said seriously as I didn’t want Jack to have this all to worry about.
“You can’t just kick me out when my mum is dying.” Ella spat.
“Yes he can.” Jack said and I turned round and saw Jack standing there holding Hallie as she looked like she was falling asleep.
“Jack please let me in and say goodbye to her. She’s my mum as well, I have a right to be here as well.” Ella said.
“Alex can you put Hallie to bed for me please.” Jack said sounding exhausted.
I went over to Jack and he passed Hallie over to me.
“If you need me then shout me okay.” I said and Jack nodded.
“Since when did you need that British prick to answer for you.” I heard Ella say and she made sure I heard her as well.
I just shook my head and went to Jack’s room and put Hallie in bed.
“Alex?” Hallie said sleepily.
“Yeah sweetie.” I said as I sat on the bed.
“Is mum dying?” She asked and she looked at me.
“Yeah she is sweetie.” I said softly and a few tears began to fall down her face and I opened my arms out and she climbed onto my lap and I held her close to me as she cried.
“Where’s Jacky?” Hallie asked as she looked at me.
“He’s talking to Ella.” I said and Hallie looked down.
“Want me to go and take you too him?” I asked and Hallie nodded and I stood up and went downstairs to Jack.

“Jack.” I said and Jack turned around and he had a red hand print on his face and I looked at Ella who looked really pissed off.
“Why is Hallie still up?” Jack asked.
“She got upset and she wants you.” I said and Jack smiled and he looked at Ella hard.
“You are not welcomed into this house now fuck off.” Jack growled and he walked over to me and Hallie reached out for him and Jack caught hold of her and Hallie wrapped her arms and legs round Jack and I looked over and noticed Ella was still standing there.
“I believe Jack told you too fuck off now please kindly do that.” I said and Ella glared at me and she walked off and Jack walked back inside and I followed him and shut the door.
I walked into the sitting room where Jack was sat with Hallie.
“How about we watch a film together.” I said and Jack looked at me and smiled.
“I’ll get your duvet and we’ll all watch a film and eat the pizza I got us.” I said and Jack nodded and I got up and went to Jack’s duvet and Jack got up as well and he followed me out the room.
“I know this is a hard time for you but I didn’t want Hallie to be left alone.” I said and Jack stepped forward and he kissed me which really took me by surprise but I kissed him back.
“I’m sorry.” Jack said quietly as he went to walk off but I caught hold of his arm which made Jack look at me.
“Don’t be sorry.” I said quietly and Jack smiled as I let go off his arm and I went upstairs to get Jacks duvet and I went back down to the sitting room and we all got comfy on the sofa and watched Disney films.

I said that I would sit with Jack’s mum while Jack stayed with Hallie and they both got some sleep.
I was sat there when something didn’t seem right so I checked on Jack mums pulse and I couldn’t feel on.
“Oh shit, please don’t die just now.” I said quietly too myself as I got the torch on my phone and looked to see if Jack’s mum pupils would respond to the light which they didn’t respond to.
“Oh shit your really dead.” I said to myself and I felt someone catch hold of my hand which made me look and I saw it was Jack who was crying.
“Can I do anything to bring her back?” I asked and Jack shook his head.
“She has a DNR in place. There’s nothing more we can do.” Jack whispered.
“Would you like me to leave you alone?” I asked as I knew when mum died I wouldn’t let anyone in the room until Dad literally dragged me away kicking and screaming.
“No. Don’t leave me please.” Jack whispered.
I smiled at him and pulled him to my side and I kissed the side of his head as Jack rested his head on shoulder.
After a while I couldn’t stand anymore so I picked Jack up and I walked over to the chair and sat down so Jack was now sat on my lap.
“I need to tell Hallie.” Jack sniffed as he went to move and I wrapped my arms round him which made Jack look at me.
“Later, let her rest and you need to be strong when you tell her.” I said and Jack sighed loudly and he rested his head on my shoulder and he just cried until he cried himself to sleep.

After a while Hallie was up and she walked into the room.
Jack had cried himself to sleep and was still very comfy on my lap and he was keeping me warm so I wasn’t complaining.
Hallie looked at me and Jack and then to the bed where her mum was.
“Come here sweetie.” I said softly and Hallie looked at me again.
“Jacky is sleeping.” Hallie said and I smiled.
“That’s okay, he’s sound asleep so he won’t feel you climb on him.” I said and Hallie walked over and climbed onto Jack and sat him and Jack didn’t even stir a bit.
“Mum isn’t breathing.” Hallie said as she looked at their mum and my heart broke.
“No, she isn’t.” I said quietly and Hallie looked down and a few tears rolled down her cheek which made my heart break even more.
“Can I cuddle her? She liked her cuddles.” Hallie asked and I nodded.
“Go and give her a cuddle. But I’ll warn you that she isn’t going to be warm like normal and she might not smell the same.” I said and Hallie nodded as she got off me and she climbed onto the bed and cuddled into her mums side.
Hallie fell asleep in half an hour and Jack was still asleep on my so I used to get some shut eye as well.


Don’t like this chapter what so ever


I really like this story, it seems pretty sad and I fear Jack will not be able to cope with all of the things happening in his life.

Fanfic-addict Fanfic-addict