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Part Seven.

Alex had been awake for a few hours and he was nervous because Zack asked if they could talk about the other night, he knew he shouldn't be mad at Zack but he said really hurt him. Plus Jack text him asking to come over later that night, Alex didn't know what to text him back sure he wanted to spend time with him but what if the guys found out about them. He would be kicked off the football team and his dad would kill him if that happened or if he found out he was gay, telling Jack to come round at three Alex decided to sit down in the front room and wait for Zack. He knew Zack wouldn't stay that long in his house he never did, even when they were kids Zack always said that his house freaked him out and sometimes Alex knew why. Alex was flicking through the TV when he saw Zack's car pull up into his drive and he watched him get out, there was a bandage on the bridge of his nose and a few cuts on his cheek."Hey Alex" Zack said as Alex opened the door before Zack had a chance to ring the bell."Hey" Was all Alex could manage to get out, he heard Zack sigh as he kicked off his shoes but kept on his jumper."Alex look I'm not staying long but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry, what I said the other night was unacceptable and I feel awful for it. It didn't surprise me that you hit me I would have done the same, I'm just really sorry Alex" Zack said not looking at him, Alex shook his head."Zack we've been best friends for years and I love you like a brother but what you said really hurt me, I don't think you understand that. I forgive you but it doesn't change anything that happened, I just don't want things to be weird between us in school and practice" Alex said as Zack just nodded a little taken aback by what Alex had said."Ok well I guess I'll see you in school on Tuesday then" Zack said as he slipped his shoes back on and walked out Alex's without another word, shutting the door Alex sighed. Things were changing too fast for him and he didn't like it, he was losing his team mates, he always felt more alone now, his feelings for Jack were messing with his head, he was scared about his parents getting home and he just didn't know what he was doing with himself anymore. Grabbing his phone, earphones and some juice Alex went and sat in his garden since the weather was heating up, sitting on the small hammock he blasted some Blink 182 as he waited for Jack to arrive and maybe he would be in a better mood by then. "Wake up!"Alex jumped awake, looked around dazed as he tried to steady his breathing, seeing Jack standing there grinning he sighed and fell back into the chair."God Jack you nearly gave me a heart attack" Alex said as he watched Jack smile down at him"I'm sorry but I was bored of you sleeping no matter how cute you look" Jack said watching as a light blush found its way onto Alex's cheeks."Well hey" Alex said standing up then hugged Jack and he felt the other boy hug him back, Alex put his arms around Jack's neck and rested his nose against Jack's."Hey" Jack whispered smiling and then kissed Alex lightly on the lips a few times before Alex deepened the kiss. Their lips moved faster this time and Alex's tongue slid over Jack's bottom lip waiting, Jack opened his mouth slightly and Alex's tongue was exploring every inch in Jack's. Alex felt a low moan escape from Jack and he smiled, their lips, tongue and teeth moving together until they couldn't breathe. They both looked at each other trying to steady their breathing, Alex sat back down on the chair and watched as Jack moved one next to his and sat down as well."Alex?" Jack asked breaking the silence, Alex turned to face him and frowned when he saw the look in Jack's eyes."What's wrong?" He asked taking Jack's hand and laced their fingers together, Jack sighed and looked at him."I'm scared. What if everyone finds out about this" Jack whispered looking up at the sky. Alex sat there for a few minutes not knowing what to say to him, he was scared also about his team mates and parents finding out but at the same time he didn't want to lose Jack."It will be ok, I promise" Alex said squeezing Jack's hand and kissed him on the cheek."How's your eye anyway?" Jack said changing the subject as he brushed his fingertips lightly over the still purple bruise on Alex's face."Still sore I can't sleep on that side right now but I'll be fine" He said smiling as Jack still looked worried about him."Jack I'm fine, it's just a black eye Zack got worse than me" Alex said chuckling and Jack frowned"Oh what's wrong now?" He sighed as Jack shook his head quickly and stuck a smile on his face which Alex knew was fake."I just don't like the idea of you in a fight or getting hurt" Jack said blushing slightly and Alex cooed at him"Can we go inside and watch a movie or something? I'm cold" Alex said standing up and the two boys walked up the stairs to Alex's room and they lay down on the big bed and stuck on the TV, Alex rested his head on Jack's chest and the two boys fell asleep like that."Alex" He shifted slightly at his name and felt someone shaking him"Ugh" Was all he could say as he was still half asleep."Alex get off me" Jack squeaked as Alex still didn't move from onto top Jack."Alex I need to use the bathroom!" Jack said shoving the boy off him and Alex rubbed his eyes and glared at Jack as he dashed out the room and into the bathroom. Alex hated Jack at that moment he was having a rather heated dream about them, it was awful how bad Alex's imagination could get."Better?" Alex asked once Jack returned and Alex went back to lying next to him, Jack nodded looking at him and then started laughing."Why are you laughing?" Alex asked sitting up and then noticed why he was laughing, grabbing one of his pillows he sat in on his lap and cursed himself."Oh my God this is so embarrassing!" He said hands over his face as Jack just laughed next to him"Now I know why you kept making noises when you were sleeping, good dream I take it" Jack said which only added to Alex's embarrassment."I want to disappear right now" Alex mumbled into his hands, he still couldn't look at Jack."No you don't because then I couldn't ask you if you want to be my boyfriend" Jack said taking Alex's hands away from his face and watched as a grin spread over Alex's face."So?" Jack asked still waiting for Alex to respond"Yes I'll be your boyfriend Jack!" He said flinging his arms around Jack to hug him and Jack hugged him back kissing his head."But I thought I was going to have to be the one to ask that question" Alex said and Jack hit him"Hey I'm not the girl!" He said and Alex just laughed."Sure you're not" Alex said ruffling Jack's hair.


this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
It's hard to read there being no paragraphs..
bleh bleh
Absolutely amazing. Make a sequel please.