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10 Things I Hate About You

And The Way You Cut Your Hair: Part 2

We were all waiting in the airport to board our flight to meet up with Rian, the rest of the crew, and the buses in Salt Lake City for Warped Tour. Warped was going to start in 2 weeks, but we had to be out there for the launch party and for the rehearsals. With my position as PA, I had to make sure that the bus was loaded with food and booze and we had everything working to entertain everyone on both the crew and the band bus. Bryce and I are going to stay on the band bus with Matt, Jack, Zack, Rian, Alex, and Vinny. The only reason I was on the band bus was Alex being protective of my and Bryce was on the bus because I was not going to be the only girl on the band bus.
"Can we board now," Bryce groaned as we continued to wait for out flight to board.
"I agree, I want to get to Salt Lake ASAP," Alex agreed. The one thing I could not wrap my head around was the fact my brother chose to dye his hair pink. Like holy shit, why couldn't you pick purple for some Raven pride. Pink was not his color and I kind of hated it on him.
"I want to board soon so I can sleep through the plane ride. The sooner we get to Salt Lake, the sooner I can get to work. I miss working on the tours," I added.
We finally landed in Salt Lake and I was so fucking happy. Matt got us a taxi and we all piled in to head to the grounds to get on the bus and claim bunks. I was tired and I leaned my head on Alex's shoulder since he never minded when I did that to him. Alex put a protective arm around my shoulders and kissed my hair as I zoned out in the taxi. I always felt safe in my big brother's arms.
Once we all got to the bus, Jack and Alex claimed the bottom bunks at the end of the row for themselves. They were so weird when the felt the need to be across from each other in their bunks. Bryce took the top front bunk and Matt got the one across from her. I claimed the bunk on the bottom just before Alex's. I couldn't do heights when I sleep in a bunk on a bus since I'm afraid I'll get thrown out of my bunk. I might be tall like my brother, being 5'6", but I was small and easy to throw around. Vinny and Zack claimed their bunks and Rian was already in his above Jack organizing his cords into zip lock bags.
"Home, sweet home," I sighed as I finished making my bunk and putting away my clothes and such, "Now the fun begins. Guys, make a list of food, booze, and shit you want me to pick up tomorrow."
"I already have my list," Rian spoke up and handed me his list.
"You should know what I like Ari. We've known each other since you were born," Alex joked as he handed me the list he must have made on the plane.
"Here Arielle, I only want a couple things," Jack handed me his list.
"Same here," Zack added as he handed me his list.
The next day, I was coming back onto the grounds when I rammed into a hard chest. I was stunned, but I looked up to find Austin Carlile with an apologetic look on his face. I feel so bad for not paying attention now since I rammed into my crush.
"I am so sorry I didn't see you there," Austin apologized as he helped me center myself again, "You're Alex's sister, Arielle, right?"
"Hey Austin, it's been a while hasn't it. Sorry for not looking where I was walking there. I had to make sure I had everything for the guys," I told him.
"How've you been, Arielle," Austin asked as he walked with me to the bus.
"I've been good. I'm still trying to save up money working for the guys and freelancing my songwriting skills so I can record my own demo," I told him, "You?"
"I've been better. I've been trying to get over my divorce from Gille and I've been working hard with my band too," Austin replied. I knew about his failed marriage since he had found my number and called to talk to me about it. I felt so bad for him when he was going through that.
"I'm glad you got back into Mice and have been getting back into the swing of performing again. How's your heart," I asked him. I knew about his heart too.
"It's been working like a champ. Hopefully it'll stay that way. I just miss doing some of the things I used to before I got it repaired," he looked over at me as we stopped at the band bus.
"There are pros and cons to everything, Austin," I told him, "Well this is my stop. Thanks for walking me to the bus. Hopefully I'll catch you later, Austin."
"Yeah, I'll see you around, Arielle," Austin waved goodbye before he headed off to his own bus.
"What was up with you and Austin, Ari," Alex asked as I came onto the bus.
"Nothing, Alex, just relax. I don't need you policing me on this tour," I told him as I started unloading what I bought.
This is going to be a long ass tour with how it's been going so far. Please just shoot me now fi it frees me of Alex's overprotective actions over me.


I am really sorry for taking so damn long to update. I've been super busy and I had a massive writer's block here. I will work to update on time from now on. Just bear with me on this guys. ♥♥


Yay! Updates!!!!!!!!! :D
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! <33333