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10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you drive my car: Part 1

Everyone who knows Jack knows to never let him drive anything which is why I do not understand why the crew allowed him to drive the truck full of EVERYONE’S equipment from the first venue to the next one. And of course I had to join him to help navigate him so the band could actually play a show someday. Needless to say it was a really stressful drive and my knuckles are permanently white. I will definitely have to talk to Matt about this later. It does not help that the whole way I was praying I would make in time to save Arielle from Alex’s possessiveness over her. Poor girl has an overly protected life that is for sure. He needs to lay off long enough for her to talk to guys, jesus!
“Are we almost there Jack?” I decided to break the awkward silence after what felt like forever in this truck.
“What you can’t stand to be in a car with me that much?” he replied while taking his eyes off the road for a moment.
“No, I can ignore you all I want in this thing just like I can in the bus. I have to pee!”
“Yeah I am sure that is exactly why mini me.”
Oh now he has done it. He knows damn well that I hate being compared to other people especially him. “Do not call me that Jack Bassam Barakat!”
“You are the one that started talking to me Bryce...” he answers calmly.
“I know. But you know I hate it when people do that Jack,” I say as I realize we are about to pull into the venue’s parking lot, thank God! “Jack we need to turn into a parking space you know.”
“Do you always have to nag Bryce?”
“Yes, it’s what responsible humans do,” I reply wittily.
I basically run out of the truck toward the porta potties at the venue. I must have not been paying much attention to the path I was taking because the next thing I know I am faceplanting into the ground.
“Oh God! Bryce I am so sorry! I didn’t see you,” I hear Matt say as he puts his hand out to help me up.
“Uh...it’s f-f-f-fine Matt,” I reply as I get up and walk the other direction VERY embarrassed. I mean the one time I actually open my mouth to talk to Matt I have dirt all over my face and I stutter. I just do not understand why I can’t talk to hot guys like a normal person. This is definitely something Arielle may have to teach me.

After the guys finished their set we all proceeded to head back to the bus area to start the party. We get back and right away I bring up the fact that I was the one stuck with Jack driving.
“Next time you guys allow my brother to drive I refuse to ride with him,” I exclaim.
“It couldn’t have been that bad Bryce,” Alex replies.
“It was. And he smells. And he got all butthurt when I asked where we were,”
“When his turn comes up next little one I will make sure to at least make the rock, paper, scissors you will have to do more fair,” Matt pipes in while laughing.
“I re-refuse to ride with h-h-him ever again,” I try to reply. Damn the way this boy looks at me makes me sound stupid. I hate it.
I decide to just go into the bus after my failed attempt to be cool with the band and read in my bunk. I then see my curtain open slightly.
“Word of advice Little Barakat, next time you try to hit on a guy don’t stutter,” Alex says and then walks away.
“Shut up Alex!”
God I hate my life right now. Why did I let Arielle convince me to spend my summer keeping her company? I have a feeling that if I can't even talk to Matt now this summer will be long and painful.


So I'm sorry this wasn't posted sooner. I thought I posted it like a week ago and apparently I had a blonde moment and didn't do it. I'll try to do better next time :)


Yay! Updates!!!!!!!!! :D
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! <33333