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10 Things I Hate About You

And the way you cut your hair: Part 1

This past month has been one of the longest months I have experienced in a really long time. Jack and I are still on non-speaking terms, everyone is still babying and defending him, and I am still here just drinking my life away to get through all the mushiness. Now here I am standing next to Arielle as I pack for Warped Tour.

“Why did you convince me to go again?” I ask.

“Because you need to get out more Bryce! It will be fun I promise” she replied with a nudge.

“The first fight that my prick of a brother picks with me I am out of there, Arielle.”

“Deal,” she said as she crossed her heart.

This girl definitely has a way with words. She can convince the devil to become an angel if she really wanted to. But that is beside the point, the point is I am officially joining my best friend, my crush and my brother’s band for a whole summer all because Arielle thinks I need to have more “fun” in my life. I am not too happy about it now, ask me if I am in a few weeks again. Arielle decided that I needed it this about .25 seconds after our brothers left the house to go to their salon appointments. This means I will probably end up sleeping on the floor all summer since they did not account for me to be on the bus with them. Oh and yes I said salon appointments, as in dying their hair.

Speaking of my brother’s hair, I could go on for hours about how much I hate the way he dyes one small patch in the front. I won’t go into that much right now though. As I come back to reality I hear Arielle still talking about how much fun this tour is going to be and how she is so excited she gets to see Austin again.

“Do you think Alex will leave me alone for a few minutes this tour so I can talk to him?”

“I don’t see why he would care.”

“Because he is my big brother of course. If I want to spend time with Austin do you think there is any way you can make up a story for me?”

I put a shirt in my bag, “is that why you want me to come Arielle? So Alex won’t coddle you so much?”

She knew I was disappointed, “Oh God no Bryce, it is just a perk to having the bestest friend in the whole world.”

“Haha whatever you punk.” Right around when I say this I hear my door open and hear our brothers laughing in the entrance. The laughing gets louder as they head towards my room. I try to clean up fast but they walk in before I get everything packed away.

“What are you doing Bryce,” my brother asks. This is probably the most he has said to me since our little fight last night.

“Packing,” I answer bluntly.

“For what?” Alex pipes up.

“For Warped Tour,” Arielle blurts out. “Crap she was supposed to give you the good news. Bryce is joining us and helping Vinny out during Warped this summer,” she finishes with a smile.

Our brothers just stand there in awe taking in the impossible phrase that came out of Arielle’s mouth, “Bryce is joining us and helping Vinny out during Warped this summer.”

“If it’s okay with you guys of course,” I say shyly after staring at the boys for a few seconds.

“Of course it’s alright Bryce,” Alex says as he comes in for a hug, “we would love to show you the tour life.” Then I see my brother walk out of the house with fury and sadness in his eyes.


Hope you enjoy :)


Yay! Updates!!!!!!!!! :D
THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! <33333