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We Say Summer

Leaning Out Into The Breeze

*Danarra, I'm sorry if I did something wrong to you. I'm dying to talk with you. Please text me back*

Zack kept texting me even though I never answered him anymore since I saw him and the one that I thought was my best friend, Iriana had a quality time on the club a few days ago. I didn't go to campus with my friends anymore. I went to my campus earlier and since I didn't have any same class with them, I could easily stay away from them. When the night was coming, I went to bed before Iriana back to our room or sometimes I said that I need to work on my paper with my classmate that stayed at the dormitory too.

Idaline and Alanora were consufed with my act. I rarely stay away from them. I meant when I got mad, I usually talked about the problem with them so it could solved soon. But this problem, this problem was different. I was trying as hard as I could to forget about Zack and tried to talk with Iriana again, but it was useless. Every time I talked with her, all I remembered was the day that I saw her and Zack hugging to each other like a new couple. I knew that I supposed to support them if they were really are dating now, but the reason why I couldn't is Iriana knows about my feeling over Zack and she was the one who supports me to move on with him. But all the things she did just to got closer with him and put me in my misery.


I was sitting on a bench in my front yard campus under a big shade tree and someone in my back just said my name. Her voice sounds so familiar and when I turned around my thought was right, it was Iriana.

"Can I sit here?" Asked her before she sit down.

"Sure. It's a public area, anybody can sit here" I was trying to be nice but it didn't turn good.

My trying-to-be-nice tone just turned into a sarcastic tone, but seems like Iriana didn't notice about that. She sat next to me while I pretend that I was busy with my notebook. Iriana didn't talk a single word and it made the situation feel so awkward. She took a long breath and then exhaled it before she finally said something.

"Are you mad at me, Dana?" Asked her and that question is the question that I really didn't want to hear it from her at the moment.

"Sorry?" I replied. I feign that I didn't understand what she was talking about.

"You keep stay away from me since the day we went to the club to meet Zack. You even went home without saying anything to us. We were so worried about you. I thought you got sick or something and the explanation that you gave us back then was unexplainable. You know Dana, Zack is so worries about you"

"Yeah you can tell" I scoffed.

"Danarra, seriously what's inside your mind? Why don't you tell me so I know what the hell is going on? We always say to each other if we have problems, right? Why you keep staying away from me? Idaline and Alanora asked me about you. They are so worry and don't have any clue about you! And about Zack, why you don't answer him? You're torturing him, you know that Dana" Iriana was blabbering and I was getting sick of it.

"You said that I'm torturing him!? Huh!? He's the one who tortured me. You're the one who tortured me! Not me! Not fucking me! Don't you get it Irine? I thought you were my best friend, but I was wrong. You know how I feel about him! You know it and you don't care. You just want him for you. You pushed me to move on but then you stabbed my back" I got up from my seat because my anger controlled me.

"Dana, calm down" Iriana tried to grab my hand and asked me back to sit down but I refused.

"You think that I don't know what's going on between you and Zack, huh!?" I couldn't control myself. I snapped and pointed at her.

"Danarra, I ca... I can explain that. Please sit down and I'll explain. It wasn't like what you expected"

"Wasn't like what I expected? Are you playing with me? I saw it! I saw both of you had a quality time in the club! Why you suddenly gone after we came in and then Zack got a text and then he left and bang I saw both of you chuckled! So there is no explanation about that. I'm done Irine!" I grabbed my notebook and my bag and then I left the park.

"Danarra wait!" I heard Iriana called me but I didn't give a damn about her anymore.

I walked fast without thinking. My feet brought me out of nowhere. I kept walking until I finally realize I was at a beach when my shoes covered with sands.

It was almost sunset, the sky was orange and it's a little cold even though it still in the middle of summer. I took off my shoes and carried it. I walked slowly and when the waves came it occasionally hit my bare feet. It was so quite, I only heard the sound of the waves and some seagull. I passed a family with their baby and I also passed a couple who rode a bicycle together.

I didn't notice that I already walked to the end of the beach. It was 5:30 pm and I didn't want to go back to my dorm since I knew I'll meet the girls in there and they'll ask lot of questions. So I decided to sat on the beach alone watching sunset. I knew it was silly. I wrapped my legs to my chest and put my chin on my knee. I was thinking about what I said to Iriana. About how did she feel about our friendship and so on right now after I said something kind of rude to her?

I closed my eyes and took a very deep breath. All I saw in my thought was Zack. The day when I accidentally fell off and he helped me. The day when he kissed me after he took me home. I didn't understand what's on his mind. Why he want to get closer to me while the other hand he kept asking me about Iriana. I sighed because I was tired with all these things. I buried my head between my legs. I almost feel off to sleep when someone clear his throat behind me.

"What are you doing in here?" asked him in high voice.

"Rian?" I was surprised.

"Oh man! That stupid douche bag just make you cry, am I right?"

"What?" I didn't understand what he was talking about.

"Zack, duh! He's completely so immature if it's come up with girls" Rian walked closer and then he sat down next to me on the sand.

"Rian, I don't get it"

"Listen Dana. It's not like what you think. I'll talk with you like a big brother, okay" he said and I nodded. "I'm not going to say much to you. I just need to tell you that give Zack a chance to talk with you. He's dying to meet you, Danarra"

"But I..."

"Just meet him and let him explains everything to you. The final decision is in your hand. If you want to forgive him, so give him a chance, but if you don't then don't give a fuck about him anymore for the rest of your life. It's simple!" said Rian as he kept starring at the sunset.

A moment later he looked at me with a question on his mind. So I tried to talk to him.

"But Rian, I don't think he wants to meet me anymore since I refused to talk or even text him back"

"You'll never know" he scoffed. "Nah ah! Don't ask me more, Dana. I won't tell you anything" he said when I was about to talk and ask him again.

"Okay then Rian" I grinned and it made a smile on his face. "What bring you here anyway?"

"Alex forced me to accompany him here since Zack couldn't come because he has a problem with you and he can't count on Jack for sure. But when we were on our way we saw you running to the beach and we were following you"

"You stalked me?"

"No I'm not! Alex is the one who stalked you!"

"Okay Rian okay" I chuckled. "What make Alex wants to come here anyways? You guys not having a tour?" I asked him in confusion

"We're off. And hmm... You better go home with us. You'll know it later!" Said Rian as he got up from where he was sitting.

"No I can go home by myself" I said.

"Zack will kill me if he knows I let you in here alone" Rian suddenly took my hand and he pulled me back to his car where Alex still sat inside waiting for us.

"Hey Dana!" Alex waved at me from the window car when we were about a few meters left from him.

I waved back and smiled at him. Rian opened the back door and then I jumped inside. He closed it after that and he jogged to the driver's seat. Rian started the engine and we left the beach.

"So Alex, may I know why you want to come here?" I asked him.

"What? Me? It's a... Well... Ehm... I..." He stuttered.

"He dates Idaline, that's why he wants to come here" answered Rian followed by a small punched and grinned by Alex.

"What!? You're dating Idaline? My friend, Idaline!?" I moved my head closer to the front seats.

"Ehm yes"

"Since when!?"

"Since I met her in the club. We have a connection and I'm attracted to her. Besides she has a huge sense of humor. I like her. I took her back home and we exchanged number" and he smirked to me. "And her voice... Her skin... Owwhh..." Alex started his daydreaming.

"Fuck Alex, stop creaming in my car!" snapped Rian as he box the ear of Alex.

"Geez Rian, sorry okay"

"How can I don't know about this?" I laid back.

"Well Idaline said you're a little anti-social for the past three days, so I guess that's why" Alex turned his face to the back seat so he can saw my face.

"Don't worry Dana, if this motherfucker does something bad to your friend, I'll take of him!" Rian winked at me from the rear glass.

"Ohh shut up Dawson!" Grumbled Alex and it made us laughed.

We drove in silence after that. Alex was texting and sometimes he chuckled when he read the message. Rian too busy concentrated with the road so I just sit back and watching the street. Not long after that we reached my dormitory and Rian parked the car at the parking lot. We got out from the car and walked toward the front door.

"I can't wait to meet her again!" said Alex as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"I warned you Gaskarth, do not hurt her or you'll never see your cock again!"

"Booo... Scary! But I promise to you ma'am!"

We were entered the dorm and I took them to the living room where the guests are waiting for us to come downstairs. Surprisingly the first one that I saw when I opened door is...



Hope you guys like it. One more chapter and it'll end.
I'm already writing a sequel for this one though.
Anyway hope you guys like this chapter.



why does it have to be a cliffhanger </3
@WriterVsPoet nawww it's okay. I bet tons of other stories have same name, as long as the plot is different I'm okay with that. Cheers! :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
@ForgottenJoker thank you, hope you like it until the end of the story :)
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Oh my God, did we just upload a story with the same name at like, the same time.
Sorry! I didn't mean to take your title or anything :)
If you want me to, I can rename my story, and again, sorry about that ;)
WriterVsPoet WriterVsPoet
aaaw this is so cute, keep writing! :3
ForgottenJoker ForgottenJoker