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We Say Summer


Danarra is always having a crushcrushcrush on Zack Merrick since god-knows-when. When she knows that All Time Low is coming come to her town, she is going to the venue with her friends.

On that day everything will be turning upside down for her. Zack shows that he likes Danarra but why he always asking her about her roommate, Iriana. Does Zack also likes her, or maybe there's something behind them?


I do not own these beautiful boys. I just own the unfamous characters and of course the plot of the story. Please don't ever steal it from me or Zack will punch you in the face with his super abs arms ;)

Cheers and love,
Fasya Pradipta

©Fasyarawr, 2013


Alanora Crenshaw

Alanora Crenshaw

Alanora is the boyish one and she can be mean if someone cause some troubles with her best friends.

Danarra Damgaard

Danarra Damgaard

Danarra has a huge crushcrushcrush on Zack Merrick since god-knows-when. When All Time Low finally come her hometown she goes there with her friends and something unbelieveble happen to her at the venue. Danarra means 'bright day' in Danish

Idaline Siedersleben

Idaline Siedersleben

Means a 'working noble Idelle'. Idaline is the youngest from the four of them. She's a little bit clumsy but a nice place for her friends to talk to.

Iriana Levendakis

Iriana Levendakis

She's from Greece and her name means 'peace' in Greek. She's sweet, mature and the maternity one. Her friends thought she also has crush on Zack Merrick when the truth is...



why does it have to be a cliffhanger </3
@WriterVsPoet nawww it's okay. I bet tons of other stories have same name, as long as the plot is different I'm okay with that. Cheers! :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
@ForgottenJoker thank you, hope you like it until the end of the story :)
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Oh my God, did we just upload a story with the same name at like, the same time.
Sorry! I didn't mean to take your title or anything :)
If you want me to, I can rename my story, and again, sorry about that ;)
WriterVsPoet WriterVsPoet
aaaw this is so cute, keep writing! :3
ForgottenJoker ForgottenJoker