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We Say Summer

Never Take The Summer From Me

We sat in one table in my favorite diner. Zack, Iriana and I. I couldn't believe Zack took Iriana too to my favorite place where the first time Zack and I had lunch together. Zack and Iriana were sitting side by side while I was sitting in front of them.

"Two cups of tea and one coffee" said the waiter as he delivered our orders.

"Thanks" thanked Zack.

"So what do you want to explain to me then?" I started to talk when the waiter already back to his counter.

"Dana, we're here to explain everything to you" replied Zack after he sipped his coffee.

"Yes, so there is no misunderstanding among us" added Iriana.

"Well guys listen, if both of you are dating right now, I'm fine with it. I don't want just because of this; my friendship with Iriana has to be broken. I'm okay, really" I said as firm as possible, trying to convince them that I'm fine even though deep inside me I couldn't take it easily.

"No Dana, no. It's not like that" cutted Zack.

"Zack please..." I replied.

"Dana listen, I know Iriana for a long time" explained Zack. "The All Time Low boys and the crews already know about her too"

"Owh..." I cutted when Zack talked. "So both of you already date way before the day we met you in the concert? How can you do not tell me, Irine?

"No no no Dana..." Said Iriana haste.

"If you tell me that you guys already know each other before I met Zack, there will be no misunderstanding. Why you kept pretending that you never know about Zack?"

"It's because I don't want lot of people that like All Time Low trying to be friends with me because I know them. But it's not the point Dana..."

I couldn't believe that Iriana already with Zack for a long time. How could she didn't tell me about this? Is she afraid that I'm going to used her because I had a crush on Zack? So it wasn't her fault if she has a relationship with Zack. She knew him way before I met Zack in person. I should support them, but why a part of me saying that I didn't want to see them together?

I really tried to hold my tears. I shouldn't cry in front of them. But it was so hard and my eyes started to watering. So I got up from my seat and grabbed my bags.

"Owh okay I understand" I gave them the best smile that I could show. "I better be going, I have things to do. I'll be home soon Irine and hope you guys have a nice day"

"Wait! Wait Danarra wait wait please!" Zack chased me and called my name but I didn't care about it.

I kept walking to the doorway. Only one meter left Zack grabbed my arm and dragged me back. I bumped to his chest and he kept holding my arm so tight. Iriana got up from her seat too and she was standing behind Zack.

"Let go off me Zack, please!" I shook my arm, trying to struggle from him to take off my arm.

"Danarra you don't understand!" Zack shouted and less than one second he cupped my cheeks and I felt his lips were pressing toward my lips.

I pushed him roughly and my tears suddenly ran down my cheeks. "How dare you kiss me in front of your girlfriend!!!" I slapped him and then I ran out from the diner.

"Danarra!!! Danarra please wait!!!" I heard Zack was calling me but I didn't care.

I kept running with my eyes still watering. My tears made my eyes blur and sometimes I bumped to people who walked in the sidewalk in the opposite way of me. My feet kept running even though my lungs were screaming to me to stop and begging to catch some air. I was panting but I pushed myself to keep running.

I didn't realize that my feet brought me to the beach again. It was so late and the beach was dark and cold at night. Summer breeze should be warm but not for tonight. My only sweatshirt was the only one that kept me warm. I found a big rock near it and I sat there and wrapped up my legs to chest. My mind was blank again and I was just starring at the lighthouse at the distance when suddenly I heard someone called my name.

"Danarra!" It was Zack who called me.

He was running alone straight to where I was sitting in the beach. I got up immediately and jogged away from him but he was faster than me. He grabbed my hand and held me to keep stay.

"Please Zack, stop chasing me! You better be there with Iriana. She must be sad when she saw you kissed me"

"Danarra please Dana! Listen to me this time. Let me explain everything until it's done"


"Please! Please Danarra?" He begged me and his eyes made me couldn't say no to him.

"Tell me then"

"Okay. So Iriana and I are close. I almost talk about anything to her. I really care and love her so much, but... But she isn't my girlfriend. She is not my girlfriend!"

"Iriana is my girlfriend, Danarra" suddenly I heard a man's voice from behind Zack.

I was peeking my head while Zack turned around to see the man.

"Evan? Evan Kirkendall?" I shocked when I see him and Iriana were standing side by side in front of me and Zack.

"I'm Evan's, Dana. I met Evan when he joined the All Time Low crews" explained Iriana.

"Iriana is my cousin. She has a different surname because she followed his Father's family. I took her to the studio and she met Evan in there" added Zack.

"Wha... What?"

"Yes Dana. Zack always wanted to get to know you when I saw him your picture when we gathered at family time. Since that day he kept asking me about you and he become more exciting when he knows that you like All Time Low but not like any other stupid fangirls" Iriana walked closer to as she kept holding Evan's hand.

"And I started to beg to Matt to put this town as one of our tour schedule. Because this is the only way I can meet you Danarra" said Zack and made my mouth wide open.

"The day when he found you unconscious after the concert and then he took you back home, you should know that Zack really hyper when he got back and it's rarely happen to a quite one like Zack. He can't stop talking about how happy he is with Jack, Alex, Rian and the crews" said Evan as he punched Zack shoulder and both of them chuckled.

"About the time when we were in the club, Zack was telling me that he will tell you that he loves you. That's why I was squeaking, kissed his cheek and so on because I was so happy that Zack finally find a good girl in his life like you Danarra" Iriana explanation made me moved.

"Is that true, Zack?" I turned my face to Zack.

"Yes, yes it's true. I love you so much Danarra. I love you" Zack grabbed my hands and brought it to his chest.

He held it so tight and kissed my upper hand. He didn't let it go and his eyes were shaded. I cried and hugged him in a sudden.

"I love you too Zack. I'm so sorry" I sobbed on his chest and he wrapped up his arms around me.

"It's fine. I love you so much Dana. I love you!" Zack kept kissing my temple and while he rubbed my hair.

We were hugging each other and he kissed me. We didn't care about Evan and Iriana who stood right beside us. Not long after that a white van that parked since Zack came to the beach shine on us. The back door of the van opened and bunch of people came out.

"AaaaaaAaaaaaA... Finally! I've been waiting for this to happen"

I saw Jack is the first who come out from the van. He was jumping and running around like a crazy person. Alanora pop out too and then Alex jumped off and followed by Idaline. And then I could see Rian, Matt, Colussy, Grieco and the rest of the boys too.

"What are you guys doing in here!?" Asked Zack when he saw his friends. "Alex, I thought you have a date with Idaline"

"Well yes I am, but we thought maybe it's good to following you around" Alex embraced Idaline and both of them smirked.

"Yes yes Zack, we're stalking at you dumb! Ha!" said Jack as he jumped and wrapped one of his arms to Zack's neck and tried to kiss Zack’s cheek. "I even tape it!" Jack laughed maniacally.

"What!? Jack!!!" Snapped Zack but Jack already ranaway and hid behind Jeff.

He stuck his tongue out and the boys were laughing at his attitude. Zack was about to caught him but he didn't do it when he saw me laughed at Jack.

"Sorry about my stupid friend" he apologized to me.

"I love your stupid friends. You don't need to say sorry, Zack" as I messing around with his hair.

"We need to celebrate this! Come on let's go grab some drinks and I need some love from hot-ass chicks!" winked Jack.

"Let's go!!!" the boys shouted in union.


First I'm going to make this as a long story but then I decide to split it and make a sequel instead.
It will up very soon. Thank you so much to all readers and subscribers. It means a lot you stick with this fanfic.



why does it have to be a cliffhanger </3
@WriterVsPoet nawww it's okay. I bet tons of other stories have same name, as long as the plot is different I'm okay with that. Cheers! :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
@ForgottenJoker thank you, hope you like it until the end of the story :)
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Oh my God, did we just upload a story with the same name at like, the same time.
Sorry! I didn't mean to take your title or anything :)
If you want me to, I can rename my story, and again, sorry about that ;)
WriterVsPoet WriterVsPoet
aaaw this is so cute, keep writing! :3
ForgottenJoker ForgottenJoker