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We Say Summer

The Dream Isn't Done

"Oh my God I can't believe All Time Low is coming to our town!!!" scream one of my friends named Alanora, when we were on our way to the hotel where All Time Low's members stayed.

"Thank you so much for the All Time Low street team that keeps spreading the words so All Time Low is coming here!" said Idaline while she jumped on her seat in my friend's car.

"Could you guys stay calm? Hello... I'm driving in here!" Iriana, my mature and maternity friend who also loves All Time Low was willing to drive us to the hotel.

"Yeah yeah yeah..." said Idaline with a lazy expression.

"Hey Danarra, why are you so quite? Come one hyper a little bit! You will see Zack in couple of minutes!" Alanora talked to me and made me shake from my daydream.

"Hmm... I'm so nervous. I don't know what I should do if I get a chance to meet him."

"Chillax Dana, I'm sure everything will be just fine!" Iriana smirked to me from the rear window.

A moment later we arrived at the hotel. Idaline and Alanora were getting more hyper while Iriana was looking for a parking lot in the basement.

"Hurry up Irine!"

"Wait a minute ok, ladies! You guys are making me nervous" replied her.

She drove her car looking for an empty lot. After we were wondering around finally Iriana found a space at the end of the corner. She slowly parked her little yellow car. After we parked the car, Idaline jumped from the back seat and open my door and pulled me out.

"Hurry up hurry up Dana!"

"Yeah I'm coming, I'm coming" I said while I tried to go out from the back seat as fast as I could.

After ensuring that Iriana’s car had been locked, we jogged to the elevator and pressed the lobby button. It was surprisingly made me shocked when we arrived at the lobby. There was lot of teens in the lobby, waiting for All Time Low to come downstairs.

"Oh no way! Too many people in here, how can we get a chance to take picture with one of them?" Idaline started to panic.

"If they messed up with me, they just can easily deal with me!" Yeah Alanora is a meany person as you know.

"Ally relax okay!? Come, we better find a good spot" then I lead my friends to sit near the elevator.

My eyes were traveling the whole entire lobby. Just want to know what everyone was doing at the moment. Alanora and Idaline were gossiping about a girl in front of them. I'm not really into it, but I heard they were saying about fake fans or something. We sit there for about three hours, when suddenly someone was screaming and pointing at the third floor of the hotel.

"Aaaaahhh...!!! Alex Alex Alex!!!"

“Oh my God! Look up there, it’s Jack! Jaaacccckkk…” the other screamed.

I automatically get up and searched for their figure. I can't believe my eyes! I saw Alex, Rian, Jack and... and... and Zack! They were waving at us and Rian was taking pictures of us from the third floor.

They all were so nice but Zack didn't do anything, he just stared at the rear and saw us from up there. I wasn't screaming like anybody else, my eyes just looked straight to Zack's eyes. He has the most beautiful eyes that I've ever seen. I was hypnotized for couple of seconds.

They just appeared for about ten minutes and they were gone to their room. I heard some girls felt disappointed when they left and the worse is one of them cried and kept screaming Alex name. I still stood from where I was standing until Alanora shake me.

"Dana? Hello Danarra? Did you see them huh!? Oh shit Jack is a bomb! He’s fucking sexy!"

"Oh my God Danarra!!! Don't you see him?" Iriana and Idaline were talking to me at the same moment.

"Huh!? Who?"

"Zack! Don't you see him? He was looking straight to you! Oh my God, Danarra you're so fucking lucky!" said Idaline while she kept jumping around

"No guys, there was lot of other girls in here. It's impossible that he looked at me ok!"

"Ooh! But I'm 100% sure he looked at you. I repeat not just saw you but looked at you Danarra!" now Iriana turned hyper like Idaline

And then I heard Alanora, Idaline and Iriana were busy talking about it. Even though they were believe that Zack looked at me, but I'm not. It just a coincidence I believe. It was impossible Zack looked straight at me. No no no… It must be a mistake. Yeah I must be dreaming and this dream isn't done yet.


New fanfic hehe... I'm bored and this what I get
This is the first time I write about All Time Low, sorry if it sucks
Tell me your opinion please, it'll help me a lot
Thanks before :)


why does it have to be a cliffhanger </3
@WriterVsPoet nawww it's okay. I bet tons of other stories have same name, as long as the plot is different I'm okay with that. Cheers! :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
@ForgottenJoker thank you, hope you like it until the end of the story :)
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Oh my God, did we just upload a story with the same name at like, the same time.
Sorry! I didn't mean to take your title or anything :)
If you want me to, I can rename my story, and again, sorry about that ;)
WriterVsPoet WriterVsPoet
aaaw this is so cute, keep writing! :3
ForgottenJoker ForgottenJoker