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We Say Summer

It's Gonna Be My Year

"All Time Low! All Time Low!" people in the venue were screaming for All Time Low.

My friends and I were luckily got the front row. Well not really in the front row, we got fifth row from the first one. But we were standing in front of Zack. Iriana couldn’t stop talking about how happy she was to get that spot. We were split with Alanora and Idaline because they wanted to get a spot in front of Jack and Alex.

Not long after that All Time Low was coming to the stage. Singing their songs and we were hyperventilating. I really can't take my eyes from Zack. He was like a sexy beast behind his bass. Zack didn't talk a word on stage, but his eyes couldn't stop traveling the venue. It seems like he was looking for something. Suddenly Iriana was screaming, calling for Zack. His eyes looked to us and unbelievable Zack suddenly smile at us and he became very excited to play. It made Iriana jumping and couldn't stop shaking my body. I couldn’t believe Iriana the most mature among four of us can acted like that in front of him.

"He smiled at us Dana! Oh my God! Zack is smiling at us!" She screamed and kept repeating the sentence until the next song from All Time Low is started.

I was so happy that Zack smiled to me, well to Iriana and I actually, or maybe no? I mean there were lots of people in this venue. I wanted to scream Zack’s name too like Iriana did but I was captivated. I couldn’t say a word. Zack is too good to be true. I was out of breath seeing him playing in front of me. It made me… oh no!

“Irine” I tried to talk to Iriana in the midst of the crowd.

“Yes Dana, what’s wrong?” she raised her voice slightly, because a little hard even to hear our own voice.

“I think I’m going to be sick. I rather move back and go out”

“Hey are you alright? Want me to go to the first aid with you?”

“No, it’s okay Irine. Just have fun, I can go by myself. Don’t worry. Beside they almost done”

“Okay just be careful okay. We meet outside near the merch tent after the set is done” she said and I nodded.

I struggled to walk, trying to get out from the venue that full with thousands of people. But rather go to the first aid, I was sitting outside near the backstage gate. My head kept spinning and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe because I didn’t eat properly before the concert and I almost fainted now. I catch my breath and kept it stable. Not long after that I heard lot of people went out from the gate, I guess the set is already done. I tried to get up and walked to the merch tents area, but I feel dizzy and stumble. And the last thing that I remembered is I everything went pitch black and I fell down.


“She’s wearing a Minnie Mouse tank top”

“So what Matt? Are you going to rape her just because she wears a tank top?”

“No I’m not. I’m going to rape her because she wears a Minnie Mouse one”


“Jack stop! You’re going to wake her up if you keep talking with loud voice”

“Okay Rian, alright”

Wait. Who are they? Am I dreaming? Did I just hear someone called the All Time Low guys? Yeah I must be dreaming. I couldn’t see anything. My eyes still shut and all black. Of course I must be dreaming.

“But she’s cute. She can help me with the merch thingy”

“Nice try Vinny, but merch guy won’t beat the lead singer”

“Alex! Guys, come on stop! Could you lower your voice? She needs to take a rest”

“Aaawww… Zack doesn’t want his girl wake up and see us guys. He only wants her just to see him”

“Whatever Jack”

“I’m hungry. Who wants to go grab some snacks in the next room?”

“I’m coming with you Alex!”

“Then move your butt now Jack. And you Zack? Are you coming?”

“I think I just stay here, Rian. I can’t leave her here alone”

“Oh okay then”

“Don’t believe him Rian. Zack isn’t that innocence. I bet he wants the girl just for himself”

“Fuck off Jack!”

“Knock it off guys”

“Hey Matt, Vinny, Colussy, Grieco, Evan, Jeff come on guys I’m super hungry!”

“Yooo Alex we’re coming”

“And you Zack, catch us if she’s already wake up, ok!”

“Ok Alex!”

Is that Zack’s voice, who pop-up in my dream? This dream is so real. His voice is so near like he was talking next to me. Wait! Talking next to me!? I opened my eyes slowly. And I… I… I see Zack’s face just couple of inch from my face. I got up in sudden and it made Zack taken aback.

“Oh hi! You’re wake up. Are you alright? I found you collapsed in front of the backstage gate and I… I…” he started to stuttered and I was shaking.

“You… hmm you… what…” I moved away from him, from where I was sitting.

“I… I don’t mean to scare you. I… I just want to save you. That’s all. I’m sorry if I scare you out” he moved back a little bit.

“No! Ah… I mean no. You aren’t scaring me out. I’m just shock. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be mean”

This conversation is super awkward. Someone really needs to save me right now. Just two of us, Zack and I in the dressing room made me shaking thinking about the possibilities. We both went silent and doing nothing. I bowed my head, I’m too afraid to face Zack who sat less than one meter in front of me. And I could feel that he kept looking and staring at me.

“Come on Zack, you need to eat som… oh hello there, you’re awake?” suddenly Alex opened the door.

“Be quite Alex, she still confused about what happen. I guess” Zack got up from his chair and close the door behind Alex.

“Yeah I know that, muscle man! So what’s your name? I’m Alex, well you probably know, don’t you?” he came toward me and gave his hand to introduce.

I just stared at him and it made him frowned, “what’s her name, Zack?” and then he asked Zack.

“Name? Well I… I…”

“You guys alone in this dressing room and you don’t know this beautiful girl’s name? It isn’t polite, Zack”

“Alex!” protested Zack.

“Danarra. My name is Danarra” I encourage myself to talked to him.

“Danarra? That’s a cute name. Listen Zack, her name is Danarra! You should thank me for asking her name” Alex smirked mischievously to Zack.

“Shut up Gaskank! Hmm… well Danarra”

“Dana, you can call me Dana”

“Yeah Dana” and he smiled to me. “You look pale. Want to join us grabbing something to eat?” Zack extended his hand to help me up.

His kindness made all my worries disappeared and I smiled back to him, “sure, why not!” I grabbed his hand and I got up from the sofa.

“Good then let’s go. I don’t want Jack get all the food!”

Alex walked first. Zack and I followed him from behind. When we reached the food table, I could see Rian, Jack and the rest of All Time Low crews. They suddenly looked at me and shouted in union.

“Wow! You’re awake”

“Yes I am. Hii guys”

“Hiiiii…” they greeted me back and I couldn’t help myself not to giggle.

“So this is the sleeping beauty that Zack so worry about” Jack came to me and patted my back.

“What? Sorry?”

“Yeah, you are the one that… aaawww… What the fuck Zack?” Zack stepped Jack’s foot and from his face looks that he didn’t want Jack talked more than this.

“Ehhee… It’s nothing. So anyways what’s your name?”

“My name Dan…”

“Her name is Danarra. You can call her Dana” Zack interrupted me.

“Hey mister muscle I’m asking her not you” Jack pouted and started to act weird in front of us and it made me laugh out loud.

“Enough enough guys. So Danarra what do you want? Since we are boys, so we don’t have low fat food” said Rian as he wrapped his arms to my shoulder.

“I’m so fine with these kinds of foods. I don’t really like low fat food. It taste sucks”

“Aha I like you, Dana!” Jack winked at me.

“Well Danarra, fell free to eat whatever you want” said Zack with wide smile.

He has the cutest smile that you’ve ever seen, and it made my heart beating so fast. Zack picked some of his favorite foods for me and he forced me to put ketchup in every single food that I eat. I couldn’t believe I hang out with All Time Low in the backstage. The most shocking thing is I even had snack time with them. The crews were so nice, they talked to me and asked me some questions about All Time Low and I easily answered all the questions. It’s piece-of-cake as you know. Alex looked surprised about my knowledge about his band. We did chitchat for a while and then I realized it’s already late. My friends must be so worried about me. I even didn’t tell them about my condition. I bet Iriana was freaking out like my Mother, and Alanora kept swearing because she’s too worry about me, while Idaline just cry like a baby thinking about the worst thing that probably can happen to me. Yeah it always been like that.

“Guys sorry I think I should go home. It’s kinda late, my friends will be so worry about me” I got up from my seat.

“Do you want me to take you home?” Zack eventually got up too and asked me.

“Owh… No Zack. It’s okay I can go home by myself”

“But it’s little dangerous if a girl walked home alone at night” he keep forced to take me home.

“Yeah Dana. I think Zack is right. You should go home with him. We don't want anything bad happen to you, just because we made you stuck with us”

“No guys, I’ll be fine”

“No Dana, you’re not going to be fine. Let me take you home” Zack took my hand and he pulled me to walk to the exit door.

“What? Wait!”

“See you around Danarra!” the rest of the boys waved at me and saying bye.

“Oh yeah goodbye guys” this is probably the last time I hang with them so I must say goodbye.

Zack kept walking to the outside of the venue. It was already dark outside and so quite. If Zack wasn’t there beside me, I maybe already freak out. We waited on the sidewalk for a while until we saw a cab and Zack suddenly stopped it so we both can go with it.

“I feel bad for you because you company me home” I said after we were already inside the cab and the driver now took me back to my dorm.

“You’re not causing me any trouble. Beside I’ll be ashamed with my body if I let you go home by yourself” said Zack as he raised his arms.

“Ok then mister ketchup!” I teased him.

“Oh come on Dana, don’t start acting like Jack” and he laughed. “Where’s your home, by the way?”

“I lived in a dorm, just a few blocks from here. There it is, you can see that building. That’s my dorm” I pointed to a blue building, located right next to Zack.

“Oh I see”

And suddenly the cab stopped, “so this is time to say goodbye”, I said.

I opened the taxi door and get out from it. Zack opened the window, I waved and said goodbye to him and he did the same. The cab started to leave my neighborhood, so I walked back to my dorm when suddenly there was a sound of screeching tires.

“Danarra wait!!” I looked back and I saw Zack get out from the taxi and ran toward me.

“What’s wrong Zack?” he panting when I talked to him.

“Dana, can I have your number?”

“My number?” wait, did Zack just asked for my number.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind me asking” he looked scared that I will rejected him.

“Sure! It’s…..” Zack put out his cellphone in the hurry and noted my number.

“Thank you!” he smirked and his cheeks turned to red. “Bye” and then he walked back to the taxi.

When I was about to walked to the dorm, Zack held my hand and pulled me into his body. And the he kissed me. I was shocked but his lips calm me. I slowly put my hand on one of his cheeks and kissed him back. A few seconds later we broke our kiss and Zack looked at my eyes and stroked my cheek.

"See you soon Danarra" he ran back to the cab and gone from my eyes.


Tadaaaaaa the second chapter has been posted. Mind to leave me some comment?
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why does it have to be a cliffhanger </3
@WriterVsPoet nawww it's okay. I bet tons of other stories have same name, as long as the plot is different I'm okay with that. Cheers! :D
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
@ForgottenJoker thank you, hope you like it until the end of the story :)
Fasyarawr Fasyarawr
Oh my God, did we just upload a story with the same name at like, the same time.
Sorry! I didn't mean to take your title or anything :)
If you want me to, I can rename my story, and again, sorry about that ;)
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aaaw this is so cute, keep writing! :3
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