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He Saved My Life.

"I'm 22!!"

Sunlight seeped through the windows of Jacks house, waking me up effortlessly. I didn't know where I was until I looked at Jack, and memories of last night filled my head. The lanky, skunk haired boy was laying on the floor, dead asleep. His snores made me laugh, startling him awake. "What the he- Oh hey Morticia. I almost forgot you were here." His morning voice sent chills down my spine, but I tried my best to ignore them. "So, I forgot to tell you last night. The band decided that were leaving early for tour, so you need to get packed before 2pm tommorrow." He gave me a breath taking smile, and butterflies overwhelmed my senses. I ignored it once again.
"I better get to the house and brake the news to my mother then...." I sounded pittiful. I really wish I could just pick up and leave, but I have to prove to her I'm adult enough to move out, and do stuff on my own. So I think it's best to inform her I'm leaving.
The ride there was filled with a comfortable silence. I should warn him for whats to come of this..."Hey Jack, you know. My moms crazy. Remeber that. She thinks I'm a teenager still, and wants me to stay dependent on her. She may not take this so well...So what I'm saying is theres gonna be a fight. "
Jack nodded, understanding. "I'm sure she'll take it okay..." I laughed at his response. "You don't know my mother. "
***Jacks Point of veiw****

The house seemed empty when we stepped in. Morticia looked around, with a confused look on her face. "Mom!" Suddenly a women who looked to be around 50, with a red dress on, and black heels stepped into the living room. "Where the hell have you been? Havent I told you? My house, My rules. You stay over someplace, tell me, and the latest you be out is 12!! What we- Who is he?" She pointed to me.
"I'm Jack. Jack Barakat." The old women rolled her beady eyes. "You. I used to hear about you constantly when my daughter was younger. Jack this, Jack that, Alex, Alex, RIAN, AND ZACK!" She slammed her hand against the wall. "Don't talk to him like that...You're such a bitch sometimes!!" Morticia cut it.
"Me, a bitch? Well honey, I don't know about me, but you're being a pretty big wench right now!" That did it for Morticia. She flew foward, puching her mother in the face. "I'm sick of you! Any time I needed help, YOU IGNORED ME!! My scars, are because of YOU! I hate you ! And I hope you feel great to know I'M LEAVING!" Her mother sat on the ground, completely suprised. "Get out." She mumbled. "GET YOUR STUFF AND LEAVE!" Her outburst made me jump. "I'm 22 mom!! I'm not a kid anymore!" With that she took my hand and led me upstairs to get her stuff.
Morticia warned me about this. But I thought she was just over exaggerating. Guess not. I watched her as she angrily stuffed her stuff in 3 suitcases. Then she turned pale, stopping dead in her tracks. "Jack. I hate to ask you this, I really do, but I could I stay with you for awhile...?" The look of anoyance creeped upon her features. "Why would you hate to ask me that? Of course you could!" She shook her head. "Because I hate people who mooch off there friends. But I'm really in no postition to talk. I need a place to stay, I really hope I don't bother you." Laughter builded up in my stoamach, and I let it out, suprising Morticia.
"What are you laughing about?" I kept laughing. "Y-you think you bother me? Aha! No, No Morticia, You don't bother me at all, I really enjoy your company!" I gave her a heart warming sime, and she responded with bright red cheeks. "Lets just get out of here alright? It's been a stressful day.' I nodded, and helped her pack up. We were suprisingly out of the house within the hour.
**Third person point of view**

Jack was asleep. Dead asleep. He deffinatly wasn't waking up any time soon. Morticia took this as her chance, and went to the bathroom on the top floor. If she was quick, she knew she wouldn't have to deal with Jack and the pleads. So, with that, Morticia pulled her sharpest razor out of her tiny purse, pressing it to her skin.
It was quite obvious that she should have stopped at around the sixth cut, but she kept going until there were 9 bleading gashes in her arm. She started to feel light headed and dizzy. Her worst mistake was trying to walk down the stairs. Because soon enough, she was flying to the bottom, passed out.

I felt dead. Worthless. Jack felt scared, and nervous. I created a monster inside of me. And there wasn't anything I could do. The doctors said I'd be fine, which was good. I didn't want to hurt Mia, or Jack. It was stupid of me, and I knew that. And after the scolding I just got from Mia, I was exausted. It took all of my energy I had left to climb onto the boys tour bus, and lay down in a bunk and fall asleep.


Hey guys :3 I hope this was long enough for you guys. ^^<3 I'm going to try and put some Mia point of views in the next chapter. <3


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