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He Saved My Life.

Hang with me?

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing in my ear. Groaning, I sat up and answered it. "hello?" "Hey, Morticia, you up to hanging with me today?" I smiled at his voice. "Hey Jack! Yea, give me an hour and I'll meet you at the park." We hung up and I got ready to go. I couldn't help but replay the events from last night. We talked a long time, and he actually listened to me... He was funny, and oh so cute... On my way to the park I noticed Jack walking on the side of road, on his way as well. I laughed, pulling up my hood and putting on sunglasses. I pulled over, abd rolled up my window, using my deepest voice I said. "NIce ass man. Maybe you could.... Jump in and have Fun with me." Jack gave me a disqusted look abd ran away to the park. I waited till he was out of site to laugh my ass off. His face was perfect. I decided I'd park somewhere else, take off the glasses and hoodie, and see if he'd tell me what happened. It was quite nice out actually, the sun was bright, birds were out, and the wind made it just the right temperature. Perfect. When I got to the park Jack was on a swing, shaking. "Hey Jack!" he jumped, looking like he was going to bolt until he realized it was me. "Jesus Christ Morticia, you gave me a heart attack!" "Why so paranoid?" I smirked. " Pedophile just said my ass looked great. Never wearing thesejeans again!" I fell to the ground laughing. " j-Jack you should have seen your face!!! Aha!! I was the man!! Ahahaah!!" Jack tackled me, sending me flying to the ground, him ontop. "you." he inched closer to my face. "Gave." Now he was Super close. " A heart attack." His lips were now pressed against my temple, my breathing coming out in ragged breathes. Suddenly he jumped up, laughing. "Oh my god! Your face! You probably thought I was going to rape you!!!" I thought he was going to kiss me.... I glared at him, and stood up, tickling his sides. He made a wierd noise that ressemboed a laughing hippo/hyena thing, which made me laugh so hard. The rest of the day we hung out, we even went to his house, and stayed the night there, watching movies and laughing.


I updated this on my iPod lol so it's short and sort up... Eh. Lol hope you enjoy anyway!!


AH if she doesn't say yes, I will cry.
omnommilk omnommilk
Thank you ! ^^
love the plot idea, cant wait to