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He Saved My Life.

"Dude we are so druuunk!!"

Jack and I went out drinking. It was a few weeks into the tour, and today was there day out. The boys were being slow pokes, so we went to the club without them. It was amazingly fun, until a guy started getting grabby hands at me.
"You're really pretty.." He slurred into my ear, grinding me. I tried to pull away, but he had a grip on my arms. I laughed at him. Yes. I laughed at him. Soon enough he was on the ground, groaning in pain. What? You thought Jack would have to come and save the day? No. I stick up for myself when I need to. My mom for example. I punched her square in the face. She deserved it though...I know I shouldn't be thinking about this stuff, expecially while clubbing.
Jack walked up to me, laughing. "You're perfect! You totally kicked his ass." I shrugged, giving him a shy smile. "I know how to stick up for myself!" We hadn't drank anything yet, until the rest of the guys got there.
*******Mias Point of veiw*********

We were so fucking late. Jack and Morticia left us all without saying a word. Matt told us they'd be at the club, and since I was such a slow poke, They went without us. You see, I was getting ready, so Alex wouldn't leave till I was ready. Rian refused to go unless Alex was in the car. Zack wasn't leaving with Rian, and Matt wasn't leaving without the rest of us. Complicated, I know.
I had just finished my hair and make-up, and was getting my outfit on, when Alex walked in on me in my bra and panties. He froze, staring at me, his face turning a deep dark red color. Alex finally snapped out of it and walked out without saying a word. Normally a girl would tell a guy to get the fuck out, but on the inside, I was way to bust laughing my ass off.
Finally, I was ready: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=78430673 The moment I stepped out of the room, Alex's jaw dropped. "Mia, fucking god, you look beautiful!" I laughhed. "And you look very handsome!" ( Jack and Alex's outfit: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/161/d/9/Jack_Barakat_and_Alex_Gaskarth_by_ohemetophobiax.jpg , Morticias outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=78432350 ) The boys ran out of the bus. "FINALLY!" I laughed, and followed them out. Tonight felt like it was going to be great.
Three hours later, everyone, but rian, was wasted. Rian was sober enough to drive. He said he'd get really drunk on the bus so we could get home safely. Such a nice guy. In the back of the van, me and Alex were laughing it up, telling our highschool stories. "And I threw up on her.." He slurred. I giggled. "That's a way to impress on a first date!" Alex grinned, and laughed as well.
Morticia and Jack went in the other car. They were both fucking wasted, so I don't know how they got home without a DUI. When we got to the bus, within 10 minutes, Jack and Morticia were there to. "PARTY ON!" Jack screamed, pulling out three 24 packs of beer from the car. Tonight was so fun.
Later that night, I was with Alex in the back lounge, About to pass out. I had way to much to drink. "You're fucking beautiful..." He slurred. Suddenly he kissed me. It was all so sudden, I couldn't really do anything. I kissed back after a few seconds. I don't know how long we kissed, but it must of been awhiile, because we had to pull back, gasping for air. For the 3rd time, Tonight, was amazing.


Sorry it's short! I have to go so I had to finish it up short. I hope you guys liked the Mia Point of veiw. :3


AH if she doesn't say yes, I will cry.
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