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He Saved My Life.

I couldn't say no.

We somehow made it to the front just before the boys ran on stage. We jumped and screamed, being so excited. The place was packed, everyone was shoulder to shoulder, and we were already sweating like pigs. Water proof make up is a life saver sometimes!
"HELLO EVERYBODYY!!!!" Alex screamed into the mic, the crowd responding with screams and claps. "Well, this is the last show here at Recher Theater. We sure are going to miss playing here. Thanks for coming guys!! NOW! Are you ready to-" "FUCK!" Jack finished Alex's sentence, making the crowd go absolutley nuts, and I swear I felt my stoumach turn from the sound of him voice. I was here. Right now. My idols right infront of me! God dammit I was so excited for tonight!!! "Jacky, that comes later!" Alex said cheekily, winking at the crowd. Most of the crowd filled with screams, as they started the first notes of Backseat seranade.
I hopped around, and danced with Mia, having the best time of my life. Looking up at the skunk haired boy, butterflies filled my stoumach as he sat on the edge of the stage, playing guitar, RIGHT INFRONT OF ME! Jacks fingers flawlessly hit the notes, and he stood up, running back to his mic as the song ended. "Jack, you be flirting with all those girls down there, when I'm up here!!" He put his hand over his heart, prenteding to be hurt. "How dare you!!" "What can I say? The sex wasn't good enough!" Alex laughed, and the crowd did to. These guys were hilarious! "But I do wanna say, one girl caught my eyes down there!" Alex winked straight at Mia, and I swear her eyes just about fell our of her head. "ANYWAY!!! Lets slow things down for a bit! Havn't played this song live in awhile. Please, scream the lyrics if you know them, HERE WE GO!" Mia turned to me, her mouth wide open. "You saw that right?" I nodded, laughing at her reaction. "ALEX TOTALLY WINKED AT YOU!" A girl behind us squealed. " I saw it, he WINKED at you! Oh, I'm Cherry by the way! God you are SOO LUCKY!" "Bitch, he was winking at me!" A boy next to her said playfully. causing us to laugh. "I'm blake, It's nice to meet you guys!" The song started, and we turned bal around to sing along. "Make it a sweet, sweet goodbye, It could be for the last time and it's not right.." We all sang along to every song they played, and met up at the meet and greet stand. Me, Mia, Blake, and Cherry were one of the first ones in line. We got our shirts signed, and went backstage to wait for the boys to come hang out.
Not much people got back stage passes, which made things alot easier for us all. Suddenly the boys came out, laughing. Alex immediatly spotted Mia and winked again. She looked as if she was going to faint. I couldn't blame her though! I found jack, and slowly walked up to him, anding him another all time low shirt to sign. He smiled at me, but the ends of his mouth tugged down when he saw my arms. This is wat I was afraid of...
***Thrid person point of veiw**********
Morticia looked down in shame, afraid of what would happen next. Then, the boy spoke up. "You can't do this to yourself..." The older man held her arm in his hands. "Your beautiful okay...Don't do it anymore....For me?" The skunk haired boy dropped her arm, and signed her All Time Low T-shirt. But all Morticia could do was stand dumbfounded. 'Jack Barakat just talked to me....' That's all her mind could process. Until she relized she had been standing there till the boys had to leave. "Hey uh..." The boy stood beside her. "You wanna come in the bus and hang for a bit?" She had to say yes, she just couldn't say no. Who would if your idol just invited you to hang out? Things changed for her that day, and she gained alot of new friends. What could possibly go wrong? "Can my friend Mia come as well?" He laughed. " If you're talking about your red head friend, I think Alex already has her on the bus." Morticia got a text from her as if to answer all her questions she never asked. "Dude! Alex took me on the bus and were hanging out! I gave Black and Cherry your neber, so don't flip when you seen an unknown pop up. Love you<3"
She laughed and replied, telling her about Jack. "So, you getting on?" She smiled softly at the older boy. "Yea. Thanks." You climbed on, and found Mia kicking Alex's ass in black ops. "FUCK YEA!" She screamed, shooting up from her seat. "Fuck that shit!" Alex threw the controller on the couch. "How the hell did you win? Are you an alien of some sort?" He poked her nose, and a light blush crossed her face. Morticia couldn't help but aweeh quietly.
**Normal pov***
Jack took me to the back lounge, and led me to a small couch. "So, I just relized that I don't even know your name." He gave me a breath taking smile, making me melt on the spot. "I-i'm Morticia Mayze...Weird name I know." His eyes brightened. "No way, that's so cool!!" I laughed at his child like response. "I'm Jack!!" I facepalmed at his dorkiness. "I knew this Brarkat." He raisd an eyebrow, smirking. "Barakat? You're gonna play that card?" I laughed and pat his head. "Yep." He rolled his eyes, and looked down at my arms.
" I know I just met you ...but can you tell me what bothered you so much to do that...Maybe I can help." I smiled softly at the older boy before me. "It's a long story. Maybe another time." He nodded understandingly, and spoke up once more. "How old are you?" "I am 22 as of a week ago." He laughed and poked my sides, causing me to blush. "Youngster!" "Only by 3 years!!" I giggled. "You're not to bad Mayze." I smirked. "You're not to bad yourself Barakat." Right at this mment, was the start of a new friendship.
I tip toed into my house, being well aware that it was 3 in the moring and I was supposed to be back at 12. Suddenly a light turned on, and my mother came into view. I mentally groaned. "Where the fuck were you? You gave us a heart attack!! If you would have been out for one more hour the police woulld have been call-" "Mom...It's just my Idol saw my cuts, and he wanted to hang with me. Talk to me about it." She put her hands on her hips. "You're telling me your were out until 3 in the morning with a BOY." "Ugh...Mom I'm 22...Will you give me a break ! I'm an adult!" I have to remind her every once in awhile that I'm not a kid anymore. "My house, My rules, Don't like them, move out." I groaned and went to my bedroom. Maybe I will move out...I just need to get a job first. My phone buzzed in my pocket.
From: Barakat
"Hey girl! Were leaving for Spring fever tour in a few weeks, you should totally come! Alex is bringing Mia. There really hitting it off!" I smiled so wide that I thought my jaw would brake.
To: Barakat
"Totally! It would be so fun! And I know! There so cute. I better be her maid of honor!"
I waited a few seconds, and I got a text back.
From: Barakat
"I better be the best man! Lol I'm going to bed, good night Mayze."
To: Barakat
"Night Barakat."

I was almost asleep when around 15 mintues later, I got a text, followed by another two. All from three diffrent people.
The first one was from Cherry.
"Hey it's Cherry! I just wanted to give you my number so we can hang out soon. Good night!"
The second from Blake.
"Yo chick, It's blake. Mia gave me your number. We should all hang sometime."
The third one made me fan girl.
"Hey it's Alex...Alex Gaskarth. Your friend Mia, she's in my bunk sleeping right now, and I got your number from her phone. So, tell me, What kind of stuff does she like?"
I replied to him with lots of things Mia never shuts up about, leaving All Time Low out of the description, sent it, and went to bed.


^^ It's starting to kick off already!


AH if she doesn't say yes, I will cry.
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