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He Saved My Life.


It was a boring day. No one called. No one texted. Even people on facebook decided to ignore her. So Morticia sat, scrolling All Time Lows tweets, trying to find something new to fangirl about.
Just as she was about to give up, there it was, in black and white writing. Concert in our hometown everyone!! Were so stoked! Hope we'll see you out there on the 10th!
She shoved her head into a pillow , screaming as loud as she could. She had to get tickets, and quick. Morticia texted her bestfriend Mia, telling her the news. She didn't get a reply back, instead a knock at her bedroom door 15 minutes later. "Morticia!!! OPEN THE DOOR!!" Silently, she thanked the lord for her parents motbeing home.
"Mia!!" They hugged eachother tightly when she opened her bland bedroom door. Morticia saw her holding back something. "What's that?" Pointing behind her back, she tried to get Mia to cough it up. "Okay, Okay, Okay, Don't flip to bad okay? I don't want you to have a heart attack before we can even get to go." She responded with a confused look as two rectangles were shoved into her face. Her eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the large print. All Time Low the 10th of May, Rether Theater.
Morticias mouth dropped to the floor. "You got us tickets to All Time Low!??!?!?!" She squealed, wrapping her arms around the small girl, crushing her. "MORTICIA I CANT BREATHEEEEEEE!" " I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!!" She completely ignored her lack of breathing and pretty much hugged the fuck out of her. She had gotten them tickets to the last show at the Retcher Theater, WITH ALL TIME LOW! "FUCK I LOVE YOU MIA!!!"
Then something in her head clicked. Tommorrow was the tenth, how were they not sold out?! "I blackmailed someone into giving them to me..." She answered her question before it was even asked. "I love you Mia..." She giggles, wrappping her arms once again, around the small framed girl. "Your gonna kill me one of these days....." Mia gasped. "Oh hush and hug me back! You're ruining the moment!!" They laughed, and decided they'd pick out there outfits.
****Morticias POV********
Dear Diary,
Today's the day. The day I meet my idols. The men who saved my life! Mia had suprised me again later yesterday with meet and greet tickets, and backstage passes. Whatever that person id, it must of been damn good blackmail. Anyway, Me and Mia finally decided what to wear at around 12 am this morining. I swear, I even question my genders ways sometimes. But, on a diffrent note, I have to find out what to say to these guys...What do I say!?! What if I say something stupid? What if they see my wrists and never speak to me again? What if a meteor strikes the stage, killing them all and I have to go home and kill myself? Highly unlikely, but still, It's a possibility!
What will they say if they see my cuts...Will they ignore it and move on? Will they hate me forever? Will they tell me to get the fuck away and call me an amo faggot? Obviously not. but I'm still nervous... I can't believe it!! All Time Fucking low!!! I'm meeting them tonight!!! EEEP! Well. Mia just got out of the shower, so it's my turn. Till next time,

I slowly closed my book after signing my name. What would I sat to them? Making my way over to the shower, I thought of many diffrent things. "Hey, I love you, Marry me!!" No. "Hey, I'm a huge fan, and I know like, everything about you!" Deffinatly not. The hot water ran over my skin, as I thought more about it. "I'm morticia, and your band has saved me in so many ways...Emotionally, and physically. I love you guys, and I know you won't let us fans down!" That one may work.
I stepped out of the shower, and began to get dressed. In 2 hours, I would be face to face with my Idols. Today, was going to be the best day ever!


I do not know if Recher Theater is in Baltimore, but for now, PLEASE PRETEND if it isn't... Kind of short compaed to most stuff I write. But It'll kick off soon. ^^


AH if she doesn't say yes, I will cry.
omnommilk omnommilk
Thank you ! ^^
love the plot idea, cant wait to