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Life's Greatest Tragedy

We're Just So Crazy, We're All Just Searching For More

Alex stepped off of the stage with a goofy grin on his face. Thanks to his friend Matt, the band had gotten a gig playing at a birthday party for some kid that didn't 'really have a lot of friends, and because of that gig, the kid got to feel like a king for a night and All Time Low attracted a lot of new fans. Needless to say, it was a good night.

Or, it would have been, had it not been for a frowning brunette sipping vodka out of a plastic cup.

Jasey shuffled her feet to get out of the way as more people crowded around the alcohol and offered a semi-friendly smile to anyone who said hello to her. Alex knew something was up just by that. Usually, Jasey had a way of becoming the life of the party. It was the only time she seemed confident in herself. A part of him felt guilty, like it might have something to do with him, because he and Jasey hadn't really talked since the last time they were alone together.

Sure, they'd hung out with their friends, but it was awkward; neither of the teenagers knew how to bring up the fact that they'd had sex, because they honestly didn't know what they were now. Friends? Friends with benefits? An item? It was all up in the air. And it wasn't like they were purposely avoiding each other. Jasey texted Alex every chance she got and asked him to talk to her in person, but Alex had been so busy with the band that he hadn't been able to spare ten minutes for the conversation. Not only that, but the young man wanted to clear it with Jack before he mentioned anything to anyone else. Sure, Jack and Jasey hadn't worked out, but Alex still wasn't willing to throw it in Jack's face that he got the girl.

Or, did he get the girl?

He wasn't sure, he just knew he needed to talk to Jasey while he had the chance. It only made sense that he found out from her exactly where he stood before he brought it up to Jack. Alex pushed past a few bodies, deciding to grab a beer before speaking to the girl, just in case she shot him down. After all, it was their first time. What if it wasn't what she was expecting? What if he wasn't what she was expecting? Gulping at the thought, Alex popped the tab on his beer and moved over to where Jasey was standing. She gave him a flat smile and let her eyes trail to the contents in her cup. His heart twisted with her actions, it seemed that she didn't really want him to be there.

"You put on a good show," Jasey broke the silence, bringing the cup to her lips to chew on the plastic. "Everyone seemed to really enjoy it."

"Except you?"

"No, I thought it was amazing. I'm just not really in the mood to party."

"Yeah, I picked up on that," Alex frowned, his fingers tapping on the can. "Is it because of me? Because we haven't had a chance to talk?"

"Of course not. I know you've been busy with the band, it's just.."

"Just what?" Alex positioned himself so that he was standing directly in front of the girl, his heart breaking from her sadness. "You can talk to me about anything, you know that, right?"

"Well, it's just that, Alex. You've been so busy with the band, with your friends.. You know, outside of you guys, I really don't have anyone and I don't have a dream to chase while you're busy running after yours. It's scary. Look at the turnout tonight, Alex. You guys are definitely going to go somewhere with your music."

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No, it's wonderful, it's just.. I don't fit in. When you guys are gone, what will I have? I'll be stuck in this shit town with these shit people, doing absolutely nothing."

Alex could feel his heart sink in his chest. Honestly, for as long as he and Jasey had been friends, he never once stopped to consider her future. He just always imagined she'd go to school and do something great with her life. It never even occured to him that, if that happened, he wouldn't be a part of her world anymore. Now, everything was different, because he and Jasey took a leap before they even considered the consequences. Alex never considered that, by sleeping with her, he would get under her skin in the worst way possible.

But she'd gotten under his, too.

There was no way that Alex would be willing to leave her behind. Never in a million years. He would find some place for her, a new dream for her to cling to, a future she could take pride in. The guys would certainly be okay with bringing her along. They loved her just as much as he did, only in a different way.

"You'll just have to come with us, then, won't you?" Alex grinned, feeling confident in his new idea. "You can.. Sell the merch. Sell CD's while people wait in line. You can do anything you want, but you're coming."

Jasey stared at him for a moment, her eyes never leaving his face as she tipped her cup back and finished swallowing what was left in it, the burning sensation nearly making her eyes water. He wasn't serious, was he? She highly doubted the guys wanted a girl to come crash their party of the good life.. But, it sounded really nice when it came from his lips. Romantic, even.

Actually, the more she thought about it, the more she wanted it to happen. She wanted Alex to whisk her away, help her build a life that she could be proud of. She wanted him to open new doors for her and always be there to take care of her. It seems, in the few short minutes he'd been there, he'd answered all of the question she'd been having recently.

"Do you honestly mean that? You'll take me with you?"

"Of course, Jase. I mean, if you want to go. We haven't really talked about what happened between us and if it makes you uncomfortable then don't even consider it.."

"Alex, I'm happy I lost my virginity to you," Jasey smiled, brushing some hair behind her ear. "It was perfect.. But you're not asking me to go just because you feel guilty, are you?"

"Guilty? What would I feel guilty about?"

"Sleeping with me?"

"Jase, that wasn't a one-night-stand. I wanted more out of that night than sex."

"So.. You wanna be with me?" Jasey asked, her eyes glistening with joy. She never imagined she'd end up with Alex, though she'd always wanted to.

"Only if you want to be with me."

"You've never been smart, have you, Gaskarth?"

"Is that a yes?"


Alex couldn't help but smile. He, the boy who could never be claimed, now had a girlfriend. It was odd, to think that the girl next door was the one who finally got to him, though he wouldn't have it any other way.

Jasey was the girl who caught his attention. The girl was more beautiful than she was sexy. The girl who had the brains and the guts. She was everything he'd ever wanted, all wrapped up into one tiny being. From the sleepless nights, to picking on each other, to the late night talks about how they wanted nothing more than to get the fuck out of this town.. How had Alex not known, back then, that they'd end up here? For so long, he'd let her be nothing but a daydream, but at least now he could act on his feelings.

"Can I get you a refill, my lady?"

"Oh, I like the sound of that."

Alex beamed, grabbing Jasey's small hand and yanking her toward the alcohol table. He filled her cup half way up and planted a gentle kiss on her cheek. God, it was nice to do that without having a reason to. Having a crush was reason enough now.

"So, what are we going to tell the guys?"

"Who says we have to tell them anything? When the time is right, we'll know.. But tonight, I don't want to think about anything but this beer and you, and how happy you both make me."


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Thankies. <3.
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Aw this is so cute!
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Thank you! (:
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I like this! Please update! :)
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Awwwe, thank you! <3.
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