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Mama , I'm In Love With A Criminal (Jalex)

Chapter 6

I spent the night with Austin , even though this was against the rules. I spent the night convincing him that I didn't see Jack as anything more then a mere victim. Lying , I seem to be doing a lot of that lately. But it's all part of the job right.

Now , killing Jack is back on my shoulders. Which sucks. I don't know when feelings for him appeared , it did all just start as a drunk kiss , now , it's blossoming. Which makes about as much sense as a walking fish.

I've been thinking about getting Jack to turn the gang in , and all of there secrets. But it will result in all of us , even Jack , going to prison. He's already went once , but that was only for resisting arrest , assault on an officer , and an attempted crack deal. Which he gt 10 years for , but they let him out early with a shit tone of supervisions and such. He'd be in for life , or possibly killed for everything he's done sense her was 17. When he tried to come out gay.

I got more of the story for Jack , well , I got all of it. Jack was 17 when he told his dad he was gay. Jack's dad , was founder of this gang. He forced Jack into the gang , told him "Just try it of a year". And thats what Jack did. Only a year. But when he turned out to be skilled in everything , his dad changed that too. "Give it another year , teach the rookies , make 'em as good as you." And thats what Jack did. Tought Kellin , Vic , Andy , Jake , and Austin everything he knew. Making him as good as him. "You can't leave now , Jack. You're already one of us." And thats what Jack did. Stayed , he knew there was nothing else he could do.

Late one October Jack was picking his dad out of a ditch. His dad was shot and killed just of walking the streets. Thats when Jack knew he was done with this lifestyle. He planned it differently than how it happened. He was going to slowly stop doing gang activities and hopefully just fade out. He knew that it was a long shot , being a Barakat and all , but he didn't want to end up like his father. Killed for living.

But when Jack was arrested , everything changed here. Rian buckled down and made us his bitches , so he wouldn't loose the rest of his "Little Jack's" . Starting curfew , attendance , eating schedules , deals all around the world. You name it , Jack says he's making a joke of the family business. The only reason Rian is buckling down , is because he knows when Jack is allowed out of his house , the gang will no longer be founded by the millions and millions to the Barakat name. That Jack's going to take it all , because it is his , and live without the gang , live freely to be Jack.

Then I came along. I hadn't planned to be in a gang . . . I was kinda chosen. -When Jack found out he flipped.- but I convinced myself that yea , maybe I do want to be a gang member. I get paid for doing really no work at all , no big deal. But man was I wrong. Sure it's no big work , I'm never stressed or sore or anything , but the guilt man. It eats your soul. Looking down on little 12 year olds buying pot from you , man when I was 12 I was lucky to have enough money for a pack of gum.

"Mornin'." Austin's sudden voice startled me and dragged me out of my thoughts.
I was sitting at the end of his bed , nothing but boxers. Like I said I spent the night. But I couldn't bring myself to sleep. My thoughts kept going back to Jack , then being sloppily wrapped in Austin's arms felt. . . Wrong. I wanted to be in Jack's arm. But that would be to easy , and life is never easy.

"Morning." I said back. Austin leaned down and kissed me wet ad sloppily. It took everything in me not to projectile vomit into his mouth.

"We should get down stairs babe. You know , attendance." I cringed at him calling me 'babe' . It didn't feel right.

I grunted in response grabbing my clothes from yesterday and heading to his connected bathroom. Being a head he gets one of the nice rooms. I shut the door before smiling small at Austin's giant smile.

This whole situation is fucked up. Austin is in a change: Dammit he's a head in the gang!
He shouldn't be forcing me into a relationship. He shouldn't be into guys. He should be following all the rules.

I could easily get him is shit. Easily have him kicked out and left to amount to nothing. But no , I couldn't do that.

I fixed my hair in the mirror , giving it a nice thick coat of hairspray , then left the bathroom and down to the hall. I was met by a smile from everyone and chants about how long it's been sense I was here. Then Rian came down carrying his clipboard.

"And finally Alex." I nodded t get his attention , let him know I was here today. "Ah , you came to work today , come to my office." Everyone dismissed to there separate duties. When I was left to go to the bosses office , which still had me nervous.

Austin flung an arm around me , sense he was a head , he's allowed to walk into Rian's meetings as he pleases. I remember when I came in here the first time with Austin , he gave me a sense of comfort , now I just cringe , wishing I could be melting into Jack.

The door shut behind me and Austin , causing me to jump , Austin felt it and smiled down at me , not comforting.

"Sense you decided to finally come to work , I'll have you do the 4 o'clock job." Rian said flatly throwing me a bag full of heroin needles.

"Dude , thats 16 needles , thats like 5,000 dollars!" Austin said grabbing the bag.

Someone with that kind of money is not playin' around.

Or someone is playin' around and is planing to kill me when I get there.

"Rian. . . I have to get back to Jack." Austin flashed me a look. One filled with anger and hate. Oh those two looks are fun coming from a giant man.

"Right. Right. Barakat , fair enough , I'll send someone else than." Rian waved his hand to dismiss me.

I flew out of the room so fast I moved the leaves of the potted plants on either side of Rian's office doors. I sped walked down the hallway , knowing Austin was tailing right behind me. I glanced over my shoulder , low and behold he was following me. Flushed red , you could practically see the smoke coming out of his ears.

I walked into weaponry , knowing Austin was going to want to talk.

I sat on a bench at the back of the wall , Austin following in pursuit

"Why you in such a big hurry to see Barafag?"

"Don't call him that , Austin."

"Why are you sticking up for the faggot?"

"Don't call him that , Austin!" I said a little sharper this time.

After an exacarated sigh , Austin spoke up again. "Why are you in such a hurry to get home to Jack?"

"It is my job to take care of him , make sure he doesn't spill stuff , I mean he could be doing it now as we speak. Then where will we be? Huh?" I was standing with my head on the doorknob.


"Mhm." I stormed out of the room leaving Austin alone. I heard him hit the wall , again. .


Sorry for the late update!
I went and got my hair done today.
But anyway , I figured we were focusing to much on Jalex , when this is a gang story.
So I did more gang writing.







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Thanks :)
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Perfect story.
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