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Mama , I'm In Love With A Criminal (Jalex)

Chapter 5

Alex stormed out so fast today I didn't even get the chance to ask him any of my questions back. Like why is he having mixed emotions about the person he has to murder. Last time I checked , liking someone makes it harder to cold blooded kill them! Now I get it.

Alex isn't gay. Alex doesn't actually like me. Alex is trying to get me comfortable so he can kill me easier. Alex is a fraud.

I finished the sandwiches I was making for me and Alex. , and put his in the fridge. He said he was going to the Gang House to pick up some of his things then he'd be home. No. Not home , this isn't his home , this is my home , this is his crime scene. The front door shut bringing me out of my thoughts. In the doorway Alex stood with his guitar , it looked like he had been crying. It broke my heart to see him sad , he sniffled and looked up noticing me.

"H-hi Jack." Alex said chocking down tears.

"You got your questions , can I have some now?" Alex nodded and went tot the couch , he set the black guitar I hadn't noticed before on the coffee table and looked at me.

"What are you trying to do?" Alex hitched an eyebrow , obviously confused by what I meant. "You're toying with my emotions. I know yo have to kill me. Why are you kissing me and stuff if you have to kill me?!"

Alex looked down to his lap , doing nothing but shaking his head. He started bouncing up and down on the couch lightly , bringing his hands up to his ears cupping his hair.

"No! No! No! I'm not going to fucking kill you! Austin is! He's mad because I kissed you after he kissed me! And now he wasn't to kill you and he's having it changed that he kills you and I don't! Oh Jack this is my fault! I never should have kissed you! I never should have kissed Austin! I never should have kissed anyone!" Alex was pacing the room now , tears spilling down his face at a rapid speed , I don't even think he noticed they were pouring.

I stood in front of him , he walked right into me. Jesus this kids deep in thought. While we was still against me I wrapped my arms around his back , Alex didn't hesitate a second before snaking his arms around my neck.

"I'm not going to let him hurt you. I'm going to protect you." Alex whispered into my chest. "How? A guy like you taking on Austin , it ain't gonna happen." I pulled away from the hug , making Alex sit beside me on the couch.

"Maybe I don't have to fight him. . . " Alex looked anywhere but me. A deep blush came over his face before finally looking at me.

"What do you mean?" I knew exactly what he meant. He was going to be with Austin , even after I confessed my feelings for him and him obviously liking me back , he's going to carry on a relationship with Austin.

I felt a lump in my throat grow the size of Texas at the thought. He wanted Austin over me. Yeah sure it made a Hell of a lot more sense then him wanting me. I mean look at Austin , that guy is hot as fuck. And muscular and funny and protective. He's damn near walking perfection. And then theirs me , a small , lanky , ugly skunk haired boy like me.

"I could pretend to be with him maybe. I mean , -"

"Why do you need to pretend why don't you just be with him?" I interrupted Alex , a little to hostile then what I meant.

"I-I-I t-thought you wa-wanted to , umm , be with me?" Alex whispered the last part to me , making him seem innocent.

I've never had this feeling with anyone before. Alex caused a wave of butterflies to attack my stomach and red to attack my face. I just wanted to hold him , and kiss him , and yell from a mountain top that I loved him!

"I do." I said cupping his cheeks so he had to look at me. A smile played on his lips , but he kept it a straight line.

The space between us was bothering me. I pressed my lips softly to Alex's , not taking my hands from his face. He kissed me back making the kiss deeper. I smiled into the kiss when he brought his arms up to snake around my neck. I grazed my tongue across his bottom lip. We explored each others mouths , while he palmed me threw my jeans. I tensed at the sudden contact , but that caused him to push harder done on my now hardening member. I groaned into his mouth making him pull away.

He got on his knees on the floor and started undoing my jeans. I pulled his face back up to mine and kissed him again , a little bit rougher than before. I stood up , Alex jumped and wrapped his legs around my hips without thought , not breaking away the kiss. I walked him up to my bedroom , and threw him on my bed.

I hovered over him my kisses leaving his mouth. I sucked and bit around his neck , when I found a spot behind his ear that made him shiver and moan , I spent a little extra time there. I played with the hem of his shirt while licking a bit I just made.

"Jaaaaaaaack , don't tease!" Alex moaned.

I smirked against his skin bending down to his bulge , which , might I say , was pretty big. I ripped his jeans and underwear off in one move , growing impatient myself. I kissed around his member. I kissed and licked above it and all over his thighs. Alex threw his head back when I took him fully in my mouth.

"Fuck! Jack!" Alex groaned pushing my head even farther on him. I chocked on him which let him ease up.

I pulled him out and pumped him a couple times before putting him back in my mouth , bobbing my head up and down as fast as I could. I felt him twitch in me and Iknew he was close.


"I know baby."

I pumped him fast before putting him back in my mouth. I grazed my teeth over the vain and Alex shot down my throat with a loud groan.

I sat back up on the bed beside him , Alex put his head on my chest while is breath went back to normal.

"Holy fuck Jack , you sure know what you're doing." Alex smirked at me

"Yea I do." I kissed his pecked his lips before jumping off the bed.

"How about Home Alone and cuddles with your boyfriend?" I asked smiling at Alex.

He blushed at the term 'boyfriend' . Honestly , I couldn't believe it myself , someone who not even 4 days ago was here to kill me. Now he's my boyfriend.

But this is such a twisted situation. Alex is a gang member in my dads old gang. The gang I despised. I despised everything about it , and all the people.

Oh no.

Alex is one of those people.


Theres a smut.
Theres Jack second guessing Alex.
Welllll.... Snap







Because Jalex Because Jalex
Omfg yes!!!
wtf jack cant kill oli! :'c
JagkBarakitten JagkBarakitten
Thanks :)
Dear_Maria Dear_Maria
Perfect story.
Not_me_anymoree Not_me_anymoree