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Mama , I'm In Love With A Criminal (Jalex)

Chapter 2

Being the bitch wasn't exactly fun. It was basically like high school all over again , but this time with good rewards instead of beatings. Earn there respect Alex , earn there respect.
I was on my way back to the Gang House with Austin , Kellin ,and Vic. I had just done my first heist , man it was intense. They were celebrating and cheering about me being 'Part Of The Family' , meaning the gang. But I don't know. I'm not sure why I really rushed into this. I never wanted to go to college , and nothing else seemed to fit my skills. Lying , stealing ,and getting what I wanted.


"You sure you're ready for this kid?" Austin asked for the fourth time today. He was so genuine and sweet , I couldn't help but wonder how he got sucked into this life style.

I pulled my ski mask over my face , loading my gun. Austin smirked at my shuttle way to tell him to shut up and go. He did the same as me , while he was organizing the extra weapons I took a moment to study him and the situation.

We had men on the inside , Kellin and Vic who were going to shot of the cameras , and act so we can get what we wanted. 100 ,000 , 000$ . that was it , and thats not much from the biggest bank in New York. they were going to shut off the cameras for exactly 10 minutes. Just enough time for us to get what we needed and get out. It seemed like a little to much time , if you ask me. But I'm only a rookie , and this is my first rodeo.

Rian said I wasn't good enough. I wasn't fit yet , but after Austin arguing on my case for three days , and finally agreeing to go with me , Rian agreed. I felt bad for Austin though , he hasn't been on the field for 2 years because of his heart problems , hence being the Head of Weapons. Oh but he was so passionate about his weapons. Not because of how they kill people or damage they inflict , no. That's not Austin , he still doesn't have his Murder 101 yet. But because of how something so small can do so much damage. He said they were like his mother. Small and powerful.

"We got to wait two more minutes , count , 'cause we got go in spot on time so we don't ruin everything. 10 minutes isn't that long." Austin said gruffly threw his ski mask. Even in a mask he was beautiful. Wait , what?! Alex what are you thinking?!




Me and Austin burst threw the door right on time , receiving a nod from Vic. I headed towards him my empty gun pointed at him. He shot his hands up in the air , along with Kellin , they had looks of genuine horror. I knew they were acting , but damn it was convincing.

While Austin pushed the fat bank owner into a chair and tied him , Kellin stuck a blood packet on his head and one in his mouth. He nodded at me and I clicked my gun , making a fake 'Bang' that sounded so life like , it made me jump a little. Kellin shot himself back , biting onto it. He landed in front of his boss , making the fat fuck scream.

"Codes! Now! And don't you fucking give me a fake one! So help me God if you do you'll end up like this little Boy-Toy!" I heard Austin muffle a laugh with a cough , causing me to smile and blush.

The fattie wrote down codes I snatched them and ran down the hall with my fake gun pointed to Vic's head. Lucky for the little -or should I say giant- fuck , he gave me the correct code. Vic spun it in , and it clicked open me and Vic exchanged a quick smile than I ran in.

The safe was nothing like I had imagined , I pictured piles and piles of money , thousands of coins , solid gold bricks scattered threw out the place. But I was wrong , there was rows ans rows of little metal locked boxes. Like apartment building mail boxes. I looked at my wrist watch.

4 minutes.

"Vic , we got a problem , bro!" I yelled and he came rushing in. Shaking his head when he realized what I did.

3 minutes.

Out of anger I kicked one. I'm not going to make it out in this gang! And not only is it just me , Austin's ass is on the line too! He's so passionate about his work and if he gets fired because of me . . . He'll probably kill me! Then he'll get is fucking 'Murder 101'.

"Hey! Man look! It worked!" Vic pointed to the door I kicked , it was open , Jesus America , weak locks.

2 minutes.

We started kicking frantically at the doors , counting the money together , when we reached our goal we had a minute.

1 minute.

Me and Vic ran out into the lobby as fast as we could , I pulled my ski mask back down just before entering.

"C'mon! c'mon! Less then a minute!" Austin and Kellin both glared at em and Vic , probably for taking so long. But they should be happy we finished at all.

The gang car was a safe zone , me and Austin could finally relax. He whipped off his mask , revealing a very red , very sweaty face.But god he was still beautiful. Alex! Stop! "Welcome to the gang bro!" Kellin cheered patting me on the shoulder.


6:30 am. That's got to be my least favorite thing about living in the 'Gang Home' having to get up for role call. If you don't live in the house you have until 12 to get in. However I'm not that lucky. After high school I had no job. Which meant no money. No money equal no house. Gang equals getting kicked out by parents , so I think you get where I'm going with this.

But at least I get to live with Kellin , Vic , and Austin. Well right now it's only Austin. Rian sent them away on a order of some kind.

Thats another thing I hate about being the lowest rank you can be , 'Rookie'. You don't get told any information , making things 1000% harder to understand. Luckily for me though , Austin tells me a little bit more than he should. In exchange for guitar lessons , it's a good deal. To me anyway.

I shuffle out of my room and down the hall. But not before fixing my hair in the hall mirror. I should probably get out of this habit though , we all get nicknames and mine is 'Pretty Boy' because I always put a little extra effort into my appearance. It's better then Kellin's though , his is 'Boy-Toy' but he loves it , Austin told me they call him that because when he was a rookie he yelled to the leader before Rian that he wasn't his boy toy.

All the nicknames are funny in that way. They all throw something back in our faces , in a playful spirit though.

Vic is 'Pussy'. Austin's is 'Honey-Bee'. Ronnie's is 'Baby Mama'. Beau is 'Beau-tiful'. Tony is 'Turtle' . Jake is 'Pake Jitts' . Andy is 'Sixx'. And this guy named Jack is called 'Prince Barakat'.
I've never met Jack , but Austin says he's the shit around here. That his say so goes before Rian's , I'm not sure why because Rian is Prescient. But Austin isn't allowed to tell me. his last name is Barakat though , and in this hall way leading to Rian's office are pictures of all the past presidents ,and a statue of the Gang's creator. I can't remember his fist name , but his last name was along the lines of 'Barakat' . but I only seen it for a slit second so I was probably wrong.

Going down the stairs I see everyone lined up in front of me , last , again. I was going to hear about it , but this is the first time I wasn't late , so they should cut me some slack. Role call went same old , same old , names called , people mocked , and then left to shuffle by. I was going to hang out in Austin's office until Rian called him and I to his office.

My stomach dropped. I've only been in there once , and from what I hear Rian only calls you in alone with another head if you're being murdered or kicked out , which is pretty much equivalent to dying 'cause you'll never get a good paying job for even stepping foot in this , let alone taking
part and trying to be part of it.

By the time we got into Rian's office my pals were sweating , Austin could tell I was nervous , so he swung his arm around my shoulder smiling down at me. I smiled back looking away so I didn't plush. My knees went weak into his touch , so I slumped my body into his , the smile grew bigger on his face , oh Austin you're making this harder not to blush! Alex! Stop! Now!

I composed myself and leaned off of Austin , just in time to have Rian turn around and raise his eyebrow at Austin's hand that was still around me. Austin just shrugged and Rian looked back to the file's he was looking at.

"Good job with the job yesterday kid. You're earnin' your way up." Rian threw a file at Austin.

Austin missed it because he never took his arm from around me. I never understood why Austin took such a liking to me , Kellin said he's rather distant and never really leaves weaponry or his room. Not that I was complaining , Austin was so much fun to be around. And easy on the eyes. ALEX! Stop! You don't like Austin! Hmpf. I found myself thinking that a lot lately.

Austin retrieved the file from the floor , looking over smiling at me before walking to Rian , leaving me by the door. Stranded. Dammit Austin.

"Unfortanatly Pretty Boy. We have to talk about other things than your performance. Please sit." Rian motioned to a big chair opposite to his desk , beside Austin. I shuffled to the seat not taking my eyes off my shoes. I know I should be acting confidant in the presence of Rian , but he just makes me so damn nervous. Snap of his fingers and he could have me killed. That thought scares me.

"Look , Alex , you're great at lying , stealing , sneaking , dealing , and getting what you want. But there's more to being a gang member then the material. You have to seem one , and well , you don't. It wouldn't matter ho much fight training we put you threw you justwon't seem intimidating. And thats a big part of being a gang member"

"Barakar's getting out of jail?" Austin interrupted.

"Yes. And I have no one to sen after him." Rian put his hands in his head and sighed before continuing. "I got from a reliable source that he's dropping out for good , taking all his dads funding from us and living the rest of his life with it. And we really can't do anything , because even if the gang did vote against this his say so goes above anyone else's. I need to send
some one to live in his house for his for his house arrest and bring him here so he can be killed."Rian looked at Austin pleadingly.

"No man! No! I told you! I may live this life , but I ain't killing anyone! Especially Prince!" Austin yelled back to Rian.

Rian slammed his head down on his desk in frustration. Austin looked at me and raised his eyebrows in a way to say 'Tell-Him-You'll-Do-It'. I looked from him to Rian fastly then to Austin again hitching an eyebrow. Austin hitched his back at me mockingly.

"Umm , Rian , I haven't gotten 'Murder 101' . If you let me go I can prove to you I am good enough."'

Rian snapped his head up at me ,and started starring me down. Don't look away Alex! Don't look away! And I never did. The stare down lasted at least five minutes before Austin cleared his throat. Rian nodded his head telling us to leave and for me to pack.

"Come pack with me?" I asked Austin when we were out of Rian's ear shot.

It took half an hour to pack everything. Another 25 minutes to get weapons from Austin. 5 minutes to say bye to everyone. Everyone but Austin , he walked me out to my care.

"Be safe Alex."Austin said when we got to one of the gangs cars. I turned to him and smiled , he smiled back.

"I will Austin , don't worry about me buddy." I had more to say , a couple questions to ask about Jack , but I was interrupted.

Interupted by Ausin kissing me. I didn't respond for a while , but finally I moved my lips in sync with his. Closing my eyes and letting myself fall into the kiss. Austin's arms found there way to my face , while mine wrapped around his neck. My whole body was on fire. I guess I've been lying to myself for awhile. I do like Austin. I like Austin a lot. Maybe the gang life isn't for me.

Austin's lips were soft and so roughly pushed against mine. I don't know how long this lasted , but when Austin pulled away I was panting , and wanting more. That kiss didn't seem long enough at all , but my lungs claimed other wise.

"Please. Please Alex. Jack can be rowdy. Please be careful." Austin said pulling me into a hug.

"I will Austin. I will." Austin bent down and kissed me lightly again , before spinning on his heel and walking away.

What? The? Hell? Was? That?

I don't know , but whatever it is I liked it.


Ohh , some connection between Austin and Alex.
During the story I'm gonna go back and worth between P.O.V 's , so this isn't just some boring ol' love story.
This is going to be some action packed intense shit!
I hope you guys like it. :)







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Perfect story.
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