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Mama , I'm In Love With A Criminal (Jalex)

Chapter 3

Living with Alex is harder then I thought , 3 days and we've barley muttered a word to each other. It sucks really , he's so damn cute! When we met he seemed s stuck by me. Damn I wish we could go back to that. I know he's suppose to kill me , but Hell he could at least kill me on good terms.

My phone buzzed beside me on my bed , making me jump. I swore I turned that off , I wanted to be left alone to sulk over Alex.

From: Unknown Number
jack ? is this ur number ? rian gave it to me so i could keep in touch with you when i left the house

I smiled from the sudden text , this was his first attempt to talk to me. I always started the fail conversations. Sure it was over text message , but it was a start. Saving his number before I texed back , I found a smile plastered on my face and butterflies in my stomach. I tried to get rid of them , this is just some pathetic school boy crush Jack. It isn't going to amount to anything.

To: Lex<3
yes alex its me :DD long time no talk r u going somewhere?

From: Lex<3
yes. store. we need food man. anything special order?

To: Lex<3
beer and a movie ! were going to have fun 2night bb

Alex never relied , but the sound of his car driving away lead me to believe he got the text. Getting over excited I hopped out of my bed and ran to the bathroom connected to my room. I styled my skunk hair into my signature 'Just Had Sex Mohawk'. I picked away at loose strands for another half an hour , getting frustrated it wasn't working out.

Giving up I stomped back into my room and to my walk in closet. I don't know exactly what I had planned for tonight , but I knew one thing:

I will figure out Alex! I will get him out of the gang life!

And , shooting to far into the stars , make him start liking me. I scoffed to myself , I'm pathetic.

I settled on black skinnies and a red dress shirt , with a black vest over top of it , not buttoned , just loosely hung there.

I looked over at the clock , Lex has been gone for an hour and a half , thats a little long for shopping. I sat on my bed shoulders slumped. He's probably not going to come back , I mean , he doesn't have to stay here per-say , but it should would be cool is he did.

My eyes wandered to my blue acoustic I had at the end of my bed. I grabbed it and crossed my legs , throwing in on my lap and started strumming a to familiar song.

'I'm burned out like a bright light
I wasn't ready for this
You're adorable as Hell
But I'm glancing at your wrist.'

Sure , I wasn't a great singer , but this song described my situation perfectly right now. I am burned out , honestly I'm completely dim , never to shine bright again. And no , I wasn't ready for this. I wasn't ready for the gang , i wasn't ready to be wanted , I wasn't ready for jail , I wasn't ready for my feeling to Alex. And he is adorable as Hell.

'Oh please have faith,
I can be so caviler.
And when they start to ask questions I'll be sure to be clear
When you see my friends,
Tell them "Hi" for me , tell 'em what you think about the way you handled everything.'

I stopped singing and just strummed the rest of the song. My croaky voice was killing such a beautiful song.

When I finished I sighed and went to start another song , instead to hear clapping coming from the beautiful brown haired boy leaning in the door way. I looked at him my eyes widened in a 'What The Fuck Man?' look , he laughed and walked closer to me , making my heart flutter.

"I love that song. And you're an amazing guitar player man." Alex said , looking from me to my guitar and back to me.

"You're blushing." Alex whispered to me , smiling a little.

Awe shit , I looked down at my lap , no , no , no. I got up and set my guitar on the stand hoping for my cheeks to calm down , but only for them to get redder.

"I-I-I'm s-sorry." I stuttered , looking to Alex fast , but back to my shoes.

"It's okay. I got your stuff. You look amazing by the way." Alex said , his beautiful smile beaming to me.

My stomach fluttered again at the sight , I noticed a small pink colored dancing across his cheeks as I left the room in pursuit of the kitchen. Alex close on my tail. When I walked into the kitchen i seen everything already put away , shit he bought lot , and my beer and a couple movies sitting on the island. I smiled back at him seeing he bought four cases of beer instead of the one I requested.

"Do you plan on getting me drunk ,Lex?" i purred to him standing facing him across the island looking at the movies , nothing interesting. Just zombie movies and some ghost movies.

"You called me Lex." Alex said tilting his head to me , a glimmer in his eye.

"S-sorry. It slipped. I-I won't do i-"

"No Jack. I liked it. You can call me it whenever. I usually don;t like it , but it doesn't bother me from you." Alex smiled , tracing his hand down the table , watching his hand instead of me.

I smiled and tossed him a beer.

"Remember! I said we're having fun to night Lex-y Poo! " I cooed , stroking his cheek playfully instead of flirty.

"Ok! Lex-y Poo , I'm not okay with." Alex said looking up at me. We stood starring at each other for awhile. It took every inch of my fiber not to close the space between us , to collide my lips with his , but I knew better.

I walked into the living room slumping on the couch. Let the night begin!

It's only been two hours , but me and Lex only had two for the four boxes remaining of beer. We were currently in the middle of a round of truth or dare.

"Truth - or -Dare Lex!" I slurred.

He giggled a litle before saying 'dare'.

I dare you too , umm , go make out with that table and let me take a picturrrre!" I yelled and laughed my head off , not understanding why this was so funny. Whatever! I'm drunk!

After the dare and and Alex laughed before he asked the same question , me giving the same answer.

"I dare you... I dare you to kiss me." Alex said looking me dead in the eye.

Suddenly I was a lot more sober. Did he really... ? Am I dreaming...? Is this real life...? MY heart beated a thousand times harder and fast , I'm sure Alex good hear. My stomach did flip flops and back flips and round house kicks. fuck my stomach did a mosh pit! I smiled at Alex , which he returned shyly. I moved closer , looking up and down Alex's face from his lips to his eyes. Our lips were just inches apart , I could feel his breath on mine and my neck , sending a shiver down my spine.

"Lex , you're drunk." I whispred. Oh shit Jack! why do you have to ruin everything?! This guy , that you like , wants to kiss you! Don't complicate things , just kiss him!

"I'm sober enough to know I like you." Alex whispered against my lips before pushing them into mine.

The kiss was slow , and soft , but there was so much mixed into it I couldn't understand. My body was frozen by the sudden zap of electricity , why was this happening? He's part of my dads gang! He can't be gay.

I pulled back from the kiss and he looked at me questioningly.

"You can't be. You can't be gay. The gang." Alex looked down embarrassed.

I placed a hand on his cheek and pulled him into me. I stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head ever now and again while he sputtered on and on about how he was gay , but had no other option but the gang.

"Alex. Leave the gang. Live with me. Be with me. I have money , I can provide for both of us. Alex you'll have a better life if you get out while you still have options in the real world."

Silence. Silence settled around us. Uncomfortable silence. Neither of us moved. Neither of us tried. We just sat , a cuddled drunken mess on my living room floor.

"I can't , Jack." Alex whispered.


Well dayum. Thats some Jalex.
But wait , what about Alex and Austin?
Well shit.
And I still don't know where we are on smut! Yes? No? I wanna know pweease!







Because Jalex Because Jalex
Omfg yes!!!
wtf jack cant kill oli! :'c
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Thanks :)
Dear_Maria Dear_Maria
Perfect story.
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