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Mama , I'm In Love With A Criminal (Jalex)

Chapter 1

"Jack , you and Zach are going on the Jefferson Deal. But be careful , I seen two cop cars parked in the alleyways today. Try and stick to the main roads , got it?" Rian's loud voice boomed at me and Zach. Is this guys fucking serious? I just got back from the Henderson Murder and Fergason Heist , but he expects me to do the Jefferson Deal?

Being good at your job is hard , especially when you're a gang member. Yea the pay is good and you make good friends , but it's hard on the head , feeling guilty for killing innocent people , whether or not it's because you actually kill them or just give them hard drugs. Breaking the law is another thing , every cop will know you by name. And if they suspect you're up to something they'll arrest you right then and there.

Zach nodded and shuffled out of Rian's private office , closing it behind him , knowing I would want a word with Rian. Alone.

"I just got back! You can't really expect me to do more! Can you?" I screamed , yes I screamed at a gang leader who could probably kick my ass , but I was tired and irritated , and her respected and needed me to much.

"Yes I do. Barakat when you first started you did 5 or 6 missions in one day. What's your deal?" I knew he knew. Probably everyone knew. That's also the reason everyone was sucking up to either me or Rian.

"I-I'm just not feelin' it." I said scratching my neck.

"You chose this life style! And you're not leaving! We have this discussion to much Jack!" Rian spat irritated at me.

"Bull fucking shit! You know I didn't choose this life style!" I really didn't , this was my fathers gang to begin with. He had forced it upon me , making me the best of the best. But when he was shot . . . When he was shot I knew I had to get out. But Rian , the guy my dad left the gang to wouldn't let me. Because my dad wouldn't let me.

"Jack. Jack , calm down. I know alright. But don't you wanna make your old man proud?" Rian said strangely calm.

How dare he! How dare he throw my father up in my face like that! I spun on my heal marching towards the door , slamming it behind me. I wanted out , I need out. I can't live with this anymore. Knowing this is how my dad died , no I just can't do it. Gangs are no good , no good at all. I needed out. I can't let this be my death. Like it was my fathers death.

At the end of the hall I seen Zach and Austin standing by the deal. Four bags of cocaine. One bag cost's 210$ , so whoever made this one had some real big bucks. Not just anyone can have 840$ in there back pocket. I grabbed my extra big black hoodie I get slung in the mission room , and threw it over my skunk hair.

"Ready?" I grumbled to Zach , shoving two bags of coke into the inside pockets of the sweater.

"Mhm." Zach said back , shoving the other two into the inside pockets of his over sized blue hoodie.

Austin lead us to protection , he was head , even thought I was best. I was best at everything here , but I didn't take head of anything either. Once you're the head of something , you're not allowed to leave. You're in until you die. Kinda the same thing when you're a high class member like myself , I'm the only one. High class members are treated like head's , but not told inside information. However , I am told , because even thought I'm not Vice-President or President , I still have over all say. All because of my father.

When we were loaded on guns and a bottle of mace of each of us we were set off. The house we had to deliver at was 4 blocks away , so we could walk. It was risky , but it was the perfect time of day for it. The sun is going down , but is not quiet there yet. Cops are switching in and out , so sometimes to can get by without being noticed. But that's rare.

I slinked into the first back alley that was clear of cops. I waited for footsteps behind me , but hears none. I figured he had mastered the art of silent footing I was teaching him , so I turned around to look at him. But he wasn't following me. He was standing on the sidewalk ahead of the alleyway. Fuck Zach.

I hitched an eyebrow , asking what he was doing. "Leader said to stay away from the alleys." I scoffed , Rian has only ever been on 3 deals , which still makes no sense as to why my dad put him 'Next-To-Kin' after me.

"I don't give a fuck! Now c'mon before you get us caught dickhead!" I whisper yelled , Zach obeyed and we continued on our path of murder.

Outside of the house. This is where I get nervous. You never know what kind of phsyco ordered the coke , and this was a high price , so he could be hoping to get it and attack. That was the first deal I ever went on. Let's just say I got my 'Murderer' rep after that one.

Me and Zach crossed the steet quickly , not to draw attention , and started up the cobble stone to the huge mantion. I paused again at the steps. IT looked like no one was home , but one single light. I gripped my gun in my back pocket and knocked , no answer. I knocked again , no answer. I went to knock again , when I heard a click behind me. Goddammit this was a trick! Those were police officers! When I fucking turn around there is going to be police officers! Rian man , do your fucking reseach before you try and sell to anyone.

I looked over at Zach , who had already turned and was frozen with his hands over his head. I scoffted and turned there can't be more then one or two , three at most. But man was I wrong. I turned arounf and seen seven cops facing us with guns , in a circle so we had nowhere to run. Then behind them three cars were parked blocking another exit , with cops behind the door , guns aimed at as. While one hellicoppter flew over head. Did I mention that I'm one of America's most wanted?

"Well , well ,well , looks like I've caught Jack right in the act." One large officer smirked at me. I smirked back.

"Yep. Guess you have , with that bonus I guess you can buy a couple more donuts , yeah?" I smirked turning around.

"Thats enough young man , put your hands over your head and no one gets hurt." A lady yelled at me , I did as she said looking right at her.

"Oh theres a couple people I'd like hurt right now." I know , I'm being a missive dick , but these cops were the ones that hurt my dad , and made a joke of the family name. I had rivived it , until now , theres noway in hell I'm getting out of this one.

"Silence! Anything you say can and will be held agaisnt you in court!" Another officer yelled.

"Hailey Williams!" I yelled sarcastically. I could tell the officers where getting tires of my sarcastic ass-isms , but I couldn't help it , they were funny.

I looked at Zach , he had a look in his eye that let me know he was planning something. And that he know's it's not a good idea. Damn you to Hell Zach , always getting your dumb ideas.

"Don't. You. Dare." I said to Zach but it was to late , she took of running at a angle to get around the back of the house. I stood and looked at the ground , shaking my head. Saying goodbye to him silently.


Jesus , cops aren't hesitant to shook , at least we give you a few seconds to run. I turned my head to the left slowly , I whiched at what I saw , turning my head back foward fastly. Zach was dead. Shot dead. Straight there the heart. By the cops. Like other gang memebers. Like my father. Like me...

I started running , but not away , running at the police officer that shot first. I don't know why , anger maybe. I was always one to think rassionaly when I was angry , but not today. I replaced Zach with my dad , realizing thats exactly what they did to him. I got one punch to the officers nose , knocking him to the ground , before I was pinned down by five cops. I scream insult and curse after insult and curse at the man while they cuffed me. I never resisted the cuffs , I honetly couldn't be bothered to.

The though donged on me , what if being arrested is the only way to get out of this lifestyle. I'm heading down the same road as Zach and my dad. All of us are! Rian , Austin , Vic , Tony , Beau , Ronnie , Andy , Jake , and Kellin! We all are! We are all gonna end up shot and dead or in prision forever! Honestly I'd rather be shot then in prision , but they never shot me for some reason so I guess prison it is.

I forget the rest of the night , I forget the trial , I forget the sentence , I forget my first night , I forget my first beating , I forget my first time beating someone , I forget my first meal , I forget my first smuggled ciggerette , I forget my first shower , I forget my first roommate , I forget everything. I try and forget everything , but ot will be permidently etched into my brain. Forever. Being shoved into the car and mocked the entire two hour drive to the prison , being told I will get 15 years for assult on a officer , being so scared of everyone that I hide in a broom closet , being pumbled , raped , and left bloody in the courtyard , leaving someone pumbled and bloddy in the courtyard , eating the cardboard steak and the soggy mash potaoes , being forced to have a ciggerette then getting addicted , being raped in the shower , Joe my roommate who was also a insane cerial killer , everything etched into my brain.

But today was the day. They day I get out , I got out 2 years early with 8 month house lock down and 3 years probation for good behaviour. Drastice , but desent. And I knew the first thing I was going to do after being let out of my home.


Quit , end it all , I honestly don't care if I dissapoint my dad anymore. He dissapointed me by being sucked into this horrible life. I'm not going to let myself end up shot or in prison again , so I'm done. I just don't give a fuck anymore.

I had no idea who was picking me up , I knew it was going to be someone from the gang , I'm not retarded , but I didn't know who. Kellin and Vic were on a three month in a Japan Heist. Austin and Rian were heads so they can't leave. Ronnie is under Gang Probation so he isn't allowed to leave. Beau doesn't have the privillage of the Gang Car yet. Tony can't drive. And Jake and Andy are on a major deal this afternoon. Maybe I'll have to take the bus.

But , I was wrong.

Being wrong is beginning to be a routine of mine or some shit.

Walking out of the chain link fense , the first thing I seen was our car. A mediem sized boy stood lent against it. He had tight bleached out demin skinny jeans on , with a white V-neck. He had light brown hair , that looked messily styled , with a fringe that hung perfectly over his eye.

"Ah -hem?" I cleared my throat in an obvious way to get his attention.

The boy looked from his phone to me , pushing his fring out of his eye. He smiled at me and stuck out a hand. I shook it , his touch lingering on my skin. He was so hot. I shook the thought out of my head , taking my hand from his.

"My names Alex , I'm a rookie." He said finally answering the question on my mind.

Rian sent a rookie after me. A fucking rookie? Does he really think I'm that weak after getting caught? Anger boiled in me , fucking prick! He just doens't understand what it's really like out here does he? No he doesn't because he doesn't deserve the fucking passition he has! Why am I getting so outraged by this? It doesn't matter to me anymore , I'm out.

"Jack." I said sliding into the passenger seat.

"I know who you are! Man you're like a legend in there!" Alex said as he started the car. He pulled out of the prision yard and I gave him directions to my home.

We didn't talk much along the way. Just sat in silence. When we pulled into my driveway , I got out , slamming the door behind me. I heard Alex's door open and shut too , which was weird, maybe I forgot something.

But nope , I was wrong , again.

There sitting on my couch were three duffle bags and an acoustic gutair. Alex is staying with me , Rian really isn't going to let me go easliy , now is he?

"I-I hope you d-don't mind. I-I tired to t-tell Rian n-no. B-but he wouldn't l-listen to me." Alex stuttered nervously from behind me.

Again anger boiled in me. Rian was going to have this scrawny punk ass kid kill me in my own home?! God I hate him! If I was allowed out of here I'd go and kill him now.

I didn't reply to Alex , instead I brought my ankle up off of the ground and click the button on the tracking device , now the police know where I live. And my every move. I put my leg back on the gorund and turned to face Alex.

"It's not your fault. Rian's a dick head." The end of Alex's lips twitched upward as he tried not to smile.

I smiled down at him. Oh god Rian , why did you have to send someone so cute to kill me?

Yeah , I was gay. I didn't exactly show it though. You can get hurt big time , and I mean big time , in a gang for being gay. That's one of the reasons my dad pushed it so hard on me.

Rule Number 11: You cannot like the same gender as yourself.

I never let that rule change me though. I never had a girlfriend , and also had a few dates with guys on the down low. I never let it amass to anything though.

But now that I was out of the gang life. I could see whoever I wanted. And right now I knew who I wanted.

I wanted Alex.

I will some how convince him to leave the gang and be mine. And if he won't be mine , I will just convince him out of the gang. I'm not going to sit back and watch someone walk down the wrong path.


And that's how Jack and Alex meet. This is my first fic , so comments would be nice , but I mean you don't have to if you don't want to. I'm just writing for fun. It's doesn't really matter. :)But I hope you guys do like it! Remember this is only the first chapter , so it might not be great. I wrote it a little longer too , do you guys like long chapters? Or should I shorten them? And what about smut? Oh gosh , I don't know , I just hope you guys like it!







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Perfect story.
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