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Here, Darling.

Laughing At The Wine That Stains Their Teeth.

The car ride was silent, Jack was squealing from the front seat, poking Zack’s face repeatedly causing him to flinch as he tried to concentrate on the road ahead. This left Matt, Rian, Alex and Alaska to squish together in the back of the car.

“God Al you have such a bony ass” Matt groaned shifting uncomfortable from where he sat wedged against the window, trying to shift Alex’s weight around on his lap. Alaska just giggled from where she was perched in the middle wedged between Rian and Matt.

Alex just pouted at this comment, crossing his arms over his chest as he stared out the window, ignoring the giggles from Alaska, he turned to glare at her, pushing his hair out of his eyes as they locked with hers.

“What you laughing up, girly?” he demanded, causing her to giggle more, clasping a hand over her mouth to try and subdue them. Alex just rolled his eyes, sighing loudly as he now turned his attention to the front of the car.

“Are we there yet? I don’t like her anymore she’s mean to me!” Alex asked Zack as Jack turned around, grinning widely and holding his hand up to Alaska, waiting for her to high-five him.

“Just hurry up and high-five him, don’t leave him hanging” Rian whispered in her ear, Alaska hesitantly lifted her hand tapping it against Jack’s before he turned around to face the front again, returning to his task of poking Zack in his face again.

“WE’RE HERE!” Jack screamed, jumping out the car and running up the drive banging widely on the door shouting at Lucy to open it up. The rest followed slowly, well most of them, Alex and Matt struggled to get out of the car until finally Rian gave Alex a firm pushed and knocked him to the pavement.

“Is he always like this?” Alaska asked, slowly making her way up the drive next to Rian, who merely shrugged, a small smile playing on his face as Zack unlocked the door and allowing them in, Jack immediately sprinting through the house and collapsing onto the couch, cuddling a 6 pack of beer to his chest, one of them already opened and being poured down his throat.

“Where is Lucy?” Alaska asked, surveying the room and still not noticing the petite blonde, wondering if this was all a rouse to get her alone. Alex shrugged, collapsing next to Jack and wrestling a can off of him.

“Well, you see, she hasn’t exactly talked to me since the last time you came over...” Zack broke off, rubbing his neck as he headed into the kitchen, the sound of cabinets opening and closing and the banging of glasses heard before he entered the room again.

“Oh” Alaska frowned slightly, shifting her weight from foot to foot as his words ran through her head. So this was all a rouse for him to make things better with her family. She gnawed at her lip, eye brows knitting together before she felt someone tapping her arm, she turned to see Matt stood there handing her a glass before pointing her towards the counter top full of alcohol.

“I didn’t mean that” Zack cut her off from her thoughts, realising what he must of sound like “I’m not trying to use you to get Lucy to start talking to me again, but I know that she finds it hard to make her friends and she thinks’ of you as one so I thought maybe we could hang out and be friends?” he rambled on looking down at his glass watching as he swirled the liquid round, as he sat down on the small couch opposite the one Alex and Jack were currently occupying fighting over the remaining cans.

Alaska didn’t say anything, merely shrugging before placing the glass on the counter motioning that she was going to head upstairs to find Lucy. It was silent and dark upstairs and Alaska didn’t even know where she was going, she looked from room to room, her nose scrunching when she took in the messy towels and boxer shorts strewn all over the bathroom.

Finally she located the room, biting her lip before knocking in the door, her eyes widening when she heard the sound of a large object being thrown at the door, close to where her head was.

“PISS OFF ZACK!” She heard Lucy screech from the other side of the door, followed by multiples bangs and crashes of objects being thrown around, Alaska bit her lip, unsure of what to do next as it clearly sounded like Lucy wasn’t in a good mood.

Sighing, she knocked on the door again, harder this time, there was no answer causing her to bang again before an aggravated scream could be heard. Suddenly the door was wrench opened a furious Lucy stood before her, hair piled messily onto her head as she blocked the entrance, hands on her hips.

“Zack I told you to PISS OFF” She shrieked, before letting out a high pitch scream, running full pelt towards Alaska and jumping on the girl causing her to fall backwards onto the floor.

“What are you doing here?” Lucy beamed clambouring off the brunette and holding out her hand to pull her up.

“Err your brother and your friends came to the bar and asked me to come over” Alaska shrugged, deciding to not let Lucy know that Zack had told her about how angry she was, “So are you going to come downstairs and have some drinks?” Alaska asked, raising an eyebrow and pointing over her shoulder with her thumb.

Lucy shrugged, following Alaska downstairs before heading to the kitchen pulling out a couple of bottles of red wine and some glasses before heading into the living room.

“Here Ri, Matt” Lucy smiled, handing them two of the oversized wine glasses before twisting the top off and practically filling the glass to the brim. “What you drinking Lask?” Lucy asked, picking up the empty glass and waving it towards Alaska who simply shook her head, a small smile on her lips before taking the only empty seat available on the couch next to Zack.

“I’ve already got a drink” she replied sheepishly motioning to the glass of coke with only a slight hint of vodka, causing Lucy to roll her eyes before taking a huge gulp of her drink.

It hadn’t even hit 10pm yet but the group was already on their way to being shit-faced, not even two hours had passed but Lucy, Rian and Matt had already managed to demolish 3 bottles of wine between them already cracking through their fourth. Meanwhile Alex and Jack had managed to polish off the six pack of beers and was now halfway through a bottle of vodka, pounding down shots every time someone said a name or swore, causing them to have to drink every couple of minutes.
Alaska was still nursing her first drink, taking sips occasionally every time someone would give her a funny look.

“Not having fun?” Zack whispered into her ear, sending a shiver down Alaska spine from the sudden interaction, she turned around, their faces only millimetres apart before shrugging, lifting her cup to her lips before taking a small sip, smiling politely.

“I am, I’m just not a bigger drinker” Alaska told him, biting her lip slightly as she turned away, eyes surveying the drunken scene in front of her, before turning back to Zack. His short brown hair was slightly tussled and a thin layer of stubble coated his jaw.

“So is Alaska your real name?” He asked lowly, propping his chin onto his hand that was resting on his knee, focusing his attention onto her instead of his drunken friends around them.

“No” she giggled, shaking her head, no matter how many time’s she heard that question she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Can I ask what it is?” he continued before their attention was drawn to the group Rian know wrestling with Alex over the last bag of chips while Matt, Jack and Lucy cheered them on. Alaska just asked shaking her head before contemplating Zack’s question. She was often asked the question about Alaska being her real name but no one had ever bothered to find out what her real one was.

“It’s Adelaide” she mumbled, running a hand through her hair as she stared at her nails, she hated her name, especially her middle name. It was like her mother went out of her way to give Alaska the shittiest name possible.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that” Zack chuckled, tipping his glass back allowing the amber liquid to flow down his throat, Alaska rolled her eyes, taking a sip of her drink, as she waited for him to elaborate. “I was expecting something much worse than that maybe Gertrude or Bertha, something along those lines, but Adelaide’s pretty...It suits you”

Alaska couldn’t help the small blush that erupted onto her cheeks; instead she averted her attention to Jack who was stood on the coffee table, a pair of Lucy’s underwear on top of his jeans, beating wildly on his chest declaring that he was Captain Awesome.

“Well, at least it’s better than the rest of my name” Alaska sighed, stealing one of the chips from the abandoned pack on the table, nibbling away at her as she took another sip of her drink.

“Trust me it can’t sound as bad as Zachary Stephen Merrick, I sound like such an old man!” Zack chuckled, scratching at his stubble, rolling his eyes at Alaska’s laughter.

“Nope, Adelaide Wendy Darling is the worse, It makes me feel eighty” Alaska complained pulling a face as the name fell out of her mouth. Lucy, Matt and Rian were all sat in a circle smiling widely, looking closely to each other’s faces as they expected their now wine stained teeth, giggling as they pointed to each other, collapsing onto a pile on the floor.

"Isn't that the name of the girl from Peter Pan?" He asked his eyebrow raised as Alaska nodded with an eyeroll.

“Excuse me?” Alaska mumbled, pulling her phone out of her pocket as it continued to ring shrilly in her hand, she frowned when she saw the name on the screen. “Hello?” She asked answering it quickly, the voice on the other end of the phone was different to the one she was expecting.

“Mummy!” the voice cried down the phone causing Alaska’s eyes to knit together.

“Hey baby, what’s wrong?” Alaska asked, turning to face away from Zack and the rest of the group, gnawing at her thumbnail as she waited for Ava to reply.

“Mummy, come home” Ava continued to wail down the phone, Alaksa bit her lip as she stood up, gathering her coat and bag as she continued to listen to her daughter.

“I’m on my way now, I’ll see you in a few, okay?” Alaska cut her daughter, hanging up as soon as Ava had calmed down a little, slipping her phone back into her pocket.

“I got to go” Alaska told Zack, not bothering to mention it to the rest of the group which was now highly bladdered, she ran a hand through her hair, wondering how exactly she was going to make it home, she would of got a taxi but she couldn’t really afford to.

“Come on, I’ll give you a lift” Zack motioned towards the door, grabbing his car keys from the table.


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