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Here, Darling.


Ft. Zack Merrick


  1. Have You Ever Been Fake For The Sake Of Saving Face?

    Do What You Do - Cute Is What We Aim For

  2. Maybe It's Not My Weekend, But It's Gonna Be My Year.

    Weightless - All Time Low

  3. With A Smile Like Her's And A Dimple Beneath Your Chin.

    Small Bump - Ed Sheeran

  4. They Say "You've Got The Right To Remain On The Dance Floor"

    I Feel Like Dancin' - All Time Low

  5. Like The Last Time I Committed Suicide, Social Suicide.

    L.G. FUAD - Motion City Soundtrack

  6. Why Do I Put Myself In These Situations?

    Whoa Oh (Me Vs. Everyone) - Forever The Sickest Kids

  7. Have A Drink, Clink, Found The Budlight.

    Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

  8. Laughing At The Wine That Stains Their Teeth.

    Somewhere In Neverland - All Time Low

  9. It Feels Better To Me

    Free - The Maine

  10. As His Smiling Face Just Shines Away, It's Moving Through This Town As Big As A Train

    Around The Clock - The Rocket Summer

  11. I've Got Full Stock Of Thoughts & Dreams That Scatter You Pull Them All Together & How I Cant Explain

    You Make My Dreams - Hall And Oates

  12. This Is Becoming A Catastrophe.

    Catastrophe - Forever The Sickest Kids

  13. The Store At 6pm.

    Life Like This - The Maine

  14. You're The First To Arrive.

    The Party Song - Forever The Sickest Kids

  15. I Need You Closer, I Need You Beside Me, Good Love Will Find Me.

    Good Love - The Maine

  16. I Wish I Was A Lost Boy, Fighting Stupid Pirates With Wooden Swords.

    Bangerang - Dave Giles.

  17. And I'm Only Me When I'm With You

    Im Only Me When I'm With You - Taylor Swift

  18. Baby Just Say Yes

    Love Story - Taylor Swift


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