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Here, Darling.

Have A Drink, Clink, Found The Budlight.

Alaska hadn’t seen Lucy or any of Lucy's friends since that day, choosing to keep her distance since she was still a little angry at the fact that her brother had judged her so harshly.

Work at O’s continued without Lucy, Texas and Alaska pulling the money in while Tallahassee complained with a sour face never happy unless guy after guy offered to buy her drinks. She was already fed up, the clock only read ten but she was dying to get home and curled up on the sofa watching pointless programmes with Ava.

“I’m heading out, got a hot date” Tallahassee bragged, flicking her long blonde wavy hair over her shoulder in a seductive manner as she fluttered her eyelashes at one of the customers. Texas rolled her eyes mumbling that with Tallahasee’s standards a comatose horse would be a hot date.

“Don’t worry Alaska, not everyone can be as lucky as me” she continued to drawl, smiling smugly over her shoulder as she walked out the door, hips swinging side to side, hypnotising all the men causing them to stare at her perfect derrière.

Texas rolled her eyes, swiping her rag across the counter as a hand ran through her dark red hair. The hours always dragged during the week, the busiest nights being at the weekend when the men could stay out later and spend more money without having to worry about classes or their job.

“I hate her” Texas stated simply, turning to look at Alaska with a raised eyebrow daring her to state otherwise. Alaska merely shrugged not bothering to get involved in the argument again after hearing at least one every week for the last two years; it was beginning to get old.

“Hey, pretty lady!” a voice shouted across the room causing Alaska and Texas’s head to snap and stare towards the door, Alaska forcing herself to hold the chuckle that crawled up her throat when she took in the sight of the skunk haired boy.

“What can I get you?” Alaska asked, throwing the towel over her shoulder, hands tapping the bar ready to grab whatever was needed.

“Beer and lot’s of it!” He cheered sitting at the bar and drumming his fingers on it excitedly, the rest of his friends only just joining him.

“Coming right up” Alaska replied with a small laugh, pulling out five bottles and cracking them open, placing them on top of the dark wood.

“Thank you babydoll” he smiled cheesily up at her causing her to roll her eyes as she looked over at Texas who was stood next to the spirits, arms crossed over her chest as a small frown adorned her face.

Other than Zack and his friends the bar was pretty dead, the music playing out of the stereo over their heads was louder than usual to try and fill the silence that the lack of conversation left, this however made Skunk-Boy think that he could use this to his advantage and sing as loud as possible, using his beer bottle as a microphone for his own personal karaoke night.

“God” Texas groaned, shutting her eyes slightly as he was now moving onto his third song, a rather high-pitched and an out of tune version of Starship by Nicki Minaj, sadly it didn’t seem to shock her or his friend that skunk boy seemed to know all the words.

“So Alaska, we are not best friends, okay?” Skunk boy began, looking her in the eyes as his hand pattered her forearm, causing her to giggle slightly, the boy really didn’t seem to have any boundaries.

“What if I would rather be friends with Buzzcut over there” she questioned, eye brow raised as she cocked her head over to the boy in a question, skunk boy beginning to frown.

“Psshh, no one would pick Rian over me, he has a head like a potato” Skunk boy scoffed causing just-got-out-of-bed-hair, lip-ring-guy and Zack to laugh loudly, even Texas seemed to chuckle from where she leant against the till eavesdropping on the conversation.

“A very handsome potato?” Rian suggested causing Texas to agree a smile flashing onto her face as a slight red blush began to creep up Rian’s neck.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! You’re meant to fall in love with me not some potato farmer” Jack pouted, glaring at Ryan as messy hair rolled his eyes.

“We never introduced ourselves, I’m Alex, the sexy one who will make your pants want to take themselves off, then Rian is the potato farmer, the idiot is Jack and then there’s Matt and you clearly already know Zack” he broke off chuckling slightly causing Zack to flush, he was already angry with himself for harshly judging the girl the other day, he was just really over protective of Lucy and didn’t want to be taken advantage of.

“Uh yeah, Hi Zack” Alaska mumbled awkwardly waving her hand towards him as she averted her gaze still not sure of where she stood, whether he still held things against her or if he was willing to get to know the real her.

“Er, Hey, sorry again for the other night but we started over again, right?” he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck, Texas who has now joined the group was confused, she wasn’t sure what went down but she immediately wanted to know to be able to defend her friend, she was very over protective of Alaska and didn’t want her to get taken advantage of.

“Right” Alaska agreed shooting the boy a small smile as she cracked open some beer’s, handing them around the group as Alex handed Texas the money for it. The night was nearly over for Alaksa, she only had a couple of minutes left before she could go and spend her evening with Chris and Ava watching rubbish TV programmes.

“Right-o” Alaska squealed, turning to grab her coat from under the counter to shield her body from the cold outside. “I am off, see you tomorrow Tex” she said pulling the red head into a hug before climbing over the counter, landing on her feet next to the guys.

“Want to come back to ours, see Lucy and have some drinks with us” Zack asked with a half shrug, Alaska contemplated the idea gnawing at her lip, she would love to act her age and have fun with her friend but she couldn’t let Ava down.

“I shouldn’t, I really need to get back home” she told them, noticing the frowns developing on their faces, she really could do a night out, a chance to relax, but she had responsibilities, she didn’t want to be a shit mother.

“Please!” Jack begged, pushing his bottom lip out and staring at her with puppy dog eyes which really just made him look constipated, although it still slightly worked.

“Let me make a call” she sighed, pulling her phone out of her pocket before making her way to the bathroom, she didn’t know what to say or even if she should ask. However Chris answered on the third ring, giving her no chance to hang up and change her mind.

“Hey A, what’s up?” His cheery voice sang down the phone, as she paced the small room in about five steps.

“Hey Chris, I just have a quick question” she began breaking off when someone flushed the toilets, waiting for the room to become silent again. “Some friend’s have asked me to watch a movie with them after work since I finish early and I was just wondering if that would be okay with you to watch Ava for a bit longer?” she finished, gnawing at her thumb nail as she waited for his answer.

“That’s totally fine Al, you need to have a night off to have fun and you know I don’t mind watching Ava” Chris laughed, making Alaska’s body relax with relief.

“Thanks Chris, I owe you one” she hung up the phone straightening out her vest top and jeans before leaving the bathroom and heading towards the group that was now stood near the door.

“You coming?” Zack asked, eyebrow raised.


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