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My Angel.


Alex Gaskarth one-shot.
2,380 words.

"As I take this piece of you with me, I'll carry to my grave
Knowing that for someone you're an angel sent to save"

TC: Mayday Parade- one Man drinking games.

*Note: The title, has little to do with the story, I just could not think of anything.


  1. uno.



I really do think you should continue with it :) it would be a good challenge to set yourself and I am genuinely really intrigued as to how you would write it, your writing seems so perfect. You should never let ideas fizzle out, if you have an idea then go with it. That's what I did for the sequel to my first story and it turned out to be the best thing ever. It's okay :) if you ever need help or ideas or anything, message me :) I'll be glad to help. X
Luciferrr Luciferrr
@Luciferrr wow, your comment honestly made my day. I am so glad that you liked it so much, it was great to hear all your feedback. I would love to continue on with it, you just might have inspired me to give it another shot. I've tried writing a sequel to this before but I just let the idea fizzle it... I'll see if I can try it again. Once again, thank you so much, you are really too nice wow.
And I'm actually really surprised that nobody has commented on this. You should honestly feel really proud of yourself. This is brilliant.
Luciferrr Luciferrr
I don't normally read stories, I just write them. But I decided to have a browse and I came across this. This is absolutely perfect. You have me in tears writing this, just imagining it. The way you presented the little flashbacks when trying to choose a name was brilliant, seriously. I think you should carry it on and maybe do a chapter for every year of Ava's life, because I'm interested in how you would play it out. Though you could have totally made this into a story.. you still could. Like this could be the prologue and maybe a few chapters after could be how they started out and what happened when she got pregnant, and then a chapter describing the birth, and then chapters describing their life afterwards. Oh my God, it would be fabulous. Sorry, I get too excited and way into reading but this is absolutely perfect. Please do not give up writing because you're excellent at it! xxxx
Luciferrr Luciferrr