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No Idea

Chapter 2

They both were kinda handsome even though one of them always had this conceited aura around him. The guys were from the catering. They were managing a cafe called “Johnson's“, it's our favorite cafe. We often meet there to drink a coffee like other people go to Starbucks. Martin, the one with the conceited aura, had black, medium long, skillful tousled hair. He was tall but not huge, muscular but nevertheless slim. The other one, Paul, a really nice guy and always in a good mood, had medium long, skillful tousled hair as well even though his hair was shorter than Martin's, but his were dark brown instead of black. Paul, Patti and I secretly call him Pauli, because this name brings his always-in-a-good-mood-attitude out, was a little taller than Martin, and muscular and slim, too. Both of them had a few tattoos on their arms. And right now they were delivering some trays brimmed with small sandwiches and other finger-food like chicken wings. I welcomed them and led them into the kitchen where they unloaded the trays, which I uncovered from the aluminum foil. Besides the finger-food there were cupcakes and brownies. Some vegetables I cut in the morning and a dip was also prepared. For Zack there was a total of three bottles of ketchup. The last thing they were putting on the kitchen table was a big marzipan torte with a written birthday congratulation on it.
“It's for one of our best customer. Self-made and our birthday present for you!”, Paul was grinning.
“Yeah. Paul, we have to go now!”, Martin said, taking the other boy's arm and dragging him along towards the door.
“Have a nice birthday!”
And then they were gone without letting me thank them. I will thank them when I'm at “The Johnson's” next time. Still shaking my head I went back to Jack and Alex. The boy with the wild black hair, the black tee and the black skinny jeans was hugging the brunette (with a little redness) also wild haired boy in his lime green 'Life For Today - Dream For Tomorrow'-Glamour-Kills-Tee and his skinny dark-blue jeans, who was actually trying to get rid of his 'spider monkey'.
“Aw, Jack got his gay five minutes of the day!”, I exclaimed.
“Yeah, and I want him not to crumple my ironed shirt! But he just doesn't understand!”, Alex wheezed, still trying to push Jack away from him.
I grabbed Jack's hair and pulled his head to his neck.
“Ouch, ouch, ouch! Amanda, let go! My hairdo!”, Jack whined in pain.
“Let go of Lex and I'll let go of your hair!”
The black haired boy released our best friend and I pulled his hair one last time for calling me my full name.
“That was unnecessary!”, he said huffy.
“I love you too, Jack!”, I said before sitting down between them and picking the present up from the floor again.
I took the box with the condoms and put them down on the floor to see the rest of the present. There were two things left. The one thing was a package full of red heart-candles. They kinda looked kitschy, but I had to confess I liked them.
“They're swimming on the water … So you can use them in the bath tub, too.”, Jack said pointing at the candles.
I looked at him kinda amused. He was thinking all about me having fun wherever I was. Jack looked at me, having a big grin in his face, winking at me, when he said:
“Now, you just need someone to try everything out!”
In ecstasy, he was clapping his hands like he was a little child seeing some animal doing a trick.
“I would know the perfect person for you! I think his little friend would like to meet you!”
I looked at him with my eyes as wide as my mouth can be and my eyebrows raised.
“Don't look at me like this! If you believe it or not, I know a person, that really likes you! But I won't tell you his name 'cause you pained me! And you ruined my hairdo!”
“Aww, poor Jacky-boy! And you know what? I didn't want to know his name anyways, just because it's an information by you, so it's not sure if it's even true! So, keep your secret!”, I blinked at him and took the last thing out of the wrapping paper.
It was a DVD.
“Valentine's Day: More than a dozen Angelenos navigate Valentine's Day from early morning until midnight. Three couples awake together, but each relationship will sputter; are any worth saving? A grade-school boy wants flowers for his first true love; two High-School-Seniors plan first-time sex at noon; a TV sports reporter gets the assignment to find romance in LA; a star quarterback contemplates his future; two strangers meet on a plane; grandparents, together for years, face a crisis; and an “I Hate Valentine's Day” dinner beckons the lonely and the lied to. Can cupid finish his work by midnight?”, I read out the storyline.
“Sounds a little slushy, doesn't it, Jack?”, Alex asked.
“I thought for Mandy and her boyfriend sitting on her bed, it would be the right thing ...”
I was only able to shake my head smiling.
“Let's get something to drink!”, I said and stood up.


so chapter 2 ... you're excited what will happen next and who will show up next? One hint: there will things happen ;) things that turn everything upside down ... I'd like to read your opinion about this ... so please comment ...


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