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No Idea

Chapter 1

I just finished dressing up. It's my 18th birthday today. My parents left in the morning, so I'm able to have a party tonight. I was just standing in front of my full-length mirror, when I realized that this was really MY 18th birthday. It feels like it was yesterday when I met my best friends Alex, Jack, Zack, Rian and Patti in kindergarten or Cassadee in Middle School or even John in the beginning of High School. Even this is three years ago now. Today was the first day of summer vacation and after this free time, I would be a senior. The door bell was ringing and I startled. I was throwing one last glance in the mirror. [url=http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=61486418&.locale=de]In honor of the occasion I ironed my long light blonde curls so that they were even longer. My short black dress with the silver spots emphasized my slight build. I decided to highlight my eyes because the bright blue was sparkling like never before. For my lips I just used a glimmering pinkish lip gloss.[/url] I was satisfied and finally I went out of my room and down the steps to open the door for my first guests.
Slowly the living room was filling up. They all were school friends, people I have no problems with or I work with for some projects in school, but none of them were my really good friends, so called BFFs. That should change just a few seconds later. The door bell was ringing again. I opened the door and Jack and Alex started singing 'Happy Birthday' immediately. And after wards they were both hugging me.
“Guys, I … no breath!“, I exclaimed really trying to get some fresh air into my lungs.
They were letting me go just a moment later.
“It's ...“
“... unpacking ...“
“... time!“, they screamed rotatory, then pushed me back into the living room, pressing me onto the couch and sat down next to me. “Go, Jack!“, Alex said to his friend.
“No, Lex, you'll go first!“, Jack answered.
“No, I want you to go first!“
“Yes, Mandy?“, they asked with one voice.
“Could you please stop this annoying foolish 'go-first'-thing?! This is really freaking me out!“
And now I was grabbing the package Alex was holding in his hands. Actually there were two packages, one on the top of the other one. The lower one was quiet huge and soft, while the upper one was smaller and harder, like plastic or so. I decided to first open the smaller present. I ripped the wrapping paper open and a transparent lunch box completely filled with cookies appeared. I took off the cap to take a closer look on the cookies Alex backed for me. He is an excellent cookie-baker so I was pretty sure they would be as tasty as they looked like. The cookies looked like small hearts and were chocolaty as can be and they were covered with rose and red sugar icing. I took three cookies out of the box, put one into Jack's, one into Alex' and the last one into my mouth. Afterward I put the box aside.
“They're so good, Lex! I think you have to bake more for me!“, I said still chewing the last pieces of the cookie.
After I finished eating the 'heart', I opened up the soft present. In it there were four small white pillows with red hearts on them. They were fitting to my room color. I really wondered why Alex bought me some pillows just because he knows that I have already too much of them in my bed. My bed is nearly cramped with pillows. The answer why he bought four other pillows follows later in the form of John's present.
“They're cute, Lex. Thank you!“
I hugged my best friend and placed a small kiss on his cheek.
“I knew you would love them!“, he smiled.
I let go of him and consecrated myself to the present Jack was holding in his hands. The messily wrapped package looked just like a little mountain and I was really nervous what Jack planned to donate to me. His ideas always were about sex, sex, sex and, of course, alcohol. But I was able to tell there was no bottle of alcohol by seeing the form of the present unless he bought a very special bottle. I looked into Jack's face. He grinned from ear to ear and handed me the packet. Looking out for the worst case scenario, I removed the wrapping paper. First there was a cubical cardboard box. On top of it a Post-it® note was stuck. In Jack's scribbled handwriting a note was written on the small piece of paper: 'Have fun! ;-) More information on the inside!' Carefully I opened the box. The next piece of paper was in it: '36 times of fun ;-) use them wisely … Flavors include Mint, Orange, Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Grape, Vanilla and Cola. Always play save! ;-)' Underneath this slip were some condoms. Like I said before there weren't many things on his mind besides sex. The condoms would have been useful if I had an boyfriend, but I didn't have one right now and I didn't even had a crush on someone right now. The relationships I had weren't serious enough to me to have sex, so I was still a virgin. I took one of the condoms and sent a condemnatory glance to Jack. Alex sat there giggling.
“Oh, nice, Jack, you brought some balloons.“, I said ironically.
Alex started laughing. Jack rolled his eyes and wanted to say something, when the door bell rang again. I placed the half opened present back on Jack's lap, jumped up and ran over to the door. Two guys were standing in front of the door.


uuuuuh, so this is the first chapter of my first fan fic! Hope you guys like it!
I'd like some comments: tell me what you think! More characters are following!

AND please don't get mad if there're any mistakes in gramma ... i'm not a native speaker ...


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