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Part Twenty.

"I still have to tell Kathy about us moving away, I don't know how to tell her or how she will take it" Alex sighed lying on the grass in the back garden with Jack while sun bathing, Jack looked over at him and smiled slightly shaking his head."Lex I think the only way to do it is to just tell her. She'll be happy for you and just assure her that we will come back and visit and phone her every now and then, Kathy is like your mom Lex she'll understand that it's what you want to do. " Jack said reaching out and giving Alex's hand a squeeze."Yeah your right Jack, well I have to get going I'm meeting Rian to tell him about us moving tomorrow then I have to tell Zack and Kathy" He said leaning over to kiss Jack lightly before standing and he left Jack in the back garden soaking up the sun, changing from his shorts he stuck on his black skinnys and made his way to the town centre."You seriously bought a house in California?" Rian asked after Alex had told him who Jack had agreed to move house with Alex, they were sitting in the small coffee shop that Jack worked in since Alex thought he should tell his friends."Yeah I know it's a big move Ri, but I explained to the school about the situation and they were happy to let me and Jack leave we're old enough anyway and it's not like our families would miss us. I mean mine are never there and Jack's abuse him, it's just a new start for the both of us" Alex explained to his friend hoping that Rian would be happy for him and understand that this was something that he had to do."I don't know Alex, I mean it's a lot of responsibility moving all the way out there without any family or friends and having to start a new school or college plus finding a job to pay rent money. I just want to make sure you've thought this through and aren't just jumping at the first chance you get to leave Baltimore with Jack because what if things don't work out between the both of you? What will happen? What about Kathy? Me and Zack? Just forget us along with the town?" Rian said looking at him and Alex hadn't thought about what he was saying, sure he knew he was leaving people behind that he did care about but he would come home to visit them and Alex didn't want to think about not being with Jack."It's okay Rian, believe me when I say I know what I'm doing. Plus I won't forget about you and Zack! I'll be up every summer and Christmas to visit" He said happily and Rian sighed knowing there was no way to change his mind now that it was made up, one thing about Alex was that he was stubborn as hell."What does Jack think of all of this?" Rian asked again and Alex sighed."He's really excited about it" Alex said simply and Rian went to say something when Zack ran through the door launching himself at Rian with a large brown envelope in his hand that was already opened."Zee are you okay!" Rian said grabbing his boyfriend feeling him shaking slightly, Zack released Rian from his hug and nodded a big smile on his face."I got in!" He exclaimed and Alex noticed there was a college sticker on the brown envelope but he couldn't read it because Zack was throwing his hands around in the air."In where?" Alex asked smiling at his best friend happy for him, no doubt he was excepted into some football scholarship."The Art Academy in California! I sent my photography portfolio away a month ago just to see what my options where and I fucking got excepted! My mom's pushing me to go" Zack said happily and Alex felt his mouth drop at the mention of Art, California and photography. He had no idea Zack liked that type of stuff in all the years he had known him, while Rian was sitting there staring at the table not saying anything."Babe?" Zack asked Rian, he looked up from the table and gave him a smile though Alex and Zack knew it wasn't his proper one."I'm happy for you Zee" Rian said placing a kiss on Zack's lips but now Zack just looked upset and Alex wondered if he should leave to let them talk it out between them alone."I don't have to go Ri, I can stay here and do football my mom won't mind what choice I make" Zack said looking at Rian who shook his head in disapproval."It's something you really wanna do Zack and I'm not being the one to take that away from you. If you want to go to California to do photography well you have to go, babe I'm not standing in the way of your dreams okay? And Alex looks like you won't be getting rid of us that easily" Rian said looking at both of his friends, Zack's face went from sad to disbelief and Alex was just standing in the middle of the shop in shock."You mean you're coming with me!" Zack squealed and Rian nodded which caused Zack to crash his lips against Rian's while Alex turned his back on them and pretended to be interested in the menu board in front of him."Well once I tell my mom that I'm coming with you" Rian said chuckling and Alex turned back round since they had stopped kissing."I love you Rian, seriously thank you so much!" Zack said hugging him in the small booth and Rian hugged him back knowing that he would go where ever Zack went even if it did mean moving away from his family."Guess I should tell Jack that the two of you will be joining us at the end of summer then" Alex said grinning at his two friends and Zack just looked confused at what Alex was saying"I bought a house in California last week, so me and Jack are leaving tomorrow to go get everything sorted. I was just telling Rian and then I was coming to tell you as well, but it looks like I won't need to since you're going to school there" He said smiling while Zack was grinning at the brown envelope in his hands still not believing that he got in."Looks like a new start for us all then" Rian said as him and Zack walked out the coffee shop hand in hand while Alex walked beside them texting Jack who was now packing his new clothes away into the suitcases they were taking."Just promise me one thing Alex" Zack said making Alex look up from his phone to look at his curly haired best friend."What?" He asked."That nothing will change between the four of us when we get there? No matter what happens we'll still be best friends? The four of us" Zack said and Alex nodded."Zack nothing will break this weird group of friends apart! I promise you that no matter what shit happens we will all still be best friends because I don't want to lose any of yous" He said pulling Rian and Zack in for a three person hug. "Okay boys have a safe flight and I want a phone call when yous land" Kathy said as Alex and Jack pulled their cases out the back of Kathy's car before they made their way to the plane."We will Kath's and honestly thank you for everything you were the mom I wished I could have had" Alex said leaning through the window and giving her a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek before taking Jack's hand."Thanks Kathy see you soon!" Jack called to her and she sat tears in her eyes as she watched the two boys walk into the airport hand in hand, knowing it would be months until she would see them again."Fuck I can't believe we are doing this!" Alex whispered to Jack who was fascinated by the TV in front of him that was playing some kids cartoon, Alex rolled his eyes (he should have known Jack wouldn't pay attention to him when cartoons are on) before sticking one earphone in to drown out the other people talking. Soon enough Jack had fallen asleep while watching some Comedy movie and was resting his head on Alex's shoulder, Alex manage to move his arm so it was around Jack's waist and he planted a kiss on his forehead before closing his eyes as well. Two hours later the plane had landed quite bumpy which caused both boys to wake up and wince slightly due to their bodies being in the one position for the whole flight, getting off the plane they were greeted to warm sun and a endless blue sky. Walking through the airport they collected their luggage and went to go find a taxi to take them to the new house that was theirs, in the taxi Jack fell asleep again and Alex was left to deal with the awkward conversations you have with taxi drivers."Jack come on" Alex shook him awake as he got out and took the suitcases up to the front door then went back to pay and thank the driver, Jack rubbed his eyes and his mouth fell open in shock. The house was amazing from the outside, all white with a cute little garden at the front, then round the back a veranda that looked out over the sea and next to the house was a little path that led onto the beach. The inside of the house was full decorated and Jack just couldn't believe that it was his, he was too busy taking everything in that he didn't feel Alex wrap his arms around him from behind."Do you like it?" Alex murmured into Jack's back and the older boy nodded still in shock."It's beautiful Alex, I can't believe you done this for us! I mean this is the best thing anyone has ever done for me and fuck Alex I just love you so fucking much" Jack gushed out and Alex chuckled before walking round to stay in front of Jack and he leaned up and pressed his lips to Jack's."It is beautiful but not as beautiful as you and there's no one else I would rather share this with or do this for, only you Jack I mean it, I love you" Alex said before Jack captured his lips into a kiss again wishing they could stay like this forever.


this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
It's hard to read there being no paragraphs..
bleh bleh
Absolutely amazing. Make a sequel please.