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Part Nineteen.

"Jack I'm away!" Alex said as Jack looked round from the couch and saw Alex pick up a white envelope and his beanie."Again?" Jack huffed pouting his lips and watched as Alex looked slightly guilty before walking over to him and pulling Jack off the couch and into a hug"I know we haven't spent a lot of time today but I won't be that long a few hours at the most, I promise I'll make it up to you" Alex said realising Jack from his hug and kissing him hard on the lips."What am I going to do but?" Jack whined before sitting back down again on the couch and Alex laughed just shaking his head and gave Jack a light kiss before heading to the front door."If you get bored phone Rian! See you later Jack" Alex called shutting the door behind him and Jack sank into the couch and let out a loud sigh in the empty house, he head already watched everything on the tele and decided phoning Rian may be a good idea. Picking up his phone he called Rian."Hey dude, what's up?" Rian asked down the line."Hey! Can I come over cause Alex's MIA and I'm bored but if you're busy with Zack then it's fine" Jack explained and he heard Rian chuckle slightly."Yeah Jack come over whenever cause me and Zack are just playing video games" Rian said and Jack smiled then thanked Rian grabbing his phone and keys he started the twenty minute walk to Rian's since Alex took the car like he had the full day. In a way it eas better since Jack and everyone else knew he wasn't the best driver to ever grave the planet. As he was nearing Rian's house he noticed that Dale and Matt Flyzik were walking down the street as well, crossing the road quickly and pulling out his phone Jack prayed that they didn't see him as it would not end well, thankfully they were to deep in conversation about a party they didn't notice Jack."Hey man, come on in" Rian said smiling and Jack noticed something about his friend straight away."Fuck Rian you got a hair cut!" Jack said as Rian nodded laughing."Eh yeah, Zack's up the stairs in my room it's the first room when you go up the stairs I'll be up in a minute I just have to talk to my mom" Rian said running a hand over his buzz cut before walking into the kitchen, Jack looked around the hall and wished he lived in a house like this when he was younger but no that he didn't like living with Alex."Hey bro" Zack said smiling as he noticed Jack walk into Rian's room which was a mixture of his and Alex's, Blink, Green Dayband Ravens posters covering the walls."How was the holiday?" Jack asked sitting next to Zack on Rian's bed and saw Zack stiffen at the question."Eh yeah, it was good but I mean I ran into my ex and it was fucking awkward cause Ri was there and then my dad thought it was a good idea to invite him everywhere we went so me and Rian were near alone, so as you guess Rian was pissed and so was I but what can you do?" Zack said shrugging before going back to play GTA and running over a load of people."Don't worry bout it Zack, Rian loves you too much to let thay come between yous" Jack said and watched as a smile grew on Zack's face."Now are you ready to get your ass kicked in Mario Kart?" Jack said changing the game while picking up a controller, Jack had been in Rian's for nearly three hours and there was still no sign of Alex. He hadn't phoned or text him once through out the day and Jack was worried, well he always was when Alex wasn't with him because as cliche as it may sound Jack felt like part of him was missing without Alex."Where is Alex anyway?" Rian asked looking at Jack who threw his hands up in the air and they landed back onto the bed with a thump. Rian just looked concerned while Zaxk was frowning slightly Jack was about to say something but just then his phone started buzzing beside him and he answered it faster than he ever had in his entire life."Alex?" He asked straight away not even bothering with a 'hi'and he heard Alex laugh down the other end of the phone."Take it you missed me Jacky?" Alex asked and Jack nodded then realised that Alex couldn't see him."Yeah" Jack breathed and looked over at Rian and Zack who were talking quietly to each other and he suddenly felt like the third wheel."Well I just phoned to let you know I'm home and I have a surprise for you" Alex said and Jack could hear the smile in his voice and the mention of a surprise made Jack grin with excitment."Okay I'm on my home now" Jack said looking back at Zack and Rian who smiled and nodded meaning they were fine with Jack leaving. Walking home Jack wondered what Alex's surprise could be but nothing really stuck in his head because Alex really was weird sometimes, when Jack walked into the house he got a smell of food and his stomach rumbled telling him just how hungry he was. He walked into the dining room and saw a table set with dinner that was shop bought but Jack didn't care and he looked up to see Alex standing there with a huge smile on his face. Jack walked up to him and crashed their lips together and Alex responded straight away melting into the kiss, Jack pulled away first afraid if he kept going he would pass out but rested his forehead against Alex's."What was that for?" Alex asked laughing while Jack was just smiling."Well I missed you Lex" Jack said as the sat down at the small table that Alex had set for the both of them and they began to eat."I missed you as well Jacky and I have something that I really wanna tell you" Alex said smiling excitedly at him and Jack couldn't help but smile back at him and think how cute he looks."So cute how excited you are" Jack stated after finishing off his plate and watched Alex blushing."Ok can I tell you now!" He said nearly bouncing in his seat which caused Jack to laugh at him but nod his head, Alex got up from the table and dragged Jack to the couch in the living room and they sat next to each other."So you know the other day when I went home to get the last of my things?" Alex asked and Jack nodded staying silent."Well before I left my mom handed me this envelope and I thought it was just a piece of junk mail ir something but when I opened it this was in it" He said pulling out the envelope and gave it to Jack and when he looked at it hia mouth fell open."Fuck Alex! This is all for you?" He asked Alex nodded happily."Well guess what Jack, today when I was gone all day I bought us a house outside of Baltimore! Away from our fucked lives and families, a new start Jack and I have the money to do it" Alex said looking at Jack who was just in shoke with what Alex was telling him. A house? Just the two of them? A new town and a new start. Could he do this?"Well?" Alex asked frowning slighlty as Jack didn't react the way he wanted him to."I love you so much right now! Lets get out of here" Jack jusy finished as Alex wrapped him in a hug and then kissed him jusy happy he wanted to be with him.


this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
It's hard to read there being no paragraphs..
bleh bleh
Absolutely amazing. Make a sequel please.