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Part Fifteen.

"I don't wanna go!" Alex complained as Jack dragged him out of Kathy's house it was already eight and they were running late not that they cared but they still had to go to school."Lex I don't wanna go there either but we can't just sit around all day" Jack sighed as he drive the pair of them to school while Alex crossed his arms over in a huff, sighing every few minutes like it was going to change Jack's mind and he was pretty sure he heard Alex mumble a 'Wanna bet' under his breath."Y'know we could ditch and go see a movie?" Alex suggested while they walked towards the lockers, Jack laughed shaking his head at his boyfriends attempts to get away from school."We can go see a movie after school, now let's go" He said dragging him by the hand towards their homeroom as the warning bell sounded around them."Jack, Alex not good enough boys, once more and you will receive detention. Now hurry up and take your seats" Their teacher said as they walked in and everyone went silent watching them like hawks as they went and sat up the back of the class beside each other."I hate this" Alex whispered to Jack while placing his chin on the desk and glaring at all his fellow students who turned round to look at them, Jack chuckled slightly at Alex but he felt the same way. Why couldn't they just leave them all alone and let them get on with their lives?"Hey the good thing about being at the back is that no one can throw things at us" Jack said trying to be hopeful but Alex scoffed closing his eyes wanting to disappear. The whole day Jack noticed how clingy Alex was, whenever he got up Alex was beside him, he went to the bathroom Alex followed and he always had to be touching from holding his hand to just leaning against him. Sure he loved having Alex around but Jack wanted five minutes breathing space but he knew it was because of his parents rejection and Alex was scared that he would do the same which he would never do and if that meant letting Alex be by his side 24/7 so be it."Have any of you seen Rian?" Zack asked running up to them near the end of lunch and they frowned shaking their heads, Zack ran a hand through his hair while his eyes darted around the lunch hall trying to find him."Where was he last?" Alex asked looking around as well and Jack had a bad feeling about Rian as his two friends talked."I was in English so he was in Maths, I told him to wait by his locker for me but I was late coming out because some dick was whispering things about me anyway that's not the point. Then I got to his locker and he wasn't there so I figured he came here to find you guys, I have a really bad feeling" Zack rushed out panic clear in his eyes."Phone him" Alex said as Zack pulled out his phone already ahead of Alex."Rian! Where the fuck are you?" Zack said nearly shouting down the phone to him, Alex and Jack heard Rian mumbling down the other end of the phone and then Zack sighed nodding."Come to the lunch hall and get us" Zack said then hung up as they sat down at the table and a few minutes later Rian came in walking quickly to Zack, he sat down next to him wrapping him in a hug."I'm sorry Zee" They heard Rian mumbled as Zack had his eyes closed hugging him back,"What happened?" Alex asked and when Rian turned round the three of them gasped, he had a burst lip and a bruise forming on his cheek."Dale happened" Rian said as he kept a firm hand on Zack to stop him from going in search of his attacker."I'll kill him" Zack growled but Rian just shook his head"No Zee it will only cause more trouble and I don't want that for us all" He said and they all dropped the subject after that but Alex could tell that Zack wouldn't let Dale off that easily, he just hoped he was around to see it happen. "Still wanna go see a movie?" Jack asked Alex as they got into the car after saying bye to Rian and Zack, Alex shook his head sighing."Can't I have a test to study for and bags to unpack" He said giving Jack a sad smile as they drove to Kathy's house in silence, Jack had to stick a CD on during the journey as the silence in the car was suffocating to him they had never had a silence like this before. Reaching Kathy's Alex got out the car without a word to Jack and made his way into the house headed straight to their room and closed the door over slightly, Jack frowned and sat down on the couch deciding to give Alex some space. He ended up flicking through the channels on the TV while he attempted to write his English essay staring at the blank piece of lined paper in front of him Jack sighed and crumpled it up in frustration then threw it over his head. Nearly three hours later Alex hadn't came out the room once and Jack was starting to think he had done something wrong today in school, he went over the whole day in his head and couldn't find anything he had done that might upset Alex."Alex! Jack! I'm back" Kathy called out as she walked through the door and Jack just smiled at her while she went into her own room and he heard her moving around while there was no noise coming from the room Alex was in."Jack where's Alex?" Kathy asked as she came into the room Jack motioned a hand to their room while Kathy frowned slightly but walked over and Jack noticed the small bottle in her hands. Alex's medication. 'That's why he's in a weird mood!' Jack thought to himself as he got up and squeezed between Kathy and the door so he was in their bedroom. Alex was sitting on the bed an oversized hoodie on and books on chemistry surrounding him, he swallowed the tablets Kathy gave him and went back to looking over his notes."Boys I'm going away for the week okay? I want you to look after the house and I trust you not to do anything stupid" She said smiling and walked out closing the door behind her, Jack walked cautiously over to the bed and sat down on the corner next to Alex who seemed to be completely unaware that Jack was beside him. A few minutes later Jack felt Alex wrap him arms around him from behind and kissed his neck lightly, Jack smiled all doubt washed from his mind."M'sorry" Alex said resting his chin against Jack's shoulder and Jack turned round so he was facing Alex."Hey it's okay Lex" Jack said kissing him, Alex responded by wrapping his fingers through Jack's styled hair and pulling Jack down on top of him while hearing a few books fall off the bed which caused Alex to laugh."I love hearing you laugh" Jack said giving him light kisses on the side of his neck and he could feel Alex blush."Shut up" Alex smiled pulling Jack's lips back to his own and a innocent hug turned into a make out session but Alex's stomach ruined the mood by rumbling loudly which caused Jack to laugh into the kiss."Whyy" Alex whined looking down at his stomach and Jack just pecked him on the cheek."Let's go feed the stomach monster" Jack said lifting Alex off the bed and setting him on the ground beside him and noticed Alex was looking up at him and pouting."Lex we have a whole week to ourselves there will be more of that" Jack said smirking while motioning to the bed and kissed Alex's lips which were still in a pout, but when he pulled away Alex was grinning in a mischievous way as he realised what Jack was hinting at."Can't wait" Alex said winking at Jack who swallowed heavily then followed Alex into the kitchen in search of food but now all wanted was for Kathy to hurry up and leave so they could have a week alone.


this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
It's hard to read there being no paragraphs..
bleh bleh
Absolutely amazing. Make a sequel please.