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Part Sixteen.

"Be good boys, I'll be back in a week and I'll phone when I arrive" Kathy said early the next morning and gave both Alex and Jack a hug, Alex squeezed her back lightly and Jack gave her a kiss on the cheek. Once she was in the car and down the street Alex turned to Jack who was smiling at him, they linked hands and walked back into the now empty house."You do know summer break starts tomorrow?" Alex heard Jack say while stuffing his face with chips even though it was still half ten in the morning, which caused Alex to wrinkle his nose."Thank God" Alex mumbled not wanting to spend another day in that hell hole they call high school, one thing that surprised him was that coach hadn't found out about him being gay yet and kicked him off the team."What are Rian and Zack doing?" Jack asked while sitting next to Alex who snuggled up next to him, Alex noticed how Jack tensed up as he put pressure on his side but relaxed after a minute he let it drop. For now."I think Rian said something about leaving today to go to Zack's lake house for a week with his family" He said stealing a few chips out the bag as his stomach rumbled for food, which caused Jack to chuckle."Their so cute! So it's just us for the next week then" Jack said looking down at Alex and he nodded grinning."No school from today for five weeks and you're stuck with me the whole time Jacky" Alex said leaning up to kiss Jack but stopped"What?" Jack asked frowning which caused Alex to chuckle"Brush your teeth then I'll kiss you" He said as Jack stuck his tongue out at him but went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Alex lay on the couch wondering if his parents were gone again, if Kathy was still working from them now; what he was getting Jack for his birthday. Alex shot up in a panic remembering Jack's birthday had been a week ago but with everything going on he forgot!"I'm the worst boyfriend ever" He said putting his head in both of his hands unaware Jack had heard him."No you're not" Alex looked up at Jack but didn't smile."I am Jack. I forgot your birthday! I meant to get you something but-" Alex rushed out but was stopped when Jack crashed his lips onto Alex's to silence him, Alex opened his mouth straight away and moaned slightly feeling Jack's tongue against his own. Alex pulled Jack down onto the couch then straddled him and he felt Jack tense again as he kissed him harder."It's okay Jacky" Alex breathed as he went back to kissing Jack and he felt him bite his lip which caused Alex to let out a small moan and Jack to smile. Alex felt Jack plant kisses all along his jaw line, down his neck biting sometimes which caused Alex to moan louder then along his collarbone."Jack" Alex moaned loudly and wrapped his fingers into his hair and pulled on it lightly and he felt how hard Jack was underneath him, Alex pushed Jack back down on the couch so he was looking up at Alex, he smirked at Jack before kissing him hard and then went to unbuttoning his jeans."Why did you wear skinnys that are so fucking tight!" Alex growled at Jack who looked down and just smirked, once Alex had managed to unbutton and unzip Jack's jeans he felt him lift his hips slightly to help Alex tug them down. He hooked his fingers round the band to Jack's boxers and smiled as his breathing caught in his throat slightly,"Just do it for fuck sake!" Jack moaned as Alex chuckled and he pulled down Jack's boxers to let his dick out. He was already hard as Alex wrapped his hand around Jack which earned him a loud moan and Jack's hand to grip onto Alex's bed hair, Alex moved his hand up and down Jack's length for a few minutes twisting his hand every few seconds and then took all of Jack into his mouth. Alex smiled as Jack moaned so loud the neighbours could probably hear and he bucked his hips which caused Alex to grip Jack's hips to stop him from moving, no doubt leaving bruises there and he heard Jack wince but carried on."Fuck Alex" Jack moaned louder as Alex took all of Jack into his mouth all the way down till Jack could feel the back of Alex's throat and he didn't gag once which turned Jack on even more if possible. Alex moaned around Jack and he felt Jack grip his hair tighter as he breathing got more deeper and his moans became more louder, Jack was in heaven right now he wasn't scared of Alex seeing the cut on his hip all he could feel was the increasing pleasure building up in his stomach and knew he wouldn't last much longer not the way Alex was going."A-Alex fuck I'm gonna" Jack didn't finish his sentence before he was coming into Alex's mouth. Once he had came down from the best blowjob he had ever got Jack watched wide eyed as Alex swallowed his load and came back up to kiss him, he kissed Alex hard and ignored the fact he could taste himself on Alex's lips which kind of turned him on. Jack pulled away and managed to get his boxers back up so they would cover his hips, Alex sighed and lay down next to him and Jack went back to playing with his hair not as rough this time round."So was that like a late birthday gift?" Jack asked after a few minutes and Alex laughed looking up at Jack who was grinning cheekily."Shut up Jack" Alex said hitting him lightly and Jack laughed."Hey! Best present I've ever got" He said and Alex blushed burring his face into Jack's side."Lex?" Jack asked and Alex mumbled a 'hm' from his side."I love you" He whispered and Alex looked up at him and kissed his cheek."I love you too" He whispered back before kissing him passionately."So is it your turn now?" Jack asked raising an eyebrow and before Alex could answer Jack had flipped them over which meant he was now straddling Alex, who was giggling like an idiot."Looks like it" Alex said waggling his eyebrows before Jack captured his lips into a kiss. "It's weird to think that a few months ago I got paired with this really shy kid who wouldn't even look at me and blush every time I talked to him and now he's this amazing, chatting and surprisingly loud guy that is all mine" Alex said lying on their bed next to Jack who linked their fingers together"Well I couldn't have been more wrong about you, I thought you were some ass hole football player that only cared about what people were scared of him and what they thought about you" Jack said being bluntly honest and Alex gasped dramatically."Jack! Never judge a book by its cover!" Alex said which caused him to smile, just then the phone started to ring and Alex groaned before getting out from under the warm covers to answer."Hey Kathy, nah just lying about watching the TV. We're not popular enough to throw a party so don't worry, ok well enjoy your trip and I'll see you later" Alex said hanging up before jumping back under the covers and lying with his head on Jack's chest who had his eyes closed and was smiling slightly."Jackk!" Alex whined which caused Jack to open one eye and look at his boyfriend before shutting it again."Yes Alex" Jack said his eyes still shut which caused Alex to cross his arms in a huff,"I'm bored!" He said and Jack sighed before wrapping an arm around his waist and pulled him closer"Try to sleep then" Jack said simply but Alex sighed he wasn't tired in the slightest."I'm not tired but Jack, I'm going out" Alex suggested and grabbed one of his hoodies, a beanie and his phone before pressing a kiss to Jack's cheek."Phone me when you wake up or if you want anything, love you!" Alex called as he walked out the front door and he heard Jack mumble an okay even though he probably didn't have a clue what Alex had just said to him.


this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
this is a really amazing story
LeahGaskarth LeahGaskarth
It's hard to read there being no paragraphs..
bleh bleh
Absolutely amazing. Make a sequel please.