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All Is Lost


I wasn't too shocked when I found out Alex has been teaching here. He's got talent and kids love him. When he let in his third class I was getting increasingly bored. I mean... Who wouldn't be?
"Alright. Practical. You know what to do so do it." The class of pupils nodded. A class of hyped up eighteen year olds.

The room was alive with the sound of music. I was trying to think about the good old days. The days when Alex wasn't so frosty. I have a feeling he's holding a grudge. After all these years? We spent so much time together in this very schools corridors and now suddenly he's forgetting the good stuff?

"Mr Barakat?" A girl had her hand raised and I hadn't noticed it. I trudged over to her and she smiled. "Can you help me? I can't get my guitar to sound right," She pouted and pushed her chest out. Stupid little whore.
"Try re-tuning it." I went to turn around and she grabbed my hand.
"Can you show me how to play the piece correctly sir? Mr Gaskarth said you're the guitar expert." I nodded and walked into the cupboard. I pulled out a spare guitar and tuned it. I looked at the music stand when I got back to the girl. A song I know backwards and forwards. Blink182 - What's my age again?

I ran through the whole song and I saw a few people turning to watch. I carried on playing repeating the song a few time. Alex came over and grinned. I smirked back and he counted himself in. He started to sing along and we got an amazing reaction from the majority of the pupils. Once we were done I turned back to the girl.
"That's how you do it." I walked back to the front of the classroom and put the guitar down. When the noise had risen again I flopped down into the seat. Alex's eyes looked happy. The music still makes him happy! Maybe there's hope for him yet.

By the end of the lesson I was knackered. I refused to leave the seat ever again... well unless someone brings me food. "Alex?"
"What!?" he snapped at me. I felt hurt. Why does he insist on hating me?
"Why do you hate me?" He shook his head and sat next to me.
"I don't hate you Jack... I'm just slightly pissed at you..." I sighed.
"Will we ever be friends again?" He didn't answer, he just left the room. I groaned as my cell phone rang. I pulled it out of my pocket and checked the caller ID matt i sighed and answered. "'Ello Flyzik. Whats a kicking?" He sighed and I grinned.
"Well, I was phoning to see how things are going? Who's the teacher? Male or female? Hot or not?" So what if me and Matt gossip like teenage girls. We're allowed. It's a free country.
"Not too good. Alex Gaskarth. Male. Hot." Matt was laughing. "Not funny."
"Oh yeah it is! Are you two ever going to pull the sticks out of your backsides and forgive each other?"
"Believe me I would if I could. But I need Alex to tell me why he won't forgive me!" He laughed again.
"Maybe he's on his period? Or maybe it's the menopause?" I laughed and shook my head. Alex came back into the room with two pizza boxes. He held one out towards me and I nodded.
"Whatever Matthew. Catch you later yeah?"
"Meet me at six in the park?"
"Sure thing. See you then." I hung up the phone.

Alex looked at me and smirked. "Flyzik?" I nodded.
"Surprised you remember him!" he handed me the pizza box.
"I hope you still like pepperoni." I nodded and opened the box. Pizza. Oh how I've missed you.
"Love you long time Alex." He nodded.
"Jack... I need to speak to you..." he whispered. I looked up at him my mouth was full of pizza and he laughed. "You really haven't changed a lot..."


Short but sweet.


Omg this is amazing!!!