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All Is Lost


"You haven't changed a lot... But I have Jack... I don't know if I can work alongside you... It's... It's awkward." he looked at me with his huge brown puppy dog eyes.
"Alex! Don't make me leave! The kids here are amazing! You're amazing! I've missed having you around!" He put down the pizza he'd been scoffing and grabbed my wrists. "Can't we just forget all this fucked up shit for a while? Go back to how we used to be? Please?" I thought about it.

I honestly still love Jack. As a friend. But after the... Flop... Things changed. Barely any of us stayed in contact. We split up. It's been good. Without Jack I've met new people and actually landed myself a full time job. I'm not living in fucking poverty.

Jack's more... Easy to please then me. He worked as a free whore for a few months! I can remember that.... Actually I dared him to do it...

This is what I mean. We're not good influences for each other. We're both so... Weird? Psychotic? Rude? Dickish? We're not a good mix.

We shouldn't be allowed in the same room as each other. It spells trouble. T R O U B L E!

"Alex? What do you say?"
"If everything gets all fucked up again I'm totally blaming you for it-" I was cut off from what I was saying. I was hit by a surprise Jack attack. I was tackled to the floor and couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Jack. Seriously. Off!" he climbed off me and blushed. What's wrong with him. He was gazing towards the door and I turned my head to see what had caught his attention."Uhh... Hi Lynda..." Trust Jack to make the most simple of situations awkward. I swear he's not changed... AT ALL!
"Gaskarth, Barakat. I see nothings changed in all these years after all. I must say that after the... Icyness displayed this morning I was hesitant to check on you. In fact Joanna and I thought it'd be World War Three." I looked over at Jack who was hiding behind his fringe.adorable Stupid asshole.
"Back to how things used to be. Right Jacky?"
"Alex, you're still my bro from another... Mo?" I laughed and so did the principal.
"Jack. I'm no longer your teacher relax." I nodded and shrugged. "Can I steal a piece of that pizza? I'm hungry as fuck!" I heard Jack gasp and I chuckled.
"I think you should watch your language!" he tutted and pointed his finger at her. "You should know better!"

When it came time for the last lesson of the day I got back into the swing of things. I heard a few of the students gossiping about the hottest teachers in the school and started to eavesdrop. Another class another hour of nothing.
"Mr G's hot though!" One of the cheerleaders twirled her hair around her finger.
"Yeah but this new guys smoking." Of course he is! I met him in high school and trained him!
"I'd bang them both!" I think that's enough.
"Katie! Hannah! That's enough! Detention! You know the rules! Get back on track please!" They nodded and started talking about a composition.

I waited for the lesson to finish and when I was finally relieved of my duties I tidied the room. I gathered up some papers and handed half of them and a mark scheme.
"Homework for my Jacky. Needed by tomorrow please. Cheers hunny." I grabbed my bags and went back out to my car. Oh sweet old banger! HOW I'VE MISSED YOU SO!


Omg this is amazing!!!