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Hillbilly Moments

Fully Alive

Alex’s POV

*6:30 am*

I wake up to the sound of loud moans coming from the other side of the trailer, that’s not an unusual sound to hear this early though. It acts like my alarm so I guess it’s not that bad.

Picking up the grey flannel button up, I put it on and a pair of blue jeans and start to get my stuff ready for school.

My dad is too busy closing his eyes and waiting for my mom to pleasure him ever than before so I’m able to steal my chem book from their bedroom since the door was wide open.

“Hey, I’m going to school!” I yell and slam the frail door shut and head into my worn down pickup truck.

Before I can get going my Mom comes out to give me a kiss with jizz on her lips and then I’m able to leave the house.

I start to play my friend Lacey’s homemade album and start to lose myself within my thoughts.

“I need to get out of this town, it does me no good.” I grumble out loud.

*20 Minutes later*

I arrive at school early enough that I’m one of the first few people in the parking lot.

“Not early enough.”

I take out my chem book and start to study it once again for about 10 minutes and that’s when I hear tapping on my window.

“Gaskarth!” The calm voice starts to talk to me.

“Sturm!” I say back to her and put my book into my bag.

“You have shit on your cheek.” Lacey points out. “Dad got a bj again didn’t he?”

“Sadly.” I wipe the now dry white stuff off my face. “She’s disgusting.”

“Well whatever, come on let’s get to shop.” She tells me and then we get on our way.

We get to class early enough that the teacher is making his coffee in his coffee maker that he keeps in his class for the people that need their caffeine.

“Need one you two?” He asks us, knowing we’re both straight A students so he likes us just a bit more than the other students.

“No thanks Mr. Butch.” I tell him but Lacey grabs a cup of it and then tosses her cup out after she’s finished.

After that we continue our chat and she talks about wanting her band to get signed, I talk about how I really need to get out of this town as fast as I can until the class comes in and then the class starts up.

“So today we’re going to be making tables because you guys know our school isn’t the most funded in the state we have to make our own.” He tells us and we get to work.

Mr. Butch normally lets us go on our own and do it ourselves, that’s how he’s always taught us since the beginning of the year.

“You plan, I’ll get the wood smartass.” Lacey jokes and goes off to get the supplies.

Taking a deep breath, I go get the blue print paper from the closet and start to plan out the table.

Lacey and I have always worked our hardest to make our projects look nice. Generally, we get made fun of for that but it’s better than most of the shit that comes out of the classroom.

“How does this look?” I show her and she is in love.

Together we split up the project and I start cutting the wood for the legs and she takes the pieces and makes them look nice, unlike the other tables inside of the room that are already having splits in the wood.
The end of the class nears and we’re almost finished, because of the class period being an hour and a half, it’s easy to get things done.

Mr. Butch comes around to look at the projects and he’s amazed at the work we’ve done so far, then going around and looking at the mediocre projects around us.

When the bell rings we walk together to chemistry and take out our text books.

“When are we ever gonna use this stuff?” Lacey asks me.

“Technically anaerobic respiration happens everyday.” I respond back.

“And what the hell might that be Mr. Gaskarth?”

“Well Ms. Sturm, it produces in what you call, booze.”

“That’s enough Mr. Gaskarth! We will not talk about alcohol that way!” The teacher yells at me, snapping a ruler right against my fingers and I swiftly take them back.

“It’s true though, I’m only speaking in the name of science.”

“Ooh Gaskarth has sass! I wonder what else he keeps in that hell hole of a head!” Jordan Sweeto yells at me.

“Cut it out jackass!” I jump out of my seat.

“Come at me then, you wanna be just like your dad don’t you?” That shuts me up and I instantly quit what I’m doing and sit back down.

Reminders of what my family is can shut me up in a second, I have to be different unlike them, I’m not one of them.

“You know you wanna fight bastard, meet me at the flagpole after school.”

And that’s where I land myself for speaking up and not being a good boy and keeping quiet.
Lacey whispers to me and says that she’ll be there with her band for when I’ll need back up.

Jordan yells something about us dating but I tune him out as the teacher congratulates him for his “manliness” and then goes on with the class.
It’s the end of the day and I’m surrounded by a swarm of people, Lacey and her band, Flyleaf, are the only people on my side, the rest on Jordans’.

“You ready fuckface?” He yells at me, popping his knuckles.

I don’t say anything and just let myself let go.

I throw the first punch and almost hit his nose but he blocks the hit, then throws one at me.

It lands on my lip, instantaneously breaking it with his sharp punch.

I hit back, going for his eye this time and him going back at me.

The crowd around us is growing as more people leave the school, people slowly chanting our names.

I block his punch and kick him in his knees.

He falls to the ground and takes me with with him.

The voices in my head try to get me to stop but I don’t listen to them, I keep on fighting until I can’t go any longer. That being until my nose feels that it’s shattered and my ribs become sore.

I feel myself blackout and the last thing I see is Jared carrying me away and Lacey asking if I’m okay…


I'll be gone for a week with no WiFi, hopefully one of my friends will post the chapter's I'll try to write today but I got a flight to catch tomorrow and I plan to spend time with my girlfriend since I won't be able to skype her when I'm gone.

Till darkness completes us,
Sarah's Butterflies


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