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He Saved My Life.


My heart raced quickly, and my mouth hung open. "J-jack..Yes!" I jumped into his arms, earning a few deth glares from extreme fangirls, but most of the crowd wopped, and cheered. He looked down at me, smiling wide. "Good thing. If you said no, I don't think I'd be able to ever live that up." Laughing, I kissed him right on the lips. Meaningfully. He kissed me back, pulling away to soon. I groaned in protest. "Don't worry babe, you'll get more of this later." He winked at me. I rolled my eyes, walking off stage. "I'll be in the bus!" He nodded, walking off stage with me, but to sign some stuff for fans.
The bus was quiet when I stepped on. I wasn't so used to seeing it like this, all calm and collected. Well except for a few beer cans scattering the floor. I swear, if they weren't rock stars, the bos would drink all day... Laughing, I pulled out my phone, logging into twitter. The first thing I saw was my tweets blowing up with the picture of me and jack kissing. Maybe we should of kept that part secret...I'm going to get harassed obviously, nothing I can do about it. But although, the hustlers are an amazing fan base. Super supportive. It wouldn't be as bad, like If Just Bieber asked me out, I'd be harassed 24/7, death threats, pushed around and bullied. But the Hustlers, most of them would stick up for me.
Before Jack got on the bus, I started feeling tired. I cuddled into my bunk, closing my eyes. I hoped me and Jack would last...I hoped Alex and Amy got together, along with Michelle and Zack. I chuckled at the love fling going around. Within 10 minutes of thinking, I was asleep.


Short. Super short. Super late too. Oops. Sorry though...I've been having parent issues.


AH if she doesn't say yes, I will cry.
omnommilk omnommilk
Thank you ! ^^
love the plot idea, cant wait to