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He Saved My Life.

Will you?

"Jack...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?" A sleepy, and tired jack, jumped up and fell to the ground. "I was cuddlingggg!!" He whined, acting like a 4 year old. I mentally awwed at how cute he looked. Suddenly, he jumped up and tackled me, tickling my sides. "SAY SORRY!" He yelled in a squeaky voice. I squirmed underneath him, giggling loudly. "N-NO!" He kept tickling me, until I finally said sorry to the lanky boy.
I didn't see it coming. I should have, he was RIGHT infront of me. The next thing I knew, Jacks lips were on mine. And I was kissing back.
I woke up, to find Jack cuddling with me. That dream...Seemed so real. It's the last day of the tour, and I was almost positive I'm inlove with Jack.
We play around like bestfriends, flirt like theres no tomorrow, and fight like an old married couple. We always make up in the sweetest ways.
A few weeks ago, me and Jack got in a fight about a guy that was flirting with me. Which, I didn't understand since me and Jack arn't even together. Well, he bought me flowers, and a giant teddy bear that said in pretty letters: I'm such a big fuck up Morticia, You're amazing and I'm so sorry<3
My heart melted when I saw the sadness in his eyes the second he handed me the bear. I gave him a hug, crying into his shoulder because I felt bad.
Well, today as going to be amazing, and I knew that. I had a really good feeling.
I felt a stirring next to me, and turned over to see Jacks big brow eyes staring back at my pittiful blue ones.
"Morning GOGES!" He screamed. I flinched at his loudness, laughing. "Goodmorning. So, what times the show tonight? " I looked over at the clock to see it was 4pm. We slept the day away. Jack lept up from the bunk, and ran to the bathroom. "HOLY SHIT WE HAVE AN INTERVIEW IN AN HOUR THEN THE CONCERT!" Everyone on the bus told him to shut the fuck up; That is until they relised they were going to be late, and Jack, was going to be the first in the bathroom. The boys jumped up, and scrambled to the bathroom. But they were to late, Jack was already in there, with the door locked. "HAH!" He yelled. I laughed at the boys faces of defeat. "Hey guys," They all looked at me. "Why don't we just stop at a friend of mine's house and you can use her showers." They looked at me odd. "Showers?" I chuckled. "Yes. She's a rich mother fucker. She lives not five minutes from where we are now, lemmie give her a call.
I stood in the living room, talking with michelle. She changed so much since I've seen her. Zach gave her a wink before running to one of her bathrooms. Yea, they were going to be together within the night. She blushed a deep red, but pretended to not see it. "Did he just...?" "Yes." I replyed quickly. "Why?" I shrugged. "He's usually shy. Maybe he likes you. HOTTIE!" I jabbed her side, and we laughed."
An hour later, we were at the venue watching the boys get interviewed. Jack sat on a couch, next to Alex, who sat next to Mya, who sat next to Ryan, who was next to Zach. I rfused to be in the interview because of my stage fright. So did Michelle. The interviwer kept asking about Mya and Alex's relationship, but all they did was look down and blush at the subject. They were so in love it hurt to even watch it. I laughed at there awkwardness, and the interviwer turned to me. "Are you Jacks exclusive girlfriend?" She smiled at me, a genuine smile, and winked. "Oh, uh, no..."I laughed lightly. "He's my bestfriend." I saw a flash of hrt in Jacks eyes, but he quickly covered it up. Wel,, I think I was gojng nuts.
After the interview the boys were on stage, rocking out. "Break your little haert in two !!" Jack strummed the last chords, and ran to his mic. "Before we leave, I have an annoucnement to make." Suddenly, he turned around and looked at me, waving me over. Needless to say it took matt, vinny, and Zach, to drag me to him. I hid behind him a little, and the crowd awwed at my shyness. "Well, this is Morticia, and...I have a question to ask her." I looked at him wierd. 'Will you be my girlfriend?" My eyes widened and my mouth dropped, Fangirls booed, and most of the crowd chanted. "YES YES YES YES!" I froze in place. What do I say?


WELLL THAT WAS IT! Sorry for being so late, next chap will be up soon. :3 I hate drama</3 I love you !!


AH if she doesn't say yes, I will cry.
omnommilk omnommilk
Thank you ! ^^
love the plot idea, cant wait to