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Stay Seventeen

Chapter 4: I Had Everything

Finally study hall was over. It basically fell into a simple outline. Jack and Katie made googly eyes at each other and Kara and Rian did the same.

Me however plugged some headphones in and tried to ignore the kissy faces that surrounded me. Ugh, no boyfriend for me. Unless Jack was telling the truth. Well I mean he was messing with me. I hadn't even known Alex for a full 24 hours!

Which made his proposition even more interesting.


School was over and I was about to start driving home. I said hi to Alex before i grabbed Kara and Katie

"Hey were going to my house, i need girl talk." I whispered in their ears before pulling them away. We buckled up and My car revved up and I drove myself, Kara, and Katie to my house. I had to drag them from their boy toys to get in the car. I was afraid that they would jump out of my convertible and go jump they guys bones.

It actually went the other way. As soon as we got off school grounds the girl talk started.

"So girl talk, huh? This about Alex? Do you like him? Oh wait duh!" Katie fired questions at me and Kara just sat there laughing. I understood her questions, though I had no idea why she screamed 'Duh'.

"Uh-uhm... Wait what?!" I said trying to keep my eyes on the road.

"She screamed duh, because she knows you obviously like him. I mean she has a point, you blush constantly around him." She said, finally speaking. I was gonna believe she was a deaf mute if she was silent any longer. Wait, do I blush when I'm near him? I hadn't even noticed! Oh I must have looked like a complete idiot.

"I don't blush! And no we're friends, I met him today! I also met you guys today!" I said trying to defend my pride.

"Yeah, and you love us already!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. We got a few stares from some old people as we passed the supermarket in town.

"Why do they call it a supermarket? I mean what makes it so super?!" I said trying and begging to change the subject. Katie started explaining how 'they are big. Big equal super!" She said and suddenly started treating me like a baby. With dumb-down language and all. This went on until we got to my house.

I suddenly turned around to see them smiling and talking in the backseat. Kara climbed back with Katie after Katie started talking like a baby.

They looked up at my house and both looked a bit astonished. I just got up and dragged them inside. We went up the marble staircase and went into my bedroom. Or as Kara and Katie now called it 'Rawrnia' yeah that's pronounced like Rawr, nia. Like a lions Roar mixed with Narnia. So basically aslans roar. Woah, I'm being such a dork. Anyways.

We just hung out till the guys wanted us to come over. More talk about me and Alex happened during this time. I might actually have a crush on him. Wow! I never crushed on anybody! Maybe. Just maybe.

This time also consisted of my guitar practice. I played the girls a few of my original songs. They looked through my song book. I never show people that book. Ever.

They were still shocked and stunned at my house, room, family, everything. Yes I'll admit I'm a bit of a rich girl. I hate being considered one though. My parents were divorced and I lived with my dad. He worked a lot and had business trips a lot so I had my own space and crap.

We went over to hear the guys play. When the door swung open there stood Alex, Jack, and Rian. Another boy was standing behind them but I didn't notice. Alex and Jack jumped on me before I could. Jack got off quick, Alex however kept his knees on my sides. Straddling me. Is it weird that I sorta liked it?

Of course not! He's my friend, I enjoyed the joke. I think.

I'm all confused and now I think I'm crushing on my newest friend... Crap.

"So.... Wanna hang out after band practice... Maybe chill at my house?" He asked.

Oh god. What am I supposed to say?


Hey! I really want some feedback, because I have no idea wether you guys like it.... or hate it.... or can't stand it..... or whatever. BUT HAVE YOU ALL SEEN THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR 'SOMEWHERE IN NEVERLAND'... I'll attatch the link below, go watch it. Now.

xoxo, Baby Blue Eyes

Link: http://www.mtv.com/videos/all-time-low/889335/somewhere-in-neverland.jhtml#id=1518072


This story is really cute. I just stumbled across it and decided to check it out, and I really love what you have of it so far.
It's a bit fast for only knowing each other a day (perhaps you could have even just mentioned a bit of time gap with just telling how they were friends for a bit before getting into it), but other than that factor being a bit far-fetched, Lacey and Alex are really cute together and I really love this story. :)
Bummed to see it hasn't been continued, though. If you ever find the inspiration to do so, I will be here to read. Would like to see how things go for these two. I think you're a really great writer. :)
Hoping this comment inspires you.

Nanook Nanook

this is soooooo cuuuttteeee

Valkyrie Valkyrie
Aww thank you so much!

@TheAllTimeLowSloth I'm really happy that your
Loving it! <3
I love this! I just read it today but I'm already a huge fan of the story!
AllTimeSloth AllTimeSloth
You have this on wattpad and its like my favorite on there
ladyyybearr ladyyybearr