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Stay Seventeen

Chapter 3: I Wanna Fall So In Love

I daydreamed of Alex throughout the rest of my class, which happened to be science (snooze button please?!) His hair, his smile, his eyes, his everything. I just couldn't get it out of my head! Dammit Alex!

Of course though, what's a rainbow without rain.... Just a bow. And well, that's not the way it works. If you haven't already guessed, there's a problem.

I'm not perfect like Lisa, Alex's ex. (Jack pointed her out to me.) I will never be a bleach blonde with a perfect body. Nope, not me. I have natural blonde hair that falls down my back, with small curves in the otherwise straight hair. My eyes aren't warm brown. They're ocean blue. Don't think I'm one of those girls that gets easily worked up about her appearance. I don't. I'm pretty and I know it. Wow, I sound so cocky. Lisa and I were going to be friends though. She was co-captain of the cheer squad.

Did I mention I'm now co-captain. No? Well I am. That's not a problem for me, it really isn't. I know your probably thinking. First day? How are you already on top?

Well I was chilling at the park with a few friends and I was doing some old gymnastic tricks. Just for fun, also for my previous cheerleaders. I was captain at my old private school. Yeah, popular and stuff. We weren't rivals with Dulaney, we just weren't allies either. So the girls of Dulaney have seen my stuff. I choreograph all the cheer tricks myself. Sorta fun being able to make people move. Ya know?

I was thinking about the new squad, new school, everything. Before someone dragged me out of my daydream

Jack kept hitting me with balls of paper In class, he was sitting right next to me. I unraveled one of the balls to find a message sprawled across the crumpled paper... DAMNIT JACK! I can't even read his handwriting. It took me the rest of class to decode his message. Though, before I could ask him why he wrote it, he pulled me aside and asked me himself.

"So do you?" He asked with a little sparkle in his eyes.

"Why does it even matter, and why would you even ask me?" I asked with genuine curiosity.

"I'm his best friend and I can trade some great gossip on Alex for this... So do you Looooovvvveeee him?!?!" He asked again, dragging out syllables.

"No I don't love him, I just met him. I also just met you, so what the hell Jack?" I asked wondering why I was even responding to his questions.

"Uh I'm Jack, that's why! And he likes you too! Like a lot!" He blurted out. He covered his mouth immediately after. He started cursing himself and his big mouth. I started laughing. I sorta already knew he had a crush on me, easy to tell when you know the signs.

"If I say I might have a crush on him will you let me go?" I managed to speak in between giggles.

"Yup." He said. He was now towering over me and had me leaning against the wall. If anyone saw this out of context they might think Jack was hitting on me. Oh and here comes Katie walking up. Her face was blank, I tried to prepare myself for screaming.

"Hey babe. Wanna stop torturing Lacey here?" She said nonchalantly.


"But, I know she likes Alex, she just won't admit it!" He whined like a five year old. I took this as my chance to slip by him and get to study hall.

"She's a human, not a sex doll. We had this conversation before Jack! She won't do everything you say!" Katie scolded him laughing.

"Bu-But I want a blow job!" I heard in the distance as I walked away. When I looked back I saw Katie whispering in his ear. Oh god, his face lit up... Too much PDA!

"HEY!!! No PDA in the hall dumbass!" I yelled at Jack. He just looked back and shook his head, smirking.

As I entered study hall, all I could think about was what Jack said. Could Alex actually like me? No. Jess said he was a manwhore, he just wanted a lay. He passed the cheek kiss test though.

I saw someone scoot next to me. Katie was sitting next to me with Rian and Kara near her. I looked over at Katie, who was smiling.

"So did Jack ever get that blowjob?" I asked her with a sarcastic smile plastered to my face. She just looked at me and spoke like nothing was different.

"Nope. Lacey every time he asks for a blowjob just say something like 'Maybe later.' He'll look at you with puppy dog eyes. That's when you walk away." I looked at her questioningly. She just nodded and said ten words

"It will have him eating out of your hands. Easy." She explained as she leant back in her chair. So apparently it's easy to blackmail Jack.

I couldn't stop thinking about what Jack said. It was repeating itself over and over.

"He really likes you, Like a lot. He really liked you, Like a lot. He really likes you, Like a lot." I snapped out of my day dream when I realized I wasn't the one saying those words in my head. Jack was right next to me repeating them. I chose my plan of attack. I pretended to still be daydreaming and when he was about to repeat the phrase for the 15ish time. I pushed over his chair, he fell. Everyone at our table was laughing.

Wow this year has started awesome!


What do you guys think so far? I have the chapters written already, so tell me if you want more.


This story is really cute. I just stumbled across it and decided to check it out, and I really love what you have of it so far.
It's a bit fast for only knowing each other a day (perhaps you could have even just mentioned a bit of time gap with just telling how they were friends for a bit before getting into it), but other than that factor being a bit far-fetched, Lacey and Alex are really cute together and I really love this story. :)
Bummed to see it hasn't been continued, though. If you ever find the inspiration to do so, I will be here to read. Would like to see how things go for these two. I think you're a really great writer. :)
Hoping this comment inspires you.

Nanook Nanook

this is soooooo cuuuttteeee

Valkyrie Valkyrie
Aww thank you so much!

@TheAllTimeLowSloth I'm really happy that your
Loving it! <3
I love this! I just read it today but I'm already a huge fan of the story!
AllTimeSloth AllTimeSloth
You have this on wattpad and its like my favorite on there
ladyyybearr ladyyybearr