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You Burned Out

Chapter 1.

The way her long chocolate coloured hair curtained the side of her face as she frantically scribbled the notes off of the board. The way her green eyes flicked up and then back down to the page in front of her. They way her-
"Alex Gaskarth!"
I sighed and reluctantly tore my gaze off of her and looked up at Mrs Watson who was standing at the front on the class with her arms crossed. "Yeah?" I mumbled.
"Oh how kind of you to stop staring at Miss Addison for once and actually respond to me when I ask you a question."
Jessie scoffed at me and turned away, her cheeks going red as the whole class snickered. Her friends seated at the desks around her shot disgusted looks at me. I rolled my eyes and slumped down further in my chair.
"Quiet now!" The grouchy old teacher yelled at the class. "Now, as I was asking you Ale-" But she was cut off by the bell. The whole class was immediately filled with the sound of scraping chairs on the floor, books being shoved into bags and loud chatter as we all hurriedly made our way out of the classroom with Watson yelling something about home work.

I shoved my way through bodies towards my locker. As I started to turn the lock someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned, only to be see a hand flying towards my cheek. I instantly reached up and caught their wrist. I looked into those eyes I was so closely watching not even 5 minutes ago and raised my eyebrows.
Jessie gasped and ripped her wrist out of my grasp. "You even think about looking at me again, you're going to get your eyes torn out." She looked me up and down before her and her little posse strutted off down the hall, people parting like the red sea, a few guys wolf-whistling after them.
I sighed and leant my forehead against my locker door
"She so wants you," someone suddenly whispered in my ear. I jumped back in fright, only to find Jack almost wetting himself with laughter.
"Fuck off," I said, playfully shoving my best friend away from me.
"You still on for practice after school? Zack and Rian are pretty keen to start some new songs."
"Yeah of course!" My mood lightened a little as I thought about band practice with my 3 best friends.
"Cool, see you at Rians then!" I watched the lanky boy rush off down the hall towards his class. I shoved a few books back in my locker and pulled out my maths ones. Slamming the locker door behind me I made my way through the slightly emptier corridor to my last class of the day.


They were practically in tears. Rian was tipping off his stool slightly, Jack was on the floor holding his stomach and Zack had to sit down for a moment. I stood there with a slight smirk on my face holding up my middle finger at them. I guess it was pretty funny.
"You almost got fucking slapped by her," Rian gasped between laughing fits, "Because you looked at her?!"
"In front of the whole class?" Jack added.
"Shut the fuck up all of you! She so wants me though..." I bluffed.
"She tried to hit you... That totally makes sense Alex," Zack chimed in.
"Whatever. Rian get back on your seat and let's play a fucking song!" I plugged my amp back in and took my place behind the microphone.


Mrs Watson's voice droned along in the background as I scribbled mindlessly on my exercise book, not paying any attention whatsoever. I came to when I heard my name being called.
"And Alex, you're with..." She was calling out who we were partnered with for an assignment. "Jessie."
"Mrs W, are you kidding me? She hates me..." I joked, the majority of the class laughing with me.
"Alex, I don't care. You're going to have to sort out your differences between the two of you. Also, seeing as she isn't in class today, I suggest you let her know as soon as possible because I want to see some form of progress on this assignment tomorrow afternoon," she continued to the class.
I exhaled as I thought about having to work alone with this girl. Surely it wasn't going to be too bad?


As I walked home from band practice that evening, I stopped at the end of the street Jessie lived on. I still had all my school books, and the assignment sheet from today as I'd gone straight from school to Rians. I guess had no choice, I had go and see her. If I didn't, Mrs Watson would probably give both Jessie and I a detention for not having started the assignment. Plus, Jessie would be mad at me for not telling her about the assignment and for getting her a detention too...
I took a deep breath and walked down to the house I remembered was hers, gingerly pressing the doorbell.


What's up beautiful people,
So I decided to start a new fic because I haven't updated my other stories in pretty much forever and I couldn't remember where they were going...
PLUS, I thought a high-shool ATL story would be kinda cute and fun to write.
Let me know what you think, I'll try and get Ch 2. up ASAP.
Much love x


You’re the best <3

hustle-r hustle-r

Okay, so, I'm amazed that you came back to your story. Because usually no one ever does after it's been so long.
Apologies it took me like over a month to comment on your new update; life has been kind of hectic for me. But, like I apparently commented two years ago, I'm still here, lol. It just might take me a while to comment sometimes. XD
I had to reread since it's been a minute, but thankfully it wasn't much to catch up with. I'm still interested in seeing where this story goes, if you find the inspiration to write more.
Glad to see you found some inspiration to write again, though, even if it was just for one update.
So, yeah. I'll be around if you still find yourself writing. :)

Nanook Nanook

Same with this story. I'll be here if you ever choose to pick it up again.
The plot line has me interested with just the two chapters you've posted. It would be awesome to one day see more. :)

Nanook Nanook
I really like this story and hope for another chapter soon.
@Billie Joe Gaskarth @earthtoleah I will try my best! xx
hustle-r hustle-r